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Didn't even read it yet, did you. XD
Dude, I love you so much right now. Ya just made my day. Thank you.

6088460 No. I saw the title and immediately saw red (Hehe... puns) and immediately hit the like and posted the picture,

Again, thanks. You have made my day (and it's not even 10 AM for me yet!). Now I'm just wondering how the rest of the day will go. XD

6088473 Hopefully it will be filled with joy from that only communism can bring!

Yay~ bloody violence in the first chapter is always a good impact piece! Helps drive home exactly what needs to be shown right away to help avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Also the fact I suggested such a course of action has NOTHING to do with my approval of this chapter, aside from it's pure WIN factor XD

Have some Hay Bacon!

I almost felt sorry for her :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Ey, watch it. I thought it was funny as hell.
Currently playing Starbound, screwing everyone over, saving the worlds, wearing red while doing it. XD

Whenever you want, "Intro Guy" will be there.

You had me reading this story at infinante nukes

Yes. All my yes. With Yes-Men dancing the dance of their people.

Also, is it just me, or did anyone else think Liberty Prime should have either been a modified Statue of Liberty (or at least been designed to resembled it), or have emerged from it during Fallout 3?

6088598 run Russia, just run

Not sure if I am going to like this in the long run, but I am interested. Carry on good sir!

Maybe you will, maybe you won't. XD
I'm still just freaking out about the fact that I SOMEHOW got featured the day I posted this.

It was at this point that Sugar realized what the golem was going to do. She ran past the slow moving golem, running at full speed to warn the others in the dark and sleeping town.

Equalized ponies can't run fast.

Words can not describe just how awesome this story is so far.

Exactly what does making this a 'displaced' fic accomplish, besides giving us a relatively boring, overdone protagonist and a power fantasy for the author? Why can't we have just Liberty Prime and his brand of jingoism, trying to overthrow every communist and monarchist society he can find?

The only situation other than eradicating Paradise Falls dressed as Abraham Lincoln with Lincoln's Repeater where the Enclave Radio is a good choice to have.

Starlight screamed like the little bitch she was

If Liberty Prime was bearing down on you, you'd cry like a bitch too. Unless your democratic.

This whole thing made me laugh. gg lungs, gg

why why hadn't this come sooner.. yes... ... really need to finish first chapter for the super mutant now..

I see the sex-tag and my mind wanders to Fist-o...... except, like..... times one hundred..... well, let's see if I'm wrong. Please tell me I'm wrong.

*sees title* it can't be i should check it to be sure. *clicks on link ,reads description* oh god it is!:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

6089252 not surprising really you have: big robots,explosions and most likely in the future NUKES!

Daily reminder to Displaced readers that you could be reading a real crossover featuring the actual character instead of a wannabe.

Today, I bring you Liberty Prime Invades- I Mean, Saves Equestria by KriegorMKII. It's not exactly high art, but somehow I doubt that most of you will care about that.

The instant I saw the title and image

6/13/15 Edit: Featured the same day the story went up. HOW?!

I agree, how?! My god these mods/admin/ect. Are on the ball lately!

Psssst. That was the point.

And you! Where is your mind going? Out of the gutters, I hope. XD
It's just for language so I don't get flagged.


What the hell did I just read? The comments don't make it better.

Is this what Anti-American? Something Communist? Anti communist?

Is liberty prime a hero villain, neither?

Ok this is the most confusing thing ever.

6088450 Your actually making this worse.

6089931 I can't tell withered that's true or not in the comments.

The world NEEDS more Liberty Prime. :pinkiecrazy:

You know the drill by now.



6090104 liberty prime is a character from fallout 3, which takes place after a war on chinese communists. Liberty prime was designed to fight said communists.

6088450 I feel confused by you... Your doing this for fun aren't you.

6090214 Liberty prime is needed to beat the game. Plus, the badguys liberty prime kills wanted the main character to kill most of the world, so Liberty prime could be considered a good guy.

6090216 I made a joke... And the author enjoyed it. So I'm not in fact making it worse when I was the first commenter.

Ah, I can already imagine how/if the conflict between Prime and Celestia occurred. Prime arrives, Prime wishes to protect/fangasm the ponies, Celestia panic's and attacks Prime switching him to kill all communism mode, miss understanding ensues.

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