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hmm a Fleur fic... FAVED! :twilightsmile:

My body is ready.

Moar man this story is wunderbar

Then Twilight was all ‘Oh you saved Equestria’ but then they decided that I was an animal and shoved me in a barn with a bunch of other animals and now I work slave labour for some redneck bitch”

Well, Shit.. :rainbowderp:

“Eventually I realized that she was just crazed and left her. Then she summoned some real demons so Princess Twilight Sparkle hired me to stop them, I put a bullet in the demon’s head, it died then Trixie was put in a jail cell and sentenced to five years in solitary confinement. Then Twilight was all ‘Oh you saved Equestria’ but then they decided that I was an animal and shoved me in a barn with a bunch of other animals and now I work slave labour for some redneck bitch”

Wow, that's out of character for Twilight... and AJ. You might need an "alternate universe" tag here...

Otherwise, I'm interested in future events. Will Fleur rescue our uncultured protagonists from his undeserved servitude?

Comment posted by Permanent Temporary deleted Mar 17th, 2013

Finally! A humanxpony clopfic where the human's name is not Anon!

I agree that this needs an Alternate Universe tag, due to the characters being so ridiculously OOC.

Also, have you been in the military? If so, how many Sergeants Major do you know act the way this one does? I've never met one, and I was in for 9 years. With a purely HQ job no less, so I was always dealing with them in whatever unit I was assigned.

Also, clop with Fluer and Human! :yay:

Then Twilight was all ‘Oh you saved Equestria’ but then they decided that I was an animal and shoved me in a barn with a bunch of other animals and now I work slave labour for some redneck bitch

For making my day, you sir, get a fav! :rainbowlaugh:


My name is Elijah! :pinkiehappy:
Oh. My name is Elijah :twilightoops:

2277169 I resemble that remark.

The story was faily simple written, si I'd recomend improving your vocabulary, and possibly try improving your ability to bary sentence stucture and legth. Also you'd want to adapt your writing to the scenes, or else the story will end up boring and monotone.

Ok, done with the negative parts. So, we got a (self insert) HiE where the human's not automatically a hero? Clever. Fleur in heat, and desperate like that :twilightoops:
A creative diea indeed. Just a shame you decided to make it a clopfic. This would have been a god idea for an erotic novel.

Is it just me, or all of the periods at the end of each dialogue in all of the chapters are missing? Anyways, great story. Willing to wait for more, since clopfics about Fleur de Lis are pretty rare.

This was... well this was somthing

A shitload of weapon specifications. That is what every fimfic needs. :)

K, right here is a box i want you to open it *hands box* reply to this comment saying *opens box* and youll get something amazing.

2278926 Okay, I'm a little bit skeptical but, 'Comments and closed eyes in fear of what it could possible be'

‘It isn’t proper for a lady to moan during sex.’
WHAT the HELL is wrong whit you Fancy Pants you don't want to hear her sweet music of love you are F*** in the head.


You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain (paraphrased) or something to that effect.

So everypony is being an ass to him because of shellshock dude that's just crazy.

2278992 Monsters aren't born, they are made.

2279054 Not being an ass, just being extremely cautious and treating like an animal. It would be like if some creature showed up on Earth and stayed at your place but nearly every night woke up yelling. Would freak me out too and I have two rifles beside my bed when I sleep.:rainbowlaugh:


Yeah I always keep my colt 45 in the end table by my bed of course I have to keep my rifles in my safe.

2279276 Yeah, I know that feeling. My mom hates the fact that I have rifles beside my bed. I don't suffer from shellshock, cause I haven't entered the service yet, but sometimes I'll just wake up in an angered fury for no particular reason and trash my room in a fury. Last time I kicked the air conditioner out of my wall and that didn't go over well with my mom. She was freaking out and I had no idea what she was going on about then I got up to my room and realized that my room was trashed and I had no recollection of it... oops:twilightblush:

Oh contrare my friend this going to end very well.

Today I learned Delta Force personal have terrible reaction times and die as frequently as Star Trek red shirts.

The truck rumbled to life and I quickly slapped the stick shift into first gear and hammered the accelerator.

Since when did the military start ordering stick shift HUMVEEs?

Yup, you just got ass raped by at manticore cause you were taking a piss.

Yea I think he is in for a load of "pain" tonight lol.

soooo let me get this straight.

hes on good terms with Mac and he just let her sister throw him into the barn for who knows how long?
just asking.

Chances are Applejack has final say when it comes to the farm, so even if Mac is cool with you his vote matters little.

2279491 Uhm I think it has something to do with the dominatory status of the household. I'm not exactly sure but it looks like Applejack is more like the alpha of the home. I'm not really sure but I'm just writing it as I see it:derpytongue2:

To be fair, I'd imagine they're scarcely even able to wrap their heads around the concept of shellshock. Not exactly a lot of firearms and explosives in Equestria, much less all-out warfare. All they know is the big, scary alien thing that kills demons like it's nothing is prone to randomly screaming in the middle of the night and doesn't have anywhere near as much of a hang-up about killing as they do. Still dickish considering what he's done for them, but I get the fear from their perspective. That said, one has to wonder how they got it into their heads that mistreating the thing you're terrified is going to kill you is in any way a good idea.

Someone is going to get strapped onto the bed tonight. :pinkiecrazy:

Equestria has always come off as pretty heavily matriarchal to me, if for no other reason than that females seem to make up a clear majority of the population. If that's the case, then it's probably just the natural order of things that the oldest capable mare should head of the house.

Clop not really important to me it the romance that seals the deal.

You used the wrong 'there' at the bottom of the description. It's 'there', not 'their'. :fluttershyouch:
Seems interesting, though! :pinkiehappy:

:moustache:happy fun time yes?

well that got out of hand quickly :rainbowderp:

Well this is just a great story, but who am I kidding the stories i have read that you typed are all great :pinkiehappy:

Swandive into THE greatest night of your life

It's like a Spanish soap only one that I can actually deal with!

congrats on the feature! i had it faved BEFORE it was featured (lol bad hipster moment)

Actually, that might be useful to expand on the shell-shock. Just waking up yelling seems awfully mild; but if he's also wrecking the room physically, well then - that might freak them out just a smidgen.

Also: "I unholstered my mighty handgun..." lol

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