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Comment posted by mcb893 deleted Jan 8th, 2013

Well I am interested in seeing where this goes. Especially if it becomes a human/Fleur de Lies pairing.

Nice to see a human/Fleur de fic.

me like me fav me follow

Fave to see a royal beatdown commence! :pinkiehappy:

The gloves are off!! Thanks for the fave! :twilightsmile:

Thank you! The fun is just beginning!!

Hey there, I am finally here to proof this sucker and--

Oh, you already published it. Would you still like me to give it a once-over, or are you set with what you have?

You can give it a look if you like. I feel pretty good about it

You have earned a like and a fave. Enjoy one complimentary yes dance. 24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lskf3f16eD1r0z1wao1_250.gif

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :yay:


Blueblood got owned!

And sexy times ensue, I presume?

In time! :raritywink:
Don't want to rush it!

EDIT: I do plan to visit the topic of estrus/heat in a future chapter, as well as intimate moments between Jason and Fleur (and other mares, perhaps?)

yep looks like a nother good fic in the makeing 5/5 spikes good sir:moustache:

Always a fun read when Blueblood gets what is coming to him. Hopfully he ends up getting hit again.
And to make this chapter even better is the start of the romance with Fleur. Looking forward to reading more of that.

And this is my first creative writing piece. Ever. :rainbowlaugh:

A note to all my readers: My laptop crashed (BSOD), so I may not be adding/writing chapters for awhile :raritycry:


Damn that sucks...

I'l really feeling this fic.

Comment posted by ArmedBrony deleted Jan 20th, 2013

Well that went well, I hope Twilight don't start a rumor about him being a casanova, Rarity already gave him a lot of problems, last thing he need now is that the magazine PONYS, name him the sexy's stallion of the century (Ja, take that Blueblood) I just hoped Fleur cousin stop with her advances, it could get weird if now she start googol over her cousin boyfriend…not to mention that 2 mares fighting over him, one of witch is a model, can give some serious gossip, I can just imagine.

"The newest and first alien royal guard, and super model become the new and biggest stunning couple since the engage of Shining Armor and Princess Candace, did they will last? Prince Blueblood stated …that union is just an atrocious joke of the nature, and that the creature should be in prison as soon as possible… his statement was quickly ignore and label as the daily winey of or beloved royal pay in the ass, but the question remain, did this romance will come to an end or we are wedding bells in their future?"

A couple of questions:

1)How long has he has being in Equestria?
2)Did they give up in a solution for him to return home?
3) If he going to payback Rarity for her gossip?

P.S: That bit about the magazine PONYS was thinking about a version of the magazine PEOPLE, for you to consider to add that in the story, you know, as a bit of joke


1. He's been in Equestria for about a month- it's in the story description. :facehoof:
2. There will be flashbacks (not long-winded) to build backstory.
3. As for payback? I don't think there will be any, although Rarity might get a tad jealous that he's "dating" Fleur now; since she "stole" Fancy Pants from her. I may also add Rarity into a love triangle, but we'll see.


Heh. I just realized (at almost midnight) that my Xbox has IE, and I have a USB keyboard. Sometimes the simplest things escape my mind...:facehoof:

Don't worry, the harrassment with 'Blue' will continue, perhaps in the form of cheeky shenanigans with other members of the Guard. I want to include as much humor in my story as possible. It's how I view life; one giant gag reel! :pinkiecrazy: :twilightsmile:

Ohh a Love triangle? That sound interesting, did you are consider playing the herd card? (In some stories, they put that ponys accept polygamy relationships) and if latter on you include her cousin and one of the princess, then you will get a love pentagon

I was toying with the 'herd' idea, but instead of a pentagon, how about a dodecahedron :rainbowlaugh:
Go big, or go home! LMAO!
And your idea of the pony PEOPLE magazine would fit the bill perfectly! Credit will be given if I use it!:yay:

Not bad! Thanks for showing me this! Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

I think that this is the first story that i have ever read that displayed Fancy Pants in any sort of negative light, Well done.
I think I need to read more if this little thing throws me off. :eeyup:

Comment posted by ArmedBrony deleted Jan 24th, 2013

Fluer doesn't seem to be nearly as affected by her recent breakup as I would expect.


...were mimicking my wicked sick dance moves...

'Show' us what they are with description, don't just tell us what they're supposed to be.


I'm strangely interesting in the possibility of a 12-way. Who are we talking about, and will there be Foofing involved? (Foofing: blowing raspberries in someone's stomach.)

Comment posted by ArmedBrony deleted Jan 25th, 2013


Gah. Don't take that comment too harshly, your story isn't bad. I love your idea and am a little jealous that I'm not doing it myself. The story just needs to expand on some things to become all that it can be. (See what I did there?! I know, horrible...)

Take Fluer for example. Once she mentioned being cheated on I expected tears - angry or sad. But she smiles almost immediately at Jason's reassurance and doesn't come back to the topic. Why isn't she more torn up? Is it all a front and she will break down later? How long has she been single? If not long, is she just jumping back in to a relationship because she doesn't want to deal with what happened/wants to get back at Fancy? (<--- Plot idea?) Why is she so okay with this strange new creature? etc.

I don't mean to pick apart your story, I'm hoping you put in more juiciness!

Not bad :D A couple of minor details bother me, some of the vocab used and one or two areas in the story lacking proper description. Other than that, well done. have a Moustache. :moustache:

Wait, one complaint...
Needs more chapters :D

I like it.

The action plays out better, the characters feel more in-character, and it tugs on the heart just a little bit. (my opinion, so take it how you will) It makes me want to give Fluer a hug. Which means I'm going to be jealous of Jason.

Considering the changes you've made, I suspect that if you continue to work at this it'll get even better.

Chapter 3 is slated to be a doozy!!


It will make Pinkie Pie vibrate? Woah... I didn't know this was that kind of story...

Wait...where did that come from??:rainbowderp:

Love it! :rainbowlaugh:
Oh there will be... I think I'm planning on making this last quite awhile

2024413 By all means do continue. You've quite the talent.


Chapter 3 is slated to be a doozy!!

And doozies do what to Pinkie...?


Is chapter 3 coming this week? And also, did we will see him, starting his job and possible some ROYAL foofing? Celestia getting her stomach blow…that will be possible a Kodak moment

Thank you. Chapter 3 is slowly, but surely getting there. I prefer quality over quantity

2027396 I got alot of fics tracked so I should be good.

That was fun to read. I really enjoyed Slipstream, and I hope she make return appearances. Actually, explaining why Slipstream is doing taxi work when her cousin had a

very affluent upbringing

could be a rather interesting subplot. On a side note, is Slipstream as leggy as Fleur?

Anyway, :yay:Good job!

It looks like mares love a man in uniform...



a man in uniform...

Even across universes, it's sexy as hell!:rainbowlaugh:

I couldn't keep the grin off my face while reading this.:pinkiehappy:

Nothing against Fleur but I'm on team Rarity all the way:raritywink:I can't believe she blatantly checked out his package like that, she's a pretty naughty pony huh?

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