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I have no idea what I am doing, I write, I read and I play games, what more can a guy want while he waits for college to start again?

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What is this a crossover of?

6882814 Whoops, seems like my boredom typing and clicking has added something that doesn't belong! Thanks for finding that.

What is the worst that can happen?
Everyone ..and I mean everyone knows to NEVER ask that question

I would like to see more of this pls. :twilightsmile:

Well he has completed half of his quest so far, now only to climb out with said idol, traverse all the way back to Griffonstone and bask in the achievement. Though it would be funny if he was named honorary Griffon or something else for returning their treasure, but with it gone so long and how life threatening it was when so many either died or gave up would mean a great reward?

6936601 Of course it would be too easy, but how is one supposed to climb back with no true climbing gear, a bonked head, a heavy ass gold idol, and also the things I have waiting in the abyss.

6936601 Of course it's easy,
it's just the first level ^>^

Hmmmm, would it be both funny and sad if he breaks the dogs in by training them to be quote un quote 'man's best friend'?

Also if he does get out, he'll need to find that griffon treasure and bring said Princess back... Though it's funny he's mistaken as a hairless Dog instead of a human, with almost all of them likely not knowing what a human is except for a educated Minotaur on their history origins.

Well, mother fuckin shit. Now hes being dragged off to god knows where. Lol :rainbowlaugh:

If it wasn't obvious that he was going to get with Gilda, Greta, and/or that gryphon princess I would think that the alpha would be a female that ends up taking a strong liking to him.

6982143 That's what you think, who knows what will happen!

You know, fangs, the things that all meat eaters have or should have. The sharp teeth that is used to rip and tear into tasty, cooked flesh with ease before shredding it into even smaller bits to swallow down without choking on it.
Well, this horse has fangs, has dark fur and a set of bat wings. I don't know about you but that is usually something evil and can't be trusted to not do something devious behind your back. That horse has evil demon written all over it.

Wait, wait, wait, so because it has canines it's evil? That like saying all carnivors and omnivors are evil too, which by extension means humans. So lost.

Ooo side mission
Rescue princess &
Captain of Night guard
Become Pack Alpha

Step 1) meet pack alpha
Step 2) ???
Step 3 Profit

An update?! *Clicks chapter link hard*

Step 1.6: Find something that masks or erases scents
Step 1.7: Don't get caught sneaking into Alpha's room
Step 1.8: Don't get caught searching in Alpha's room

Step 2.6: Don't get caught sneaking out of Alpha's room
Step 2.7: Frame a guard or rile up one to start a coup
Step 2.8: Find prison keys
Step 2.9: Snack break

and then he went into dream/ rpg video game mode and side-quested the fuck out of everything until he could no longer side-quest and then went and did the "main quest"

7107102 What you don't do that in games?

7107095 I should put that in there, shouldn't I?

7107281 i do not believe i understand your phrasing of the answer given.

7107590 What I am saying is that you don't run around doing all of the side-quests that you can do before continuing onto the main quests.

7107281 Yes, snack breaks are important

7107630 well, that's what i do whenever Bethesda release a game. when its allowed of course.
tho i suppose it depends on what games you have in mind when phrasing such an answer, as people often play games differently.

7107928 Yeah, although I the side missions can sometimes mess with the main quest, I forgot which games do that but I know that a few exist. Anyways back to playing Master of Orion or until I get another brain fart and head back to the writing.

Thou just had to say it, didn't thou Ian? Thou just needed to invoke Murphy, the God of Narrative Doom, what? I hope it was worth it, Ian...

Really REALLY hope this story continues to be updated regularly.

7189076 Working on it, but I wonder, if I eat you will I get an intelligence boost?

What is the worst that can happen?


:pinkiehappy: Woo good story thus far! Can hardly wait to see what happens next!

Finally great chapter

Update!:yay: a nice chapter with a fair bit of progress, I have never watched or read games of thrones, but it sounds like there are plenty in the gryphon (or is it griffon? Damnit I forgot again!) empire vying for the head honcho position and are willing to off competitors. I eagerly await the next chapter.

awesome I just can't get enough of this fic. :pinkiehappy:

This is gonna rock!

Ah who needs a social life, you have us! :pinkiehappy:

.....no just me?........sigh

His plan is difficult. The Alpha's goal is confusing.

What is the worst that can happen

you just had to say didn't you

There is nothing to judge, also when it is truly complete will be rather funny. Though we have been imagining these dogs being built like barbarians, not Vikings like Minotaurs could be more fitting of.

Judgement postponed! :flutterrage: For now... :pinkiecrazy:

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