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The artist is Ponut Joe.

You could also add thé RGR tag.

Cute so far. I look forward to reading more.

Cute story. Just a bit of criticism, you have some repetitive/redundant sentences, particularly near the beginning.


It's never RGRE Enough

WHELP. I wasn't thinking this get lot of attention....


"He then decided, 'Fuck it,' and made wet, squelchy love to the purple princess on her front door, in view of everypony."

Dirty Horse Box LOL!:rainbowlaugh:

I have a good feeling about this.

He had to slam on the breaks not to crash into the mare that had entered his path.

Should be brakes. Few others here and there but nothing to really ruin anything. That one just jumped out at me and went for the ankle.

Good story so far and I'm interested in seeing where it goes. Twilight shouldn't be crying, she got his long and thick hose to spray on her.


Twilight shouldn't be crying, she got his long and thick hose to spray on her.

Oh my! :rainbowlaugh:

I can associate only one fact with that image...

Oh that was actually sad right there.
I was all thinking something goofy was gonna happen, then real life popped in my head and figured that, "Yup this is what would happen if you publicly humiliated someone.".
Good stuff

Okay, this was funny and kinda sweet at the end there. I like that it isn't just mean spirited just for the sake of being mean spirited.

Well thank you. I plan on writing more soon. :3

Great start. I look forward to shenanigans :yay:

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I like this so far. My brain isnt forming any corrections or criticism at the moment. I'm gonna track this for now and leave ya with a like. Cant wait to see where you take this

Don't let it get to Lyra's ears he's willing if it is only romance intended. He might wake up tied to a chair in front of a candlelight dinner as her unwilling hostage/date.

Mother of god...your right. Marks down Chapter idea

Just got through watching Beauty and the Beast before reading this. Stockholm Syndrome is 'A tale as old as time.'

Impressive...... Can't wait to see what you got planned for this story. It has a lot of potential in my opinion.

Fascinating........ An Anon who is neither a asshole or a pervert.

We must study this for SCIENCE!

Mitsuhide get the tranq darts!

Mitsuhide: My Lord, What are tranq darts?


I like this one. It will make a fine addition to my small collection.

I am glad. I will be posting more soon. :3

way to take one for the team Starlight, your teacher would be proud.

Ah, the classic frying pan to the noggin. Remember kids, when you want to knock someone out... DO NOT DO THIS. It will cause brain damage, if not outright kill the person.

Good thing Anon lives in poneland where the laws of physics are lazy and usually clock out before the end of their shift.

Color me intrigued, I do believe I will be following this. One question, do you have a plan for where you want this story to go, or are you just making it all up as you go along? Also one critique, your writing flows fairly well, so the length of the chapters (or lack thereof) really stands out. Longer chapters would be lovely.

Thank god for lazy pony physic or my MC would have had his brain turned into mush. XD

I will be truthful here I do have small plan now. I figured I need to make given how...this exploded. Originally didn't have much of plan so...As for longer chapter. I am gonna try I just kept first two kind of short because...that was what was in my head at the time and felt like good cut off point.

Also thank you for saying it flows well ;w; :heart:

This must be the work of Discord.

yeeting poor Starlight behind him like a football.

Ah, Lady Efrideet and Lord Saladin would be proud of Anon's use of Thundercrash. It is easy to yeet oneself, it is an art to yeet others.

Is the end of this chapter a motherfucken A Sunrise to Remember story reference!

While would love to say yes. I don't know what that is. I am sorry ;w;

Thats fine. The gist is, some mare was going to smack Anon with a frying pan and kidnap him and torture him into Stockholm Syndrome. Thats why I thought that.

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