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Why do I write? Because it's fun! :D

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Sometimes you gotta give them what they want.

And thus the greatest villain Equestria has ever known arrives!

oh l want to see this become a good a long story


Please tell me there's going to be a sequel to this I'm curious to see if he gets his revenge or even if the elements knew what happened to him

sequel must have 0w0

holy shit I honestly want a part 2 this was a whole ass mood

Yo bet this seems like it's going to be a great story

This needs a follow up. The cliffhanger is much too big to leave this as it is.



I'LL GET TO WRITING, HAPPY NOW???!!!!! :flutterrage:

No, but seriously thank you for the hype. I just wrote it for fun during my break on my phone. I will toss some ideas for a sequel around and see what I'll come up with. :twilightsmile:

Lol I need more 😅 shouldn't shouldn't wrote this
Lol to good

They are gonna deserve for what's coming, those f****** w*****!!!!!!

Ow, the edge! /jk :pinkiecrazy:

That out of the way, I do wish to inquire if you are planning to continue as this feels like the prologue of a revenge story.

I am also interested in what happened from the Equestrian side of things as such an event would have twigged some suspicions fiercely.

Oh, and using Blue Blood at this point is like beating on a dead horse--somehow he seems like the linchpin for everything bad with the nobility. I hope that should you continue this that you defy expectations and surprise us, readers. :moustache:

I do hope to see more from this as I'm intrigued.

happy yesssss indeed. corec

if the edge cuts your tongue it adds flavor.
if the edge cuts your eyes it gives you more surface area to see
if the edge cuts your asdfmovie14 then not cool bro.

take your time. you have got a solid start so taking some time to make sure that you are happy with what comes next will help you alot if you contunue it. if you get worn out from writing about the present then you have the option to write about his life in equestira before his prison

the possiblity for this story is great. in the prison they whiped away his cutiemark so whats to say he couldnt get a new one. While an mc becoming an alicorn is done quite a bit having him go from happliy living peacfully to escaping prison and possibly gaining alot of allys and mabey making his own country with what little he knows of human tec as a boost could be intersting. either way if he grows into a great leader with a dislike for equestria or a villen who brings them to their knees this will likely be a ride we want to watch go down

Suena prometedor.
Suerte y ánimos von esta historia.

Loved it, I really can’t wait for more!

Please mister DanishDash, may I have some more?

I love me a good darkfic, and one insipred by Monte Cristo? Delightful.

YEEESSS *in a creepy voice* MOREEE

Just imagine the day after his escape his old friends had actually arrived, having figured out his innocence, only to find out that he apparently went mad, broke out, and cast himself into the ocean! They of course would most likely write him off as dead, NOPONY could possibly survive that.

That would give "Felix" the freedom to slowly begin to plant his roots in his revenge and that alone would be an interesting pot to watch boil.

I agree with the others, you've got something here. :D

One two, Vengeance's coming for you

Three four, Better run for your soul

five six, Hope it doesn't find you

Seven eight, It's way too late

Nine ten, Things will never be the same

Even if they proved his innocence, it's far too late, for "Felix" is gone, and in his place is Vengeance made flesh and blood. It is these types of villains that are the most dangerous, and the ones that should be feared the most. They have nothing to lose but their own lives, and what worth is a life that's as hollow as an empty tire, and will do everything they can to claim their vengeance.

It's clear from the narration that his framing was planned and planned carefully, why is unknown but at this point it wouldn't matter, for they unleashed something that neither Equestria or the world is ready for: A villain that can't be reasoned with or stopped, for the only thing he has in his mind is revenge against those that wronged him.

If it is true that "Felix" was formerly human then the Ponies have no idea what they have done, while it is true we humans can be quite open and friendly, we can also be the most ruthless SOBs around. Now take the power of a (possible) Alicorn, and combine it with the creativity, adaptability, and cruelty of the Human mind...

...and we have a true terror to behold.

"Felix" hasn't realized it yet, but he's already won. How? It's rather simple: If he dies he's free, and if he succeeds he gets his vengeance. But regards of the outcome...

Equestria will never be the same again. They have created their own worst nightmare, and now they will pay the price, for they robbed an innocent Pony of his freedom and life, and now he's coming to collect his due.

Ironic isn't it, how the Ponies worked so hard to keep themselves safe from villains, and now they have created their own destruction.

Everyone has a dark side, most never see or even know about their's, but should it be brought out, you may find something that was best left buried.

with how equestria is i wouldent be supprised if he emerged from that water with either magic born of his hate or as a freshly accended alicorn who is some kind of war alicorn.
If this ever becomes more then the story it is i hope we find out who framed him as i feel like it would have either been for a dumb reason or some kind of destiny thing where he needed to be brought that low so he could gain something.
Mabey he gains a power similer to sheild heros rage sheild? would be interesting

A "Prince of War", considering what he's been through that's actually quite fitting. The reasons meanwhile I wouldn't be surprised if certain powerful Ponies (looking at the Nobles) were behind it, likely for their own gain or something. As for destiny; that would be quite interesting, which leaves the question: What is that destiny?

Who knows what powers he would have gained, but I'd be sure what he has are beyond any doubt hate and fear related.

He could also gather individuals who for one reason or another hold gurgles against the Ponies; criminals, outcasts, exiles, and such others which would tie into him being an Alicorn of War by having an army to back him up.

Either way, the Ponies have unleashed something that will need far more than the Elements to defeat.

So, how's the sequel coming along? If you're still writing it

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