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interesting to see this. will be fun to see if anon can cause enough of a stir in the world for fun things to happen

This looks most entertaining in its silliness. The Skyrim-trolling was exceptional, and the multiversal topography's the cherry on top. Looking forward to more.

This is just such pure unadulterated fun to read!

Will definitely be following this, looking forward to more chapters.

This is going to get even more hilarious before the end, I can tell :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: and I so ship LuNelle. No real reason to, but sounds funnier for the stuck up elven royal to dig some lesbian pony action :rainbowwild:

Fucking humans.

Fucking elves.

I want to slap her. Can I slap her?

You get a like, a favorite and a tracking just for the Skyrim reference.

Interesting start,

Im watching this one.

The Monk
“and brought her muzzle to his ear. “If you so much as hurt one little hair on her head, I’ll feed you to my cock,” she hissed.” -Some Leech

I love the photo of this XD

"Anonymous. I don't claim to be the best blacksmith in Canterlot—, Yore Land's got that honor. The mare's steel is legendary. All I ask is a fair chance."

I see where this is going...

"Got some good pieces out here, if you're looking to buy. More inside."

Ah, it's on purpose. Excellent. Skyrim belongs to the Fjords! Some of it anyway.

Those damn plains think their so hot...

"Looks Like We've Hit The Comedy Gold Mine Boys!"

Hell yeah, can't wait for more.

I hope not, but I've heard stories of elves driven mad on the edge of civilization by the lack of access to the Great Web of Gossip.

I love this idea. It says so much about these particular elves.

"I may be biased, having contributed to the plan, but it seems perfectly safe. We'll just be looking through portals, not actually going through. No interference, no anachronisms, should be good."

Quantum interference may still be a factor. Observation is still a form of interaction, after all.
What? I'm having at least as much fun with the magical physics as the elf memes.

Ah. Schrödinger's dwarf. (Who, rather than simultaneously dead and alive, is simultaneously sober and drunk. Dwarves consider the situation no different either way.)

And then we see dwarven flirting. Subtle as a warhammer and just as effective. Poor El.

I love it, absolutely love it!

who will be pulled through next? a dragon the guys can drink with? a guy elf that is more for hanging out with the guys? whatever happens this will be fun

I changed my mind, ElLight is the ship to sail in the future. Innocence shall win over get bitchy heart! :rainbowlaugh:

Well its confirmed dwarfbro is in fact cool.:ajsmug:

I hope the next one through is a hunky Worgen or Vampire.

I think this explains everything that is happening atho rude.:rainbowwild:


Most of the ponies are pettable so I don't blame him

She sits down and thanks a waiter for the pancakes he sets before her. At least her arrival distracts the nuisances; Anon nudges Incognito. The sculptor takes a deep breath and walks to Celestia She pauses at his approach, fork floating in midair. Incognito licks his lips.

Everyone is gonna hook up with multi-planar romances and El is gonna end up alone thanks to her personality. I'd say it's Anon's plan but Incognito already knew what her type was from Anon just talking about her. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

I love the pun names around Anonymous.

The eternal No Simp September is strong with these chads! Blessed are my eyes for having witnessed such restraint!

"That's not good enough. You need someone to pet you, and tell you how good you are, and give you smooches, and warm your bed at night."

Based sunchad.

I don't know this character at all, so despite usually liking your RGRE content for the laughs and fun here I'm just confused and mildly annoyed in general? Which is silly for a random crack-fic but there it is. Guess I finally found a story of yours that's not for me. Y'all have fun with it though, and the cover art is great either way.

How positively Dwarven. Gotta dab on those beardless elgi at all times to remind them that their grudge can't be struck from the Book.

Comment posted by carrs88 deleted September 3rd

And then they both vanish in a flash of golden light. Meanwhile, Anon has made his way over to Luna's side, and they are nuzzling again. You banish your breakfast with a thought, your appetite ruined. You teleport once more to Twilight's library and bury yourself in soothing stories.


I almost want to switch to 2nd person now because there being two men sweeping princesses off their hooves instead of cute girls doing that fills me with incandescent rage because I am that much of a lesbian.

May she fuck with them and come out on top

To be fair, she is an uber bitch.

I am sorry for getting you hopes up, but this story doesn't really go in a lesbian direction. The next chapter in particular will feel like a bait and switch if you go into it with those expectations.

Fuck elves, all my homies hate elves.

Interesting, I will wait to view more on this story.

Good Luck!

I'm glad someone from a sensible plane where Celestia's Bestia-ness is common sense showed up. :trollestia:

Boy, that Incognito is a great smooth talker.

Woz dis? Bois time?...War bois time. Smashes!

In other words she F herself up

This would be so much easier if you just ordered something from Adam & Eve.

Loving the idea of krork and the fact that everything shes done so far has backfired ok her because of her attitude.

I still say she's the ideal lover for Twilight, she'll only take some time to realize that :raritystarry:

Luna even has a child on the way.

Humans: Cross-fertile with literally everything.

"I think I will stick to inanimate objects for now, cucumbers generally don't go on rampages."

"Generally" being the operative word. This is still Equestria we're talking about.

I love the idea of using a bald head as a scrying focus. It's just a delightful mental image.


I'm just going to leave this link here.

Accidentally inventing orkz when you're trying to make a dildo-golem. (Note: the hyphen is very important there, indicating purpose rather than materials.) I can't tell if that's more impressive or sad. Either way, hopefully rebuilding that door will give El some time to refocus and get out of her dissipation spiral.

Hopefully. I'm not terribly confident about it happening.

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