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I have a simple dream: to make people laugh and gasp as they read my stories without fear of limits. Take that, censorship! MWAHAHAHA!

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Man I love to see Celistia face if she walked in on them

Your story was great and funny, I hope you keep writing and do not leave it halfway. I wish you luck.

Sincerely, your new fan Mattgenesis.

PS: Sorry for my english.

5782671 Thank you for those kind words, young one. I will continue to submit chapters whenever I can when I have free time.

the story is nice but cant help feeling that at some points it is a remake of the that displaced fic about gilgamesh, mighty warrior of epicness i think it is called, regardless of that the story is nice lets just hope the mc doesnt become another gary stu

I somewhat doubt about the Gary Stu bit, whoever he is. Nice comparison about Gilgamesh though. Didn't really think about it until now. I've been somewhat of a fan and the Displaced series gave me an idea on how to introduce Dragonok into the MLP Multiverse. Just wait until he finds a couple of his allies from his home multiverse later on.

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^^ nice work, I'm awaiting more chapters soon ^^~

“Now with the pleasantries out of the way, let us fight as warriors in the blazes of passion as we strike against each other in mortal combat. FIGHT!”

You mixed the words Sentinel with Sentient in couple of places

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5913306 Thanks for pointing those grammar errors out! I really appreciate it! By the way, great reference! I love it!

i would post Warhammer 40k here, but then it would be heresy.

Brilliant Fluffle Puff reference

They have found a way to momentarily create gaps in the space-time continuum to summon forth terrible forces to do their bidding.”

*sudden evil laughter*
well I don't know how to word that in English but in German it is called "Freifahrtschein"
Just say so and I will come up with any number of entities you can desire :pinkiehappy:

Example: 'The coherent Onion of fade' a Onion but with a own immaterial mind, a very powerful and clever magician that will satisfy your need to eat for all eternity if you just eat a little bit of it... at least if you survive the backlash that comes from biting a chunk out of someone...

Aris Flashback happens a little bit too sudden you don't know that it is a Flashback; something like "Aris remembers back than it was hard, until this one fateful day."

5970764 Give it your best shot, mate! I have some ideas of my own but additional ammunition would be greatly appreciated.

this chapter is almost exactly the same as Gilgamesh's

Check the comments below for an explanation. Hope it helps! :twilightsmile:

I'm sorry for the lewdness but did they just give pinky a party orgasm don't read this if you don't want inepropriateness.

5986617 No, but that is interesting to imagine. It's just her Party Sense going on overdrive, that's all.

5986622 I know I'm just tired to my imagination is on overdrive and that's what it seemed like

nice nice ^^
So I suppose, you want more evils ^^

That can be arranged ^^

Trollestia getting trolled by a chaos being... :trollestia: = :flutterrage:

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6054245 We thank thee for thy kind compliment. We sincerely appreciate the gesture. :twilightsmile:


If i find time tomorrow I will add some more stuff ^^.
But Daemon styled and in an black elegant dress, that would be rather interesting *grins idiotically*

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Okay, I know i still have five chapters to go, but to hear an almost omnipowerful shadow wielding being use the word "nummiest" just made me lose my shit :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiecrazy:

Man I like the story so far but it needs more sex scenes:twilightsmile:

6665423 It's currently in-progress but I have to also deal with my part-time job and a ton of college work. Sorry for making you wait.

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A little later than this guy 6782199 << but... Second

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