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I am a fanfic critic i will give your work a number from 1 to 200


Levi ackerman a equestrian adventure and sword for hire · 9:47pm Tuesday

The plot too levi ackerman a equestrian adventure and sword for hire.
This story take place juring session 8 when levi was princess celestias and lunas sword wich means he would go out and take care of. enycrecher who did not like frandship let's just say he's really good at. His job
In his spare time he's a family man and husband to princess twilight.
But mostly he's married to his job .being a sword for hire .

Fell free to write this story as your own


Monday afternoon fanfic ideas give way · 6:09pm Monday

I'm giving this fanfic ideas away to enyone who is interested in witing them.
1 the element of super sayan god .
2 luna moves to russian equestria wher evrypony and evrthing is russian.
3 deadpool the farther of pinkie pie.
4 rick and mortys adventures in equestria.
5 unlocking 300% my brain power and magic a twilight adventure


Saturday night fanfic idears if enyone is interested in witing them · 11:08pm Saturday

1 the return of pinkie pie the goddess of party's.
2 twilight unlocks 100% of her brain and magic.
3 franch equestria wher evrypony and evrthing is franch.
4 sup zero the brother of spike.
5 my farther the super sayan


The plot of Scottish equestria wher evrypony and evrthing is scottish · 6:57pm 6 days ago

The plot of Scottish equestria.
EveryPony is ether drunk or in a bar fight or challenge each other to swering machines.
Every pony duse not like eny crecher disrupting frandship.
It yushley end up with them getting beting up or haveing ther horn rip off and shuved wher the sun duse not shine.
Let's just say it did not end will for discord.
Ps enyone is welcome to write this in ther own way .
That's only Chatter 1


Wednesday night fanfic idears too keep fanfic witers motivated · 7:19pm February 24th

1 bevas and butthead badysiters of flurry heart.
2 eren and mikasa new life in equestria.
3 the moon goddess and the no life king .
4 gadi in tartarus .
5 captain levi the brother of shining armor.
6 the last son of Dublin a Irishman in equestria tell .


Sunday evening fanfic ideas too keep everyone motivated · 6:51pm February 21st

1 steampunk comes to equestria.
2 my father is a what.
3 twilight whochers the BBC news.
4 the elements of goth .
5 twilight and her frands increase there powers 200% .
6 flutttershy meets discords Jewish brother


Saturday afternoon fanfic for every Brony and pegsister · 5:45pm February 20th

Hi evry brony and pegsister how's your Saturday going eny way hears some,more fanfic ideas.
1 bevas and butthead do equestria reboot.
2 vegeta and bulmas new life in equestria.
3 my mother the son goddess.
4 I have vacation days a hellsing abridged reboot .
5 grandmother twilight.
The reason I'm giving out fanfic ideas is to motivate fanfic witers to keep witing and to keep them from getting lazy


Good evening every Brony and pegasisters · 8:04pm February 19th

Good evening.
Hears some fryday night fanfic idears .
1 queen chrysalis meets her Jewish brother from the human wold.
2 twilight finds out that broly is her hafe brother.
3 joe biden visit equestria.
4 discord meets his Italian brother from the human wold


The idea giveer to fanfic witers who have witers black · 10:33pm February 9th

Message me if you have writers black and I will give you 3 story idears .
Hears 3 storys if everyone is intended.
Beavis and Butt-head the sons of luna.
alucard the great great grandfather of twilight.
Levi the long lost son of shining armor


Enyone who hes writers block message me and i will give you some ideas for storys · 11:18pm February 7th

Good evening every Brony and Bronysister if you have writers black message me and I will give you some Idears .
My mind is a buzz with fanfic ideas

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