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Fluttershy having been friends with Rainbow Dash for a long time decides to invite her over to discuss something on her mind. As it turns out, Fluttershy really has been longing for a child to take care of, and not just any child, but Rainbow Dash! What follows is a journey of infantilism and regression.

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this is messed up

This story scared me back when I read it on Google Docs, and it still scares me now. In my opinion, this is by far the scariest MLP fanfic I've ever read.

first time i read it on google documents i didnt see a problem with it. but still its about time this got on fimfiction :pinkiesmile:

This is....... pretty creepy. It doesn't go to the extend of 'Paradise' creepy, but definatly it's getting there. Definatly a fav.

Good, but in the creepy kind of way. It might not be the most shocking fic ever written, but it's still a little unsettling.

*sigh* :facehoof:

That was surprisingly D'awww actually.
Very interesting look on FlyShy.:yay:
That was pretty awesome, Pretty sure Dashie doesn't approve though:rainbowwild:

:pinkiegasp: LET SCOOTS FIND OUT!! :rainbowlaugh:

477448 As it happens, I think that's the plot of the second chapter.


This is going to sound odd....but have you considered a follow up. Surly someone would see Rainbow Dash, its not like nopony ever goes to fluttershy's house.

Best trollfic ever.

There is a second one. It'll probably be posted sometime. Or you can read the google.doc if you really care to. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yudxzSY_ojD2XYI32KPlfoMIxPw_IIuERyEx-W2ZGAw/edit?hl=en_US

Mother of god......*reads*

Caution, read with brain bleach. Or at least a beyond morbid sense of humor. :rainbowwild:

My Brain hurts....I kinda want a follow up where Twi breaks the power over RD. And then RD beats the ever loving crap out of Fluttershy for about 4 chapters.

Pattycakes 2 has been submitted. Look forward to it soon.


I'd love to see a continuation on the story, I wouldn't care about which ending would be continued, I'd love to read more Pattycakes.

*reads the story before his eyes*.....*takes of aviators* "sweet Celestia what did i just read?":fluttershysad:

481848 Haha, I'd read it. Though supposedly RD has been completely mind-destroyed. So "Twilight breaking the power over her" would have to be more about Twilight restoring Dash's mind and personality somehow.

Im sure there is a spell for that.
Oh I just thought of an even cruler punishment. RD traps Fluttershy in her own gas cell.....turning her mind into that of a infants and leaving her to rot.
*laughs manically*:rainbowlaugh:

Deliciously creepy.

I can live with all the other diapered ponies but the image of Mr. And Mrs. Cake, Mayor Mare, Big Macintosh and the Wonderbolts all diapered up is just so hilariously wrong! :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiesick:

While it was odd, I can't say I wasn't aroused (and this isn't even a fetish I HAVE).
I must say I'm glad it wasn't what I thought it was going to be: unbirth:pinkiesick:.

Awesome story!!:pinkiehappy::fluttershysad:

485019 :rainbowhuh: Okay i can see why you don't like this,and everything. Hell i'm into this stuff and i did'nt even like it,but that's going a little to far right. Just send Flutters off to get some help.

I'd like to vomit, but I can't! There's something wrong with my stomach! Seriously!!!!!!!!!
What i came here for: :rainbowhuh:
What happened *IN REAL LIFE* :facehoof:
What happened *IN THE FANFIC* :fluttercry: turns :flutterrage: and then :fluttershyouch: again but not without :rainbowhuh: turning all :rainbowwild: and then there's :yay: then :scootangel: then I die and imagine myself in this fanfic.


This is equal parts hilarious and disturbing. It is even written pretty well. Good work! Definitely a fav. :yay:

I can't say I'm "into" infantilism, but I'll admit I was morbidly fascinated throughout. Creepy and fucked-up, sure! But it's certainly more stimulating (psychologically!) than some stupid torture fic.

Dash never struck me as someone that mentally weak, but eh, good read anyway.

Second creepiest pony story I have read, after Cheerilee's Garden. I am very thankful I don't dream.:pinkiesick::fluttershbad::applecry::facehoof:

that was undeniably creepy

Was meh. Not enough clop imho, but I appreciate that SOMEPONY has the guts to write an ABDL story.

I love this!!!!!! also part 2. Hmmmm, i dare say i could write a threequal to this! :-p idk seems like Fluttershy's work is far from over.

I decided to read this because micthemicrophone said he had trouble reading this. I could see why :derpyderp2:


I've read Cherilee's Garden, Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory and Sweet Apple Massacre and not a single one of them affected me very much. This on the other hand, this didn't involve gore but it didn't need to to shake me to my core, when I finished this story I wanted to bash my head on my desk until I died. Alright I'm gonna go cry now BUHBYE!dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Luna_apple.png

This isn't bad.
It's not good, but nothing bad. :scootangel:

That is where our opinions differ but it isn't as if it really matters.

this is a little messed up:rainbowderp:

hmmm this story is good, but using drugs doesent seem like something FlutterShy would do. i think that if FlutterShy would just pleade and beg Rainbow to be her foal for a day i think Rainbow would have given in to it. And i think FlutterShy would make a Great mommy

....Good gosh! That's just...wow. Words cannot come to me with this. I am speechless; whether a good kind or not, even I don't know. It's so creepy, mainly because Fluttershy is still much in character--except for doing what she did to Rainbow Dash...and all those others apparently. I'm, uh, going to leave, unless you have more in store for us--wait, hunh, a SEQUEL?! ...I'm both terrified and morbidly curious to check that out.

Fluttershy.......what is wrong with you?:ajbemused:
seriuosly what are Pinkamena? :pinkiecrazy:

dear princess Celestia, today i learned THAT FLUTTERSHY NEEDS SOME SERIOUS HELP!:trollestia:

May I just say exactly what I thought as I reached the end:

what the fuck man

Sure was an interesting read. Fluttershy, you crazy! :flutterrage:

That was really good :trollestia: I like this story...

How could you do that to Rainbow dash she's my favorite pony:heart: I admire her so much:rainbowwild:!
Fluttershy,I could never look at her the same way again! :raritydespair:Why,why I used to like Fluttershy now I will not accept
any drinks from my friends at all! Thanks a bunch! :twilightangry2:

Oh delete my comment and I will just add another one that's way worst! Derpy threatended you! :derpytongue2:

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