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Every story has a beginning no matter how weird. This is the story of Fluttershy before she became Ponyville's resident adult foal mommy and the story of her first victims ... er, babies.

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Just read the whole thing, it's pretty fucking awesome.

I always wondered what was inside of the foalmula and how she managed to obtain it, for writing another brilliant chapter on the Pattycakes series this is one of your best.

yes yes oh god yes i love you pegacorn ondecob aprequel nta sequel but i like it any ways

1220482 will this inpire your next chapter of your remake?


Dunno, the chapter I'm currently writing is like half-way finished, so there isn't really any possibility of taking in ideas from the prequel story and placing them into the Remake. I guess a little reference to the original story wouldn't hurt I guess, depends how Ondacob will take it.

1225427 true true maybe a reference to omage pegacorn is good so inyur versions what the foalmula cause i'e never gotten that


That's one of the things that are changed in my version of the story, there is no foalmula in my story. I couldn't see how it would work in a Humanized world, especially being called "foalmula".


To me, any work that is inspired by one of my own stories is flattery, no matter what details are changed. After all, nothing is gained by having am inspired work that is exactly like the original. I agree it wouldn't make much sense to have "foalmula" in a humanized pony world. And I've said it before, but I like your take on Pattycakes.

would have loved to see spitefire but im liveing it. :pinkiehappy:

1225678 true cant wait for an update

1225780 will you have two separate sequels for your two branching storylines?

Good to see some light shed on the origins of this little series. I liked it, it wasn't as brow raising or 'troll fic-like' as the last one, and probably even the first (but not by much) as well. But I guess that doesn't matter when you enjoy the fetish, huh?

I also did spot a few typos and errors, but nothing too egregious.

Looking forward to part 3!

1228028 I will admit this one was written with a much less trollfic-centric agenda than my previous two, but that was intentional. I wanted to write one that was a bit more fetishy and save the tone of the original for a proper sequel.

1227538 No. For Pattycakes 3, only one of the endings from Pattycakes 2 will be canon. It's much simpler that way and if anything, the alternative ending can be saved for a gaiden.

1228558 will you make the other ending as a non canon fic?:yay:

1230620 I might. I'll cross that forking bridge when I get there.

1230646 nice by the way i've been wondering are you bo or a girl? please if you get offended im sorry

WHY!!!!???? :raritydespair::twilightoops::rainbowderp:

I like it.

Interesting to see that Fluttershy likes playing the role of the baby as well.

Also, I kinda wanted to see the Cakes, Spike and the Wonderbolts all babied by her. :pinkiecrazy:

Looking forward to any and all installments you may have in the future.

Are you going to make more? *puts on fluttershy's puppy face*

at first i was like :rainbowderp: but then :rainbowkiss:

1257443 Those might be intresting, The Cakes would probably find it weird to be treated like foals with they already have two of their own to take care of so I guess they'd be given foalmula, not sure about Spike or The Wonderbolts. :eeyup:

This is better than the orignial since Fluttershy starts out nice and she doesn't force the foalmula onto anyone, plus the effects wear off after 24 hours, sadly I think that by the time of the sequel Fluttershy become obessed with it and decides to use it all the time. :twilightsmile:

I always had a gut feeling that Macintosh was a kinky dude, and I have a feeling that he will return in part 3. If he isn't helping Fluttershy, he'll probably try to talk her into letting Dash go. He doesn't strike me as one who would let permenant inprisonment fly, even if its out of love. Although, I'm sure if he tries, Fluttershy is probably only going to listen if he agrees to trades places with her captive, and for all I know, he just might. He seemed to enjoy being babied as much as she enjoyed babying him. Just my thoughts on it, let me know if I'm close. . . Or not, I don't mind.

At first, I thought this would be a nice story about Fluttershy becoming a mother, Then after reading a bit I got confused, then I reread the description and "WHOA, that kinda creepy."

What's very weird here is that unlike the next two stories, Fluttershy here is not psychotic. Here it's treated as simply an odd fetish. And one she works around with guile and politeness. This is completely different from her personality in "later" parts.

Maybe me wonder if doing this kind of alchemy unprotected left her exposed and she suffered mental damage.

Similar to the fanfic which had Cupcakes caused by a parasprite larva that infested Pinkie Pie's brain. And was sadly one of the few things that made sense.

Also, in the second fic, Fluttershy has no idea that her foalumla is actually permanent, she could just assume it is from how long lasting it is.

I honestly wonder if Fluttershy is going to realize what she's done at one point.

Her behavior in the first two fics and the prequel don't quite add up. I think something is damaging or effect Fluttershy's mind in the fics that hasn't happened here yet.

Also, VERY IRONICALLY, this Pattycake story may be random, but it isn't dak per say.

At first I thought that this story was just plain creepy... But now I just think that it's just so darn cute!:pinkiehappy: I just love it! Ya know, I wonder what Derpy would be like as a foal...:derpytongue2:

please tell part 3 is still being written I am so excited

I have to ask; since Fluttershy's fascination with Age Play is treated as nothing but a odd fetish in the prequel, then something happened in the interregnum between this and Dash's Refoaling. Something that warped Fluttershy's mind and turned the majority of Ponyville into a Cult straight from the Wicker Man.

This story is kinda weird, but fun. :twilightsheepish:

I am kinda scared at my self for liking this :twilightoops: even if it is said to be worse then cupcakes:pinkiesick:

her first victims ... er, babies.

No, victims is definitely the correct terminology here.
Don't give me that look, you selfish conniving b****. There's a minor detail you tend to overlook called "consent".
(Again, well written stories, but I really don't agree with forced regression.)

“Are you my mommy?” asked Twilight Sparkle

in a nutshell

Well, the original Pattycakes is much darker. Rainbow Dash mentally becomes a foal - without foalmula - and Fluttershy decides to have Rainbow Dash as her foal forever...

Well, you seem to have created quite a conundrum the here. In the original Pattycakes, Fluttershy tells Dash that everyone CONSENTED to the age play, yet here she drugs them against their will. Also, a magical mcguffin like the foalmula/Dorian's Gold doesn't do anything to make the premise any more plausible or fulfilling.

One more thing, specifically regarding this sentence.

Grabbing a diaper in her size, she hopped on the changing table, diapered herself, went to the small fridge, grabbed a baby bottle full of milk, stepped into the crib and relaxed while she began to suckle the bottle.

Okay, three things, and two of them have to do with this sentence.
1.) That is way too many actions to cram into one sentence. It would read a lot better if broken up into multiple sentences. Not necessarily one sentence per action, but only two or three actions per sentence.

2.) You're not supposed to give babies cold milk. Now, I understand that Fluttershy isn't actually a baby, but in roleplaying things like this, the details matter. Cold milk will make babies upset because it can hurt their tummies and give them gas.

3.) It doesn't make sense why Fluttershy pretends to be a baby while alone, but suddenly wants to be the mother when others are involved. It seems to me like her desires should stay consistent, and she should want to be a baby for someone else, maybe even going as far as taking the foalmula so that she regresses. You know... instead of forcing other ponies to take it and mind raping them.

Great story. Though i like the original better. (it's worse than cupcakes) :pinkiecrazy: Forcing ponies into the mental state of a baby is more messed up than turning them into cupcakes. :fluttercry:

This story is much less creepy than the pattycakes story i actually think this one is kind of cute:twilightsmile:
now on to the seqel of pattycakes :trixieshiftleft::raritystarry:


Comment posted by AlliePastel deleted Aug 5th, 2013

I really enjoyed the work :yay: I feel like it's definitely a good prequel to baby cakes and also feels a lot better written then it's Predecessor. Although may I recommend you make another series about Fluttershy's infantilism? I feel like id be an interesting topic to cover, and might be interesting to cover in a third part of the patty cakes series. Or perhaps just an independent series of its own?

Good story :twilightsmile: but I was thinking, maybe another Pattycakes story. This time, Pinkie Pie is the baby. If thats ok with you. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

I found the bit with Big Mac kinda cute... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?:pinkiecrazy:

exactly 6000 views

2652143 It's not forced. Nopony knew about foalmula.

This still doesn't explain how fluttershy began breaking her 'rule', and why

I don't understand why people say that "Pattycakes" was creepy. Kinda found it adorable XD I am weird I suppose. XD
This is cute too. Heh heh Big Mac. <3

2652143 Dude, it's an inside joke. Yes, "victims" is the more apt analogy, but it's a joke to entice the reader. :derpyderp2:

Is it really pronounced McIntosh? :rainbowhuh:

How did u do that?
I thought this would never happen. BUTT you did it.

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