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To make things short, two years ago, I was transported from Earth to Equus. The first contact was less than preferable but some of the ponies have gotten use to me, though some are still on the edge. Tonight is something they call Summer Sun Celebration. The longest day on Equus.

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Source of the photo??

Needs someone to go over and edit the grammar errors I've seen, but intriguing premise thus far.

Sorry bout that folks, forgot to change the completed tag before letting this out.

A very good Nightmare Moon x Human fic. :twilightsmile::heart::heart:

I'd have to go through it with more precision to point things out, but the one I do remember is this:

I for the just mingled most part.

you forgot to put in the blue tags.

The first paragraph alone has several. "I did managed" and "I didn't saw" for example.

More, i need more

A 100 bits on the cover art bring by Lumineko. I can recognize them by their font alone at this point. :rainbowlaugh:

Slovák na fimfiction, konečně jsem potkal bratrskou národnost! Hi z česka, good story ale vypadávají ti tam někdy slova. Like!

Seruuuus Bráško!

Many spelling and grammatical errors, but I'm also a sucker for humanxNMM so I definitely would love a sequel or two... or seven...

Your bits are forfeit, it's Luminaura :rainbowlaugh:.

*raises eyebrow* :duck:

It appears you are in need of some research.

I believe you are referring to 11479297's source, but Luminaura and Lumineko are one and the same. If you meant that I should have called them Luminaura and not Lumineko regardless, then consider the following.

On Derpibooru, Patreon, Pixiv, Newgrounds, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and even more besides, the artist refers to themselves as and is known by Lumineko. Only on DeviantArt is their username Luminaura.

Here's a Derpibooru link of the image, for evidence: https://derpibooru.org/images/2158105

Furthermore, a Google search for "Lumineko" will immediately yield several results to said sites above, while for "Luminaura" the top result is a carwash, and you have to scroll down some to encounter the DeviantArt result.


As you were so kind as to take me up on my bet, I believe you now owe a hundred bits.

Hand them over, thank you. :twilightsmile:

Mmmm, nope. Sorry. I do believe you still lost. Because while all of the things you said are certainly true, you specified a particular alias of the artist, and the image's source link leads to a different alias. You didn't say "so-and-so, also known as thus-and-thus," and you didn't provide a link sourcing your claim in your initial wager either.

It's a technicality, to be sure, but on such technicalities are wagers won and lost.



My bet was on the image used as the cover being by Lumineko, Lumineko in this case being a name used to refer to a specific artist, not a reference to the name itself. It was not a bet on the specific name used in the specific source provided on Fimfiction, as you are trying to say, and the artist referred to by Lumineko did indeed draw the image.

You are twisting my very own words and the conditions of my bet in an attempt to evade having to pay 100 bits, a very unsightly act. I will not stand for this.

I suggest you cease this at once and admit defeat. :duck:


I suggest you cease this at once and admit defeat.

Only losers admit defeat, and I am no loser! I shall fight you in the comments, I shall fight you in the DMs, I shall not waver in my earnest conviction that your bits are mine :rainbowdetermined2:! Since you are quite obviously attempt to shamelessly welch on your wager, I will be retaining the services of the Cutie Mark Crusader Debt Collectors :unsuresweetie::scootangel::applecry:. Prepare to be called during dinner, at your place of employment, and on weekends in their efforts to retrieve my owed bits!

Bráško super robota , už čákám na chapter 2 ♥

"They want to use the Elements of Harmony at me. Something that is going to inprison meers the other.

What is she trying to say here?

"I... uhh... I... y-you're welcome your highness," I said. I didn't know what to say to that. Sure Nightmare wasn't a sait. Misguided. Sure. Misunderstood. Maybe, but evil? No. "I... I think I should go get some rest. It was a lot for 1 night."



Thank you for the notice :)

This is great, man.

Will there ever be a chapter two? i liked it.

Better. There's sequel comming up.

When I opened my eyes I was met with complete void, causing me to immediately shut my eyes and clog my ears and curled up as fear began spreading through me. I'm not scared of the dark per se, but I don't like the imagination of what may be lurking there. And after playing Subnatica and watching Lovecraftian horror, that fear was tenfolded.

Fair enough
I don't fear the dark I fear what's in it

Interesting one shot, I enjoyed it.

One sequel is already done and I'm working on another one

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