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In the mythical magical world of Equestria, six friends unite around a round table to vanquish their foes--an alicorn, a unicorn, two earth ponies, a shy pegasus, and a GE Dash 8-40CW.

Wait, what?

That’s right, Rainbow Dash is now a locomotive.

Twilight does not take this well.

”What the hell just happened? Did I really read that? Oh, my god, I did. I did read that.”
--Katrina Patrick Lumsden

”That’s not even a Dash 8-40CW. That’s an EMD SD70ACe. You’re an idiot.”
--Some pedant on the internet

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The sudden and unexpected loss of Fluttershy was one of the most tragic events to have struck Ponyville in living memory, and most of her friends have struggled to accept the fact that she is gone.

It's a good thing Discord isn't like most of her friends.

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Being an immortal Alicorn sucks when you have nopony to share it with. Fortunately Twilight finds a neat spell that'll ensure her friends live forever! All they have to do is die!

Now with a live reading by Skijarama! (thanks a bunch)

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For as long as the citizens of Ponyville had been graced with the presence of the apelien menace known as "Humans" they have wondered why they bothered wearing clothes. Today they learn.

A stupid idea that I had a couple of days ago. Thanks to Ephemeral and various Anons for editing.

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Chrysalis kidnapped a dozen ponies, threatened Equestria, was betrayed by her own kind, and has now vowed vengeance on Starlight Glimmer before leaping from the ruins of her castle and flying off. She is definitely going to get away.



Reading by TheCaptainSand - Scarlett Blade

Translated into Spanish by ZodiacalComet

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Lily is hungry, but the only person around to feed her is her sleeping father. So, what does any child do when they're hungry? They wake their parent and ask for food.

My Patreon. Help support me if you like my stuff! :rainbowdetermined2:

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Even though the Mane Six forgave Starlight for everything she did, the pit of guilt in her stomach has still not gone anywhere since then. So Starlight thought it'd be a good idea to relax and play a game just to get things off her mind for a while. Taking some advice from Twilight about this particular game, she was told to do the "bad" route, meaning she had to kill everything in sight.

Starlight cursed herself for taking that advice once she saw just what awaited her.

A kinda sorta crossover with Undertale. What happens when you take a mare that really blows things out of proportion and is angered easily and pit her against the most rage inducing and unfair boss in video game history? Hell. That's what you get.

Rated Teen for language. Drama tag for some of Starlight's thoughts before the Sans fight, and Comedy tag for Starlight's thoughts and dialogue DURING the Sans fight (and for Twilight being a troll.)

Contains spoilers for Undertale's Genocide run.

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Edit: Good HiE list approved

A/N Hi guys, this is just a short story I wrote in about an hour, HOPE YOU ENJOY! (I'd like to thank everyone who likes this, thanks for getting it featured)

You have lived in Equestria for some time now, around five or so years. You never meant to come here it just kinda happened. The first few months were a living hell for you, you were attacked because most thought you were a monster. This continued until you were captured by the Royal Guard and brought to meet Celestia and Luna. You explained your situation and over time you became friends, but that didn't stop the fact that you were ridiculed and attacked whenever you left the castle, and so in time you became content with staying within the confines of the castle. But one day guards showed up to your room and put you in chains...

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Supreme Overlord of the Dominion of Equestria.
Wonderful title isn't it?
Capture the Country, Marry the Princess, Take over the world.
Sounds like an Adventure story doesn't it?
Well this is no story.
How do I know? Well I'm not stupid for one.
All those other dolts that came before fell into too many simple traps.
They're all so easy to avoid.
That's why I work to rule.
The rules.
The Rules of an Evil Overlord.

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Something's been bothering Sunset Shimmer for a while now.

How can there be a human version of Princess Celestia who's in her early forties, when Princess Celestia herself is thousands of years old?

The Rainbooms catch wind of Celestia and Luna's upcoming family reunion, and decide to crash it.

What they find there is...disturbing.

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