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Im A huge fan of MLP FIM and A big fan of the brony community.


Button Mash: High School Finale. · 5:51am Nov 18th, 2014

so I just finished what I consider to be the season finale to the series, it doesn't mean the series is over or will be getting less parts done it just means I see it as a nice big climax for you guys and trust me it earns the tag dark for what's next, so yeah, it'll be twice as long as a normal part and I think it ends alot of plot devices in the series, please enjoy and I do so ever love it when you leave comments.

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just finished Part 7, I should have it edited and posted in 3 hours, not sure if it was worth one hell of a break but I think Ive opened up a plot line that is a huge can of worms to the whole series and one that Ive wanted to put in for a while.

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