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Oh shit, son! Another good one makes its way over!

Now THIS is a good story when I see one! Keep it up, man. You piqued my interest.

growing old sucks!:facehoof:

What’s the original greentext about?

Omg, this is such a good first chapter! Geed length, good readability, and an awesome hooker. I can not wait to read more. I am actually really excited for once in a long time. Thank you so much!

Hmm, interesting. This has potential for a good story. Keep it up, buddy.

Lot of good greens making their way over! Carry on; haven't read this one yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

I have GOT to read more of this

I'll be tracking this one. I really like the concept.

Aaaand tracking.

Also damn, also also horsepital :rainbowlaugh:

Damn, moments like these make me almost want to get lost in /mlp/ again

I bet at the end of the tenth chapter this story will have 1000 likes


Great chapter! Its unique in its own way unlike most story's. Updated soon!

I really hope you’re the og author as this was one of my favorite greens and to see it come back and get a few edits makes me so happy.

Yeah I'm the OG Real Slim shady. There's a link to this version on the pastebin version. This version will be slightly different from the pastebin version, fixing up and remastering small unimportant bits I didn't quite like on reread of my own work, but I'm not going to George Lucas this too much :p

Ah, i remember now. I did read this before "Ponies Aroused by Anon's Physique" Thread was still alive.

Very good story so far


oh Anon, your completely screwed now. I hope he re-rolls into something more badass than a human next go around.

You are running on the assumption that there is something more badass than a human...

YESSSSSSSSSSSS, Just woke up, and i'm sooooo excited to read the second chapter. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

The story seem to conflict itself on whether this is his second time in equestria, or if he has appeared more than that. And as for Celestia, at first I pitied her for having to see Anon again at the beginning, but later that was reversed. She says he isn't "Brightsmile" but it appears as if that is exactly what she is trying to make him into. Instead of helping him get on his feet and build a life in equestria she's grooming him to be her servant and lover, betraying her memory of him by trying to make another take his place.

Can I have a link to the paste bin version?

An excellent point about Celestia grooming him, but this is brought up later in the story.
As for the conflict, the answer is his last life was the first he worked for Celestia, but most definitely not the first time they've met. Hence, Nightmare Moon knowing who he is.

maybe if he ditched this phrase he's in currently that's bordering on emo and man up I wouldn't want him to re-roll into something that actually fits the names that Celestia mentioned.

on another note, probably hoping nightmare_moon managed to be the voice of exposition on finding out wtf is going on with him.

Sorry for sounding so uninitiated, but I'm getting some serious "Groundhog Day" vibes from this story except it's basically a lifetime instead of just a single day.

”Cosmically?” You asks, grinning to herself again.

Think that should be she instead of you. Really liking the story so far. Never read the original so flyin blind but sure is interesting to say the least.

WOW!!! every time anon dies he's replaced by some or random pony.....nice concept story!:twilightsmile:

now i wanna know how that happened and why anon does not remember things, i feel sad for TIA coz anon does not remeber her.....:fluttershysad:

make MOAR!!!:flutterrage:

This guy's version of immortality reminds me of a version from a point n click game that I think was on steam. In the game the protagonist got his immortality from some kind of ritual, but the cultists forgot the mercury, which was supposed to make you keep your memories.

I am Anonymous. I was born in the year of our lord 1982 in Detroit Michigan United States of America, and I am immortal.

*Queen starts playing in the background while Anon waves around a foam sword*

Seriously though good work.

at first you had my interest. Now you have my attention. i almost want to find the pastebin/greentext to read it but il be a good little anon and wait for you to post the pretty version here. Keep up the good work m8 :trollestia:

Comment posted by Shpoople96 deleted Jan 20th, 2020

Ahhhhhhh, damn you drama! I need more!

Fudge, this makes me want to track down the greentext.

does this flashback come with inherit skills and abilities from that life of his, is this a rogue-like where each new life -new game- inherit abilities from previous past lives but is reset to lv 1 to make it easier the next life.

This is one hell of a story!

And she ignores she already had the support of Anon, only to kill him when he tells her that what she's doing will rightfully make everyone hate her and confirm their previously false accusations. I can't really see her as getting his friendship after this.

Really, a more justified revenge by Luna would be instead to deny people a proper night, instead just giving them either total darkness of a blank sky or only hang a barely illuminating moon. That and deliberately withhold her assistance from ponies dreams. And then for the finishing blow, make a proclamation that since the entire kingdom (including Celestia) reviles her and her a monster they can see what its like to be completely without her. Sadistic? Perhaps a little, but it avoids the pitfall of her original plan.

*<>* the question is ... How many times has he revived ... Is this the first time he's had his memories restored and how deep does Celestia get involved in keeping his secrets?

"Fucking Thailand" :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
I lost my shit and woke my roommate down the hall up, I haven't laughed that hard I'm a minute. Thank you, you have made my night.:rainbowlaugh:

“Sure, let's say I agree with you there. Um... Since this is a world with dragons and unicorns that talk and shit, could you take me to the nearest wizard or planeswalker?” You ask, shrugging and just making stuff up.

Out of all the HiEs I've read this is the first one that's ever mentioned Planeswalkers, well done.

Can't remember the name of that game I mentioned, but I watched it on Jesse Cox's youtube channel. That was before I stopped looking at his content around the time he and total biscuit played terraria together.

I don't understand the joke, ;( can u explain pls

If you don't understand it, then you don't understand it. I don't really want to wright a mile long explanation into thailands criminal underground and why I found I extremely hilarious to me that he woke up butt naked chained up in Thailand.
I don't mean to sound rude or anything.

oh, haha thanks alot, i understand it now

This is an amazing story so far. Love the new idea and how the characters interact. But I swear by the nine realms of Isarim and by the tits of the great king Goolarag we can find out why this is happening.

Speaking of which, this is also a good reason why he shouldn't be friends with Celestia, and why even if Luna is purified by the Elements of Harmony she should still hate her sister. What she is doing is abhorrent, spending Anon's life like coin. He isn't prepared at all for NMM, but Celestia still brings him with her so that once banished he'll be at the mercy of an alicorn with a massive chip on her shoulder and no knowledge of him forgetting everything repeatedly. Even if he is immortal and will just come back if killed Celestia is throwing away the life of an individual without caring about the pain it will bring them.

This is epic and I absolutely want to read more!
Kinda hope there will be anonxcelestia in the future if his memories come back. Must be heartbreaking.

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