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Comment posted by ItsDaKoolaidDude deleted Dec 26th, 2016

Just to clear any doubts, that one thumbs up was indeed me, but at the time I made this story, I didn't realize this site allowed you to thumbs up/down your own stuff. Now that I found out about that, I can't take it back...

Holy shit that is just wow and as your first to! You got some real talent can't wait to see what else you got

I have by to say I loved the first chapter

This story has caught my attention, and I eagerly await the next chapter. Excellent thus far.

You have me intrigued. Also I love that armor and need to know where you found it.

By my own beard, this is just glorious and now the suspense of the wait for the next chapter.
I would travel to the future to read this but since it has been a forbidden art I will just have to wait.
Amazing chapter, with the exception of minor typos. Well done.

This has my interest very much. I don't know much about whatever this is crossed over with (assuming it is) but I do like the Christian part of it. Can't wait to see where this goes.

7869347 aye, I waited awhile before I read this and I regret not reading it sooner, it's very well written and has a habit of making me want more.

Well done! This story deserves more likes.

I dunno guys. I think holding onto hope that this story will update might be a bit too optimistic, but I guess we'll see. #keepingsecrets

It is your story, but I really hope he refuses that offer.

Not a big fan of transform fics, then?

Not in the slightest.
But again it is your story. Do what you will enjoy.

While I'm not a fan of the transformation as a plot device as a general rule, this one gives reason and thought behind it, rather than, "Oh hey, pony!"

I like what I have read so far, but I must say that I am not a fan of transformation fics.
To me, human turned into pony or something else kills the main point of HIE story.
Sure he may still be him, but he could as well be just some random pony with those
personality traits, and whatnot powers.

This is of course only my opinion and you are free to continue how you like. It is your
story after all.

This is a good story,
I like this very much.
It's very interesting to explore what a (sort) of 'hive-mind' would be thinking. And im very interested in what happened before Judgement day.

Excellent work komrad!

I really hope he changes his mind, or something happens that allows him to stay human.

Mmm, but its still a difficult choice to disagree to. Having radically anthropophagic neighboring tribe of Minotaurs, with unclear proof of how much their mythos is real and what's not, as well as having to be thrown out and forcefully exiled from a very hospitable kingdom that you've been given orders to stay in tends to take away that comfortable option, doesn't it?

Like I said, I am hoping . I know that ultimately it is up to you, so please do what you will enjoy. It is your story.

I have to say that I'm enjoying this story. I like the idea of the character, and his backstory, along with the world building and characterization of Celestia and Luna. I came originally for an interesting original character, and stayed because you conveyed a story that kept me attached. To the point where I say down and read all these chapters so far in one sitting.

I was admittedly wary of the multiple minds in one body scenario, but I'll confess that I haven't seen someone tackle a character like that in, well, years. Probably since back in 2013-14. But, I feel like you have come to a successful balance on how to handle this character type, and make them both believable, relatable, and interesting. The fact you fit this character in, and can keep the story moving at a steady pace, along with giving details to more characters leads me to believe that this story is going to be a very, very good read.

So, in essence, I'll be looking forward to future captures and progression to this story. You're an author with a good head on their shoulders and a great creative mind. Keep up the good work.

Curious chapter. Though I can't help but feel like bits of this chapter drew inspiration from "HiE - A Hollow in Equestria". It was a curious sight to read scenes that seemed vaguely familiar, though different in their own respects.


Older or not I still find it hard Celestia could over rule Luna, I see this in a lot of stories, but they are equal in everyway. It just annoys me to no end. Couldn't Luna do the same to Celestia? On the other hand the chapter is nicely done and I find the interactions very entertaining.

veddy, veddy nice chapter!

A rare HiE story with a protagonist who doesn't behave as a hysterical teenager. This needs more upvotes!

Nice chapter!can't wait for more!

Chapter four is a lie! As is the cake, especially in the presence of Celestia. Celestia is like a black hole for those things. Good thing raising the sun is a great calorie burner, or else the sun princess might look like a ponified Hutt! :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by AuthorGenesis deleted Apr 26th, 2018

Why did you make the chapters so long?


It's sort of my own nitpick. I've read a lot of stories that were short, but semisweet chapters that I feel that it could've had a little more in there, give them that slice of life feel that nothing really ends like a chapter of a book.

Most of the reason why I write such long chapters is due to the inspiration I get as well as being inspired by a few other long-chaptered stories. Another small reason is that long stories (when pulled off right) can feel like an enjoyable journey.

so didn't they just make humans extinct by changing his form.

Find me a human that has legions of other humans in their heads, or is willing to undergo mineralization for the passage of eons. I'd be very interested in engaging in a discussion with such a human. Or one who can manifest indestructible materia from out of nowhere.

The human may appear human in form, but he has qualities which deviate from humans.

Also, to makes something extinct, you would need enough quantities of something for it to be eradicated, eliminated, or destroyed. It requires an entire specie to no longer exist or live in the world, to be considered extinction, not just one of a kind lifeform being wiped out.

Also, apparently this world's human mythology portrays humans in enough terrible light so as to incite fear and terror in the cultures which have human mythology. Enough fear as to elicit a fight response in these cultures, and that their military prowess is enough that the Equestrian government does not wish to encounter a scenario of these human-phobes finding out that the Equestrian nation was harboring the horrible and horrendous human of their mythology. Had the human remained in his human form, he likely would have had assassins, mercenaries, and armed forces attempting to kill him until they were successful in the slaying of the dreaded human.

And even though he appears human, his abilities are anything but. He would at best be a subclassification of the human genus. Kind of like how the X-men are human, but they're a subclassification of the human genus, and are commonly reffered to as meta-humans. They appear human, but their abilities do not fit that of humans.

Also, humans still exist, just not on the Earth of this world, having been removed when the Last Judgement of humanity took place. They aren't extinct, they're just not in the place that they used to be.

But that's my thoughts regarding your comment and how I understand this story.

I like the fact that he turned into a alicorn. It gives him more options so far as the three branches of pony magic are concerned. Not only that, but with him being the only male alicorn it's going to really bother Celestia, Luna, and Cadence --and that's always a good thing. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, the story was fun for me while it lasted. This is where I stop reading.
Hope you continue to enjoy writing it.

Comment posted by ItsDaKoolaidDude deleted Apr 28th, 2018

love long chapters their the best,
interested on how this will go, hoping he gets thrown into politics and the battlefield therein
interesting design choice, large wings, neat

I find nothing wrong with this. Forgot to like this story.

More!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Just replace Toy with Stone in "Toy Story"

The ironic thing is, Cadence is a word that means rhythm, in music or otherwise, but a more apt word that it means in the case of equestrians with that definition, is literally Harmony. Though it's mainly used in music, it doesn't necessarily have to do with such. So her name fully translated to English would be "My Love, Harmony". An apt name for a pony. Especially with their Musica ex Magicka.

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