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This makes me worried when the story pic is Johnny from the Shining.

Thought it was the best representation of our little human.

but dont be worried, when hes not bombing the living shit out of his private desert, he can be quite a sweetheart. :P

Gimme a honest feedback!
Its my frist story ever and I cannot decide for myself wheter this stuff is halfway decent or utter garbage.

I like this more than I thought and since everything is only theory and fantasy/cartoon anyway this could even be reality too and actually work like that so yes I like it.

I'm saying this because of all the "ponies are stonger in this and that and humans hiding stories. That and that humans die from stuff, from which a pony would only get a black eye or something. It could work like that that the Cartoon world is not that harmfull to the human and that let's say a cartoon hammer (or just one from their world, isn't doing the same damages as one from the real world or our world.

edit: that and I like it how celestia has to come and beg for something for once since this is the closet to the princesses being able to do mistakes you get to see usually.

Glad you like it.
Yes, i tried something a little different. Ponies, and especially the alicorns being too OP is also a thorn in my flesh when i read such stories.
A good balance in power should be in order, so the plot is not too obvious.

btw: Charpter 2 is being uploaded as soon as my proofreader sends me the feedback :)

I'm glad to see it like that, I hate to see certain stuff to be treated like an iron rule.

Please don't let others and me tell you what is wrong or right here, or that no one can win against the almighty Alicorns. However if something convinces you it is alright too, I'm sure you know how I mean it.

Well said mate.
Celestia and co will get her moments dont worry
But the spotlight is not only for alicorns

Cheers and good night.

“Sure. It’s not like I have anything better to do. Oppenhooves can run this place so I’m good. And eating something else than potatoes and water would suit me well. Trust me, it’s a pain in the ass to grow shit here.”

I know image Lunas, Celestias, Twilights and Cadance jaw hitting the ground because of this brilliant idea about how they could get some freetime.
Seriously, I think in the stories they often make it look like as if they have to work themself to death. I don't think that every king was forced to stay in his castle and help their subjects to open a glass of mayo or telling them in which direction they have to walk to find their own home again.

“Don’t worry, my little human. I’m quite experienced in teleportation, so we should be quite far away from the danger zone.”

"my" "little"? I'm not sure if he should not understand this as an insult. I can also image a situation where she can use it like that, the words I mean, but I'm not really remember it, which I'm thinking if he should correct her there.

Nice chapter, but I like to think that the world or some kind of artifact is going to make Joseph immortal too, not powerfull or whatever because of it, but only long living. I mean I get the feeling that there is maybe a romance going to happen in the future and then I don't want him to dy sooner than her.

Yes, as if pony-land would break apart if Celestia and or Luna go out for a vacation once in a while.
And who knows. I'll keep the possibility of, lets say "romancy" aspects open. Not sure yet tho :)


Protect your cake at all cost!

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“’Poor thing’ you say? Joseph, may you tell me how the gender roles exactly work where you are from?

oh come one not that again. I don't prefer it this or that way, but often enough I think they do good to just not mention it in their stories.

I hardly see it being done good which is why I always hate it in the first moment.

In addition to that, there is the 1 stallion to 3 mare birth ratio, which makes it even harder for stallions to step up for themselves.”

I still say somewhere out there is Stalliontown.

I liked the last picture and otherwise the chapter was good,.

thanks for the feedback mate!

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“Actually, King Joseph did not fake it. I signed the scroll with my own hoof.” Celestia smiles sheepishly and Princess Luna chokes a little, blinking rapidly as she stares at her sister.

This chapter is funny again, for some reason the first and the fourth where my favourites chapters till now.

this sounds liike a weird comedy/romance Celestia X Joseph story would happen and I like it that there is a chance that it won't look like celestia is in control of everything again.
I said something similar already I think, but I like it that she isn't without flaws here and that Joseph is somehow capable too.

Glad to hear you like it ❤

A story with a human that actually acts like he could exist in real life?
Holy hell, sign me up.

And a bit of rgre is always fun.

Implying building a nuke to repress depression is "acting normal" :D but hey why not right?

Glad you enjoy it, Cheers!

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And the sun shall burn the ground and all will be Ash and glass And her light show rain Fire from the heavens

I'm a little bit dissapointed that the human more or less again ends up as the damsel in distress.



what does that mean?

Reverse gender role equestria It basically means the females are the dominant species the males are submissive treats that are usually for men are for the mares and males act like girls

And a lot of stories the females want to protect and save and be heroic to impress males

ahh okay thank you.
Well I don't really like that, I honestly don't like it no matter which gender tried to appear as the superior one.
It could have to do with the fact that even if males from different species appear in Equestria they aren't able to think as far as that it's maybe different for them.
Maybe the author usually tries to show it, but they never quite manage to do that as far as I remember it.
I prefer it if they try to avoid making a big deal out of it because of that.

edit: I needed to remember myself and took a look at what I had written again because I thought this was an older story for a moment.

I maybe prefer it if the main char is no useless idiot because of some stories I had seen so far.
I don't mean that the main char is that bad but I just talk like that for now.

I forgot what I wanted to add, to tired.

edit: ahhh yes, not sure if it was a reason when I had written the first comment, but no matter what they can do or what they have with them, the humans always manage to get in that certain situation. I know we image that world this and that way, but since everything is only a theory, it could also affect the human completely differently.

I give the short version, since some said cartoon characters can be barely hurt and whatever, I say that the cartoon world could be less harmfull to the human even if only to a level, that would make him as durable as the ponies.

The reason some poeple go with the rgre is To explain why majority of the ponies in the background or most episodes are female

In my opinion humans are weak creatures that can only defend themselves with their mind. Joseph is weak and without his inventions he would not stand a chance against lets say a Gryphon.

But let's wait and see how Joseph copes with this little excursion to the Gryphon Empire. ^.^

I guess it depens on the opinion and like I said, that world is mostly theory.

However then I will just see it the way, that you had written a story with weak humans

Am I the only one who wanted to see the Zenus woods on fire when Gryphanus looked out of the window to end the Chapter with another rage from the Gryphon with anger issues? Also, good Chapter, I am can't wait for the next one to be published.

Burn it all in nuclear fire in a flash of white light

Alright you got me. You go me reading this and I gotta say I enjoy it. A lot. Once this is done you should male a story about Joe as he got here. That would be cool.

Thanks. Comments like yours motivate a lot and im glad that you like my silly story.

And yea. I could write a prequel. But im not sure if it would be that interesting. It has been done so many times in HIE's, hence why i skipped it in my fic.

But we'll see

Just kidding. Keep up the good work.

Expect longer wait times for the next chapter. I have several semester tests and i dont want Twilight Sparkle to scold me in case i fail...

Well that was sweet. Now we move on to the blood shed of thousands of innocent Griffin's as the flesh burns off their bones leaving nothing but ash

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But do remember the princesses plan. As few harmed civillians as possible :3

*bows comically* indeed you did.

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