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Gotta say this has been a fresh change from some of the usual reincarnations. Especially about the part (SPOILER,) where the gods treat souls like pokemon and the goddess with sass. :pinkiehappy:

Always happy to hear about it when my delivery lands. Hope you continue to enjoy the fic ^^

is he gonna have chats with the godess semi regularly or is this the only time we hear from her. cause she seems nice

Hmm, the RGRE elements has me worried, as I absolutely despise RGRE.

I'll give this a follow though, as I'm intrigued enough to carry on despite my reservations.

Your trust is appreciated! It'll probably be fairly light. Less is more when it comes to stuff like that, but I enjoy aspects of it enough to commit to incorporating them ^^

this sounds promising, adding to craig approved

I am humbled by the approval of the best south park character. Thank you ^^

Thanks for a fun chapter) :trollestia:

Always happy to be of service ^^

I really hope she slipped that other guy a Micky.:trixieshiftright:

As in Pinkie.:pinkiehappy:

But Pinkie isnt dead.:trixieshiftleft:

When has that ever stopped her?:pinkiecrazy:

Oh boy can't wait for more.

Dude I love the concept of this.

This looks like it will be interesting. I kinda like reincarnation stories, so definitely worth a follow.

Just a note, your GIF cuts off before we can read what Mast of None (curse) does. (I can guess from context, but I thought you'd like to know.)

Is the GIF incomplete, or was that intentional?

I mean the curse attribute was incomplete.

You got me curious. I wish you the best for your story and I'll wait with patience.

Average what? :twilightsheepish:
He's screwed, isn't he? :trollestia:


As he has taken this type of ski I wonder if he can do anything just good enough. Like a heart transplant. It's good enough to let the pony live. Or make plans on machines that are just good enough at their task. You see where I'm going with this?

All the bits say its the average of every being on the planet, or a least Equestria.

Buy some apples God entities

Thanks! I'll fix it later. master of none cuts exp gain by 50% on skills under 70

It's specifically for his species. Unicorns to be precise ^^ though I will say your average ponies skills are higher than the average of most species since they are all guaranteed to have at least one thing they are really good at, which does push it up a bit last the cross-species average of 50

I was being positive lol.

Also I didn't know about that gif generator thingie. Like I said before, looking forward to what you got for us in the next chapters. :pinkiehappy:

"Well, you're probably about to wipe me like a suspicious hard drive and toss me back into the middle ages where I'll live out the next glorious twenty years as a potato farmer until I die of malnutrition, so no, I don't think we are."

Hey now, there were no potatoes in the middle ages, you would be a cabbage farmer instead! Well, there were no potatoes on the old world anyway, if you were reincarnated as a native in the Americas then that could have possibly been true.

Interesting start, something I don’t usually see in these types of stories (but then again, I don’t really explore the site as most people here do). Great work so far 👍

Also as a side note:

“Now, I think we’ve chatted or long enough. If there isn’t anything else you wanted to ask, I’ll be sending you on your way.”


Thanks for the catch! And yeah, it's going to be a bit different than your typical sort of story in this vein, I'm hoping. Different doesn't mean good ofc but hopefully it'll be both!




"Average" can be a really loaded statement. Almost thought you were going with a "Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!" reference.

I can assure that it is loaded to some degree, but the fun will be revealing exactly how much ^^

I thought you decided to run away with Noukin idea of "average" too, but it will be interesting to see how he end up screwed anyway without that trick. After all that goddess clearly state she gonna play with him for her own amusement.
Welp, considering he's going to be an "average" unicorn I suspect he'll be averagely talented in literally everything unicorns can do.
...do alicorns count as unicorns for the average or only their pre-ascension state counts? After all they are up to ⅓ unicorns and 100% ponies.


Welp, considering he's going to be an "average" unicorn I suspect he'll be averagely talented in literally everything unicorns can do.

He's cracked it!

...do alicorns count as unicorns for the average or only their pre-ascension state counts?

Hah, nah, only reggie unicorns. no kirin or anything like that.

Well, very interesting start
Love the gif btw

This what happens when you try to get clever with Rob. Even if unintentionally.

So, fantasy RPG equestria huh?
Not many of those around, i can dig it

Why do I get an oh no feeling at the end ?

So, Ponies can check theirs and others stats, skills and buffs/de-buffs at any time?

The stallion drew a watch from within his saddleback and smacked his head “Ah geez. ‘Nito, me and Miss Cake are probably going to shoot the breeze for a bit longer. Be a sport and bring that goodie bag to your mom down at Town Hall before her lunch break and tell her I said I love her, won’t you?”

Hmmm, interesting. If this indicates what I think it indicates then this is going to be quite a story. If otherwise, I wouldn't really be disappointed. Either way, I will continue following along with this fic.


The number of you who think I'm about to orphan no jutsu this colt is worrying XD

Well, expect the worst and hope for the best.

I think theres one Equestria TTG that has Jack of All Trades, and one mainstream TTG that Ive had a go at where selecting JOOT lets you handle a whole range of events due to that one point effective taking off the 50% debuff on a non trained ability, and the other one meant carefully applied point distribution over training meant reinforcing between different abilities ended up maxing out all the skills before character level was reached.

That is, if there are more skills than there are points to activate, and JOOT takes all the points, then at the low tiers especially gives a rather large multiplier. The trick at mid and high tiers is using all those skills to see if there are valid and deific legal ways to totally cheat the system. Or as a good teacher calls it. Be creative. :trixieshiftright:

That is correct! Unless either pony has an attribute that prevents them from seeing another ponies stats or that allows them to hide thier stats from other ponies.

Indeed! One of the things I'm excited about is coming up with interesting solutions to problems the mc will encounter using his uniquely generic skillset.

Well, the way his dad says it... it's not subtle at least.
But hey! That's one of the boons of chapters. Sometimes they can prove you wrong in unexpected ways.

Good story so far, and I look forward to the next chapters :)

That's interesting. So I assume in this AU Changelings would have an ability to project false statistics?

How are Light-novel-esque RPG elements and tropes and RGRE elements bad?

That is a very reasonable and well thought out assumption ^^.

because self depreciation funni

Was excited by the tongue-in-cheek premise until I saw the RGRE bit. I've literally never found a story that managed to pull that off in a way that wasn't eye-rolling parody levels of every ridiculous gender stereotype under the sun.

Pfft, sometimes you gotta go in with a gentle touch is all. ^^

Something something, Mundane infusion pre-nerf

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