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  • 25 weeks
    Merry Christmas!

    My, what a year... and I thought 1945 was rough. Not that I was there, I'm definitely not an immortal time traveller or anything... but 2020's gonna be one for the record book, and not many of them for good reasons.

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    13 comments · 375 views
  • 54 weeks
    A message to everyone.

    Hey, I hope everyone out there is staying safe in these uncertain times. Remember that there is no Hispanic or black or Asian race, only the human race. We are all one species, all entitled to decency, kindness, and respect. Every life matters.

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  • 57 weeks
    Bi-annual update: it goes both ways.

    Hmm so I have been meaning to do this for a while, maybe fill it up with obnoxious animated memes and so forth. But I could never find the time.

    And then the fire nation attacked my team was cut to outsource to India. Oh the joys of capitalism, anything to make a buck in the middle of a pandemic.

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  • 80 weeks
    Serious update & Twitch Stream tonight

    So I figured it was worth setting the "take nothing serious" persona aside for a moment and come clean.

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  • 80 weeks
    I regret to inform you...

    ... that I'm still alive, back for an update blog, and the title was total clickbait. I know, you were thinking "It's so calm and peaceful around here, with no one to stir up trouble by associating with troublemakers and circle-jerking on pointless things no one will even remember a year from now." And you'd be right, but the circle-jerking on reddit is way out of my league, and I'd need to be a

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About Me: Bio / Chat Info · 12:54pm Mar 29th, 2013

About me: I read, write, and live in the MLP universe. I also make PMV's, art, and proofread. I'm a jack of all trades. I am insanely curious, and end up reading anything recommended to me, including things people warn me not to read. I also am every bit as neurotic and unbalanced as Twilight, preferring my solitude and a good book over anything involving socializing. That's not to say I'm not looking for a special somepony, I just have ludicrously high standards: They must be female, and enjoy My Little Pony. A tough combo to find.

Looks like I didn't really have much to say... I'm me, the end.

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This pleases me in a weird way.

You would think people who love to watch a series about making friends would become more social... But nope, most just find watching others make friends as a replacement for actually making them XD(not that i have anything against it.)

1482030 you're profile picture displeases me in a weird way. :rainbowhuh:

and end up reading anything recommended to me

I highly recommend you read this, downvote it, and tell all your fans how much it sucks.

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