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I kinda miss the first try, Gnarl trying to kill him with "subtlety" and him being aware of what happened to the past overlords made it interesting for me, along with some of the other things going on in their and giving the Minions the idea of taking sides and preference due to treatment.

The first one was fun but this has promise. I would love to seem him slowly build up power and explore his new world instead of justbeing instantly OP with a huge army and talking with the mane 6 like in the first story.

Well.... here we go again. * begins reading *

Why do I have the feeling he will have to use the rolled up paper and a squirt bottle quite often in the future?

Nice re-do of your first attempt, especialy now that you write Gnarls name the right way. Seriously, "Gnarel" just killed me for a reason.^^

(Steeples fingers) Excellent.

I'm liking this so far, though I'm gonna miss a few of the elements that were cut out. While the Gnarl subplot could eventually make a comeback, the awesomeness of the Netherworld Tower would have definitely been preferable to the Dark tower. But since the Tower Heart apparently hasn't been destroyed yet I'm a bit confused as to when in the timeline this takes place. Based on what you've got so far, it looks like he's supposed to be an alternate version of the Third Overlord, the player character from the first game.

I really hope that you're planning for this to be a long story, and that by the end of it he's going to have access to everything from both games and more, including both the Dark Tower and the Netherworld Tower. Since he obviously knows about the games and MLP -and is a lot smarter than the canon Overlords- it wouldn't be a stretch for him to become the best Overlord ever, even if he does have to start from scratch...

Hang on...

...:pinkiegasp: Scratch! What's gonna happen to best minion!?:twilightoops::raritycry:

In many ways it's an improvement over the previous incarnation of the story. I do hope that as he grows in power that the humorous streak will make a comeback. The previous story had some hilarious moments. I look forward to reading this new and improved story as it progresses. :pinkiehappy:

Hopefully, by the time Overlord and Discord are dancing to a Mariachi band at the Gala, almost a year will have gone past, So Twilight and co will have to deal with Overlords Enterage as well.

He really needs a PA who is worth lookin at, even if she isnt available. I mean, Alt NMM had Rarity. What would Overlord go for? The White Duchess Griffin? Taurus Bulbas Secretary?

Kat? :pinkiecrazy:

just sad to see the old story go, there was a whole load of good stuff in there, especially in demonstrating that Overlord Has to be Evil.

First possible mistress(?)
So far all the comedy cut out :applecry: but more than possible plus more in the future
All in all, possible better story than the last go around that I wish I had gotten a copy of. Oh well, waiting for more of the fun to start

This is feeling much better:scootangel:

Though i got to ask one thing:twilightsheepish:

The hell do these sheeple look like?:rainbowhuh::applejackconfused:

7698018 I would usually say they look like anthropomorphic sheep, but since this story isn't tagged as anthro I'm guessing they're just MLP style sheep.

7697841 This takes place after Overlord 2, the reason the Tower Heart is around is because of the spell that the minions cast to get to the world, to get a new Overlord. It basically made a new one from scratch...

I refuse to let best minion go... He will return!

Honestly, I was digging the othe one better, but this still has potential, so I'll see where it goes.

Again, really liked the first one you wrote, but this one is shaping up to be just as good, if not better. Keep up the excellent writing.

Also, instead of pulling the old version, why not have it be its own thing, with a slightly different title, like Great, I'm the New Bad Guy...Evil has Found a Way or maybe just Evil has Found a Way since the last Overlord was, in my opinion, one of the good kinds of overpowered that I actually enjoy reading.

7697788 Your account pic fits your comment! :rainbowlaugh:

7697811 Yes. YES. YEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

7697793 Did it kill you with laughter, or cringe??:moustache:

7698732 I was thinking more along the lines of that guy that sat in a wheelchair going "Yeeeees.

All the cringe, having the name butchered like this.

7698792 You die with cringe, I die laughing at your rather peculiar death!:rainbowlaugh:

Why do I have the feeling hell be a wasp/necessary evil type guy?:unsuresweetie:

EDIT: wasp being: leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone

Still better then dying just cause someone looked inside my box.^^

7698904 It's a play on her name. Look up schrodinger's cat, it will explain all.

Comment posted by Lichlord18 deleted Nov 5th, 2016

Well, much more realistic reaction... knowing now what we know Gnarl feels alot more of a threat. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

kind of disappointed, to see the story vanished under the cover of a re-write. not everyone will notice that, you basically removed yourself from any lists people used to be reminded of new chapters. I only noticed this by chance.

7699251 I know... but I still felt it was necessary. If you disagree then that's fine, but what's done is done and I have no regrets.


I'll miss the first story but this one seems a lot more refined. But I did just stumble upon it by chance.

now I'm just impatient to find out what's going to happen in the story.

7699810 an abridged story timeline it was ok. a respectful dark load with a big A** F*cking mace. first took care of his minions. played nice with the princesses. right hand minion planning his down fall, the overload know it. goes to the grand galloping gala, an griffon come to him for help about minotaur want to enslave/ kill them in a war. the overload comes, overload see,overload F*cking massacre an battalion of green horns. things are ok for around three weeks. griffon are trying/figure out how to repay the overload for saving theirs A**es, overload like no need, just live. overly masculine minions king come with the whole army to griffons. overload finds out two hours later, overload come with his full army, overload get the king by the horns, overload says yield or your race will died out. king does a (F*ck you) to the overload.
that is as far as the story goes.
ask the writer for the 1st overload, I'm sure he'll give it to you.

7699305 can you please give the 1st overload to 7699810 or link it for them?

7700065 Sorry, but when I remade the story I deleted all of the old story, so there is nothing to give... I didn't realize that someone would want a "dead" story...


7700065 Also just realized that you replaced 'lord' with 'load' for everything... I approve of this troll.

Don't do it again.

Any chance of combo minions like I suggested for the first story.

Red/Brown: breaths fire like a dragon and tuff.
Green/Brown: climbs like spider with strong fingers
Brown/Blue: can summon wolves as steeds.

Red/Green: has flammable gas like a zippleback from how to train your dragon.
Red/Blue: blue fire burns with magic energizing minions or absorbing enemy magic.

Green/Blue: plant magic

Brown: bigger and like the juggernaut will charge into walls to break them and enemies alike.
Reds: walking infernos with the ability to explode and not die from that.
Greens: can knock enemies out with their stench.
Blues: magic shields and the ability to raise zombies not just minions.

But dear reader of comments I would like your speculation on these minions If you have a better idea on what they could do please comment and add to the discussion.

7700146 I didn't realized I type load instead lord. :rainbowlaugh:
now I thing about its pretty dang funny. :derpytongue2:

Interesting, If he absorbs the evil energy. Will he essentially still be himself and in control? Will it slowly take over him and corrupt his mindset? or will he somehow become like a "Gray" overlord, not evil and not good?

7701408 i for one, do hope for a "greyish" overlord that leans slightly more on the white side than the black side:applejackunsure:

Guess we'll wait and see what'll happen in the meantime? Btw, you want popcorn? *offers a bowl of popcorn*:eeyup:

So do I, I really enjoyed the Grayish overlord from his first Fic. Also theirs not a lot of Gray Overlord fics here, I think this is the only one so far.

Why thank you, I tried my hardest. In all honesty, I allways tend to slip into gray zones somewhat naturaly.:derpytongue2:

On a silly note, at first glance I read "gay" instead of "gray". Can you have Freudian Slips while reading?^^°

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