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I can’t believe this is being rewritten. It wasn’t even cancelled that long ago.

I know! but what the customer wants, I deliver to the best of my ability ^^

So a lot of people asked for this?

Woooo new story baby 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

No I mean I was literally paid like 70 dollars to do this lol.

i loved the original and hope this does good aswell

Wait, really? You’re kidding.

nah no cap that's why, check the description lol.

Ohh. I totally missed that. I just saw that you got permission for a rewrite and and just started reading.

Great first start, keep up the good work.

Pls finish this 1. I was really disappointed when he cancelled it

Off to a good start 😌 I was sad when the original story stop updating it felt like such a waste of a good story but when heard it was getting a reboot (in a way) I was over joyed and can't wait to read it again and can't wait so see your take on story and its concept

Thanks! I am currently balancing several commissions and personal projects, so it might be slow going, but I will do my best to make sure all of my works get the love and maintenance they deserve, this one included!

good twilight stopped pinkie or the tv might have been punched in shock

Are you going to continue writing any other cancelled stories?

Ok, what y’all doing in this situation?

if you can acquire permission from the original author and provide suitable financial compensation for my time, I can certainly see what else I can take a crack at ^^

I think I can genuinely say that I have never ever seen anything like this or can not remember if I have.. I really liked and enjoyed it so far, thanks.

Also the strange part about it all that the first- half of the first chapter is seemed to present my life in a nutshell... That's incredible..

Thank you! but you should really go check out the original by Dat Zigga if you are enjoying my retelling! He is the originator and deserves just as much if not more credit than me for this!

Pinkie nearly let the cat out of the bag or in this case tv. :twilightsheepish:

true but when has she not done so in any case?

update will come when it omes, work is sadly kicking my ass rn and i have no drive for much of anything.

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