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Michael works as a researcher in the local branch of the ‘Anomaly Containment And Study Centre’.

After a long day at work, he notices an unusual anomaly devouring all the blueberries in his garden.

MLP:FIM does NOT exist in this world.

Second story by the way. I always appreciate constructive feedback and other ideas :)

Story picture by: Nathayro37 (Deviantart)
Check him out. He makes some AMAZING art.

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Looking forward for the next chapter. Great so far :D

SCP Celestia. Looks promising so far :pinkiehappy:

This made me laugh now I can no longer unsee it.

thanks! chapter 2 soon. Hope it will be good. Kinda trying to get it somewhat right

I like the setup, but I'm guessing English isn't your first language.

* The constant time tense shifts are distracting
* Characters and narration really shouldn't speak in the same voice
* Lots of grammatically incorrect sentences
* British-English spelling mixed with American-style swearing
* Gratuitous use of ellipses
* Enough spelling errors to make it clear that you didn't run it through spellcheck

Clearly you put effort into this, but please clean it up.

Yea you're all right. swiss german is my first language.

I'll try to clean it up.

Pony on earth story with a writer that finishes what he started? "Is this the real life or is it just fantasy?"

I am liking this so much! Hope it remains lighthearted like this.

Keep her secret, keep her safe.

Protect Celestia At All Cost!

im really hoping this is MOLESTIA in disguise!

dang it couldve sworn its molestia............:facehoof:

c'mon MOLESTIA!!!!! dont fail me now! i know ur in disguise!

THAT is your first priority.

-Jedi Master Mace Windu: "Star Wars Attack of the Clones"

Too bad the show doesn't exist on this Earth. It would've been fun to see how she'd react to being asked "are you my Molestia? :trollestia:"

Interesting setting.
May not be intended as a crossover, but I am 100% imagining this as happening in some kind of 'broken masquerade' SCP foundation timeline :D

A good start!

So he works for the SCP Foundation but they went public OK

“N-No this—This cannot be! H-How could Twilight… How?”

Damnit Twilight! Every time.

To be fair, the Broken Masquerade is a canon within the SCP.

That was nuts! But awesome!

um...:unsuresweetie: I don't know if I should say this but did the tiara teleport into the living room?:rainbowhuh:
because Michael said he couldn't get it back after the accident:rainbowderp: ... I mean.:twilightblush:

“Y-You crazy fucking horse you!” She shouts-whispers and looks to the left and right.

you mean him?

He snatched it while picking Celestia up. Maybe im gonna rewrite that part.

And yep, I fixed it, thanks :)

Finally! A human OC that isn't Anon! Hajeluah and praise the Sun!

(Yeah, been going through a long spat of decent, even good, stories that use the far-too-common green faced humanoid, Anonymous)

I was so close to also use anon. But im more used to write with a non anon character since my first fic also had one


Thank Celestia! Anon is fine for a crackfic or one chapter quickies. But when you go to all the trouble of an actual tale, yarn, novel, and so forth, for all that is holy, don't use the two-dimensional crutch that is Anon. Give the poor guy a name, like you did. Give him a history, hopes, dreams... life. The story gains so much more depth and that is how you captivate readers-- or at least confuse them long enough to read it all.

[Tips brought to you by Confuse-A-Reader, a fully owned subsidiary of Confuse-A-Pony in conjunction with a generous grant from the Confuse-A-Cat Foundation LLC PHD MC WTF TM R and the letter Z]

yea thanks Celestia and praise the MF sun :)

Wow! This story is amazing. It's been so long since I read a compelling and well written pony on earth story. I really hope you keep writing it.

With that said, why is it rated M? Are you planning to add clop in the future? I saw you had the violence tag, but stories that are rated M due to violence are generally rare, so I'm curious.

thanks a lot for this compliment! And i don't know why I rated it M Probably cause of my first fic since its a bit gore-y.

But I removed this warning here and put it to 'teen' cause it has swearing and whatnot :)

Can you please bring twilight into the story? or maybe set up a portal?

I'm sorry, but with how much Michael comes across as a big, impatient, bad mannered, self-interested, self-important and temperamental jerk, I'm having a rather hard time enjoying this story.

-Did this cute mini horse-princess really put a blanket over me when I was sleeping?-

Momlestia strikes again! :trollestia:

I believe a story like this is at it's best with just Celestia. Since it's probably not going to be that long.

Good chapter, I hope you follow it because I loved the fic xdxd.

Looks like the Sun Princess is better at setting things on fire than extinguishing them, heh.
Looking forward to when Michael puts on his thinking cap and starts studying Celestia's powers.

All I can think of right now is that Michael is in real trouble. I don't see this ACASC as an organization that would just give him a pink slip if they know about Celestia.

As for the grandma at the wheel, this is why you have a dash cam. As for cameras, I can't believe an organization like the ACASC wouldn't have bugged the houses of their agents.

Yea let's see how she can make it up to him :twilightsheepish:

Analyzing. High potential for amnesia. Appearance likely not intentional. Eminent threat level medium. Future threat from further incursion high. Secure, Contain, Protect.

Was wondering how light Celestia is. Most ponies can't just be manhandled like that, 💆
So not heavily amnesiac, but still very out of sorts. She really should have known better.

What the.... Ok, Celestia is a tween. There is no reasonable scenario in which she (who has been shown in canon to make Luna pancakes) would be so put off with cooking appliances that a blazing Inferno is created. One of the first things you learn when cooking is if something is burning you remove it from heat. And since it's an induction stove, the danger would be instantly resolved by removing the pan from the cooking surface, an action that would be done even with a rudimentary knowledge of how a campfire works.
It really feels like this scene turned Celestia into a buffoon, incapable of mixing up some flour and eggs without destroying the prep area and in general being a bumbling idiot for no other reason than to get the MC pissed.
Please let Celestia be an adult and not a tween.
Speaking of maturity, having Micheal get drunk on a work night is fine, but then expecting to wake up in time for work is... Well not smart. Arriving on-site disheveled and drunk is surely going to draw more attention than calling on sick, and right now he's already going to be queried about anomalous activity from the car accident yesterday. This cannot end well for him.
Also, why is he so certain they will dissect Celestia? She's not dead and then would presumably want to keep her alive (albeit pacified). He probably doesn't actually science much in his job....

you're not fooling ANYONE MOOOOO~lestia! i know who you are and what you're doing, pretending to be cute and demure like, i know you roofied the food you were making! unfortunately for YOU,
YOU dont know how stoves work in this dimension! HA! :pinkiecrazy:

so stop hiding! :facehoof:

im just waiting foran anomaly to piss her off and show him why she a princess


Looks like the Sun Princess is better at setting things on fire than extinguishing them, heh.

It could also be that Celestia is a relatively close blood relation to Rarity and Sweetie Belle--especially Sweetie Belle. :unsuresweetie::raritycry:

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SHOW HER THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:twilightoops:

That would be bad.:trollestia:

Yer gonna, aincha?:ajbemused:

This is so cute! :rainbowkiss:
But I feel this is either going to have a really sad ending, in the form of a goodbye, or a really happy ending with Micheal coming along to Equestria. :fluttercry:

Hope it's the ladder.

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