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Long and Short of It short set-update · 2:24am September 16th

>It's morning time for you, Cut N. Paste.
>And typical of your mornings, you and your herd are scattered around the freshly cleaned bathroom, going through each of your morning routines.
>It’d been an interesting few days since Anon got back from his impromptu stallion’s night, and honestly you’ve still failed to process some of it.
>That night was crazy!
>He came home wearing /the/ hottest outfit you’d ever seen, and what does he do?
>He dressed up Pike in colty lingerie and bucked her!

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The Long and Short of It Wine and Cheese Hour Part 3 · 3:31am August 14th

>Now this is luxury.
>When you wanted to dry off back at the apartment you’d just use a towel.
>But here? They went crazy.
>Blueblood had a warm front physically imported from Cloudsdale, and stuck it in an aptly named ‘drying room’.
>Now all you and the other stallions have to do is stand around and let the air do all the work.
>It's like being in an airfryer!
>And it's good that it's here because standing is really all you’re capable of at the moment.

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New Update! · 1:37am June 29th

It doesn't cover as much as I wanted it to but if I waited any longer to put something out I would have gone insane.

>The declaration shouted by you, Anonymous, hangs tensely in the air.
>Or, you suppose you /wish/ it hung tensely.
>Despite the continued racket, it only took a few moments for the stallions to go from startled to nonchalant.
>Seems like you’re the only one even remotely concerned.
>”Must he come in through the /window/?” Blueblood whines.

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Update On LaSoI Progress · 3:24pm April 23rd

I know some people also read it here so I wanted to let you all know. The Long and Short of It will functionally be on hiatus until the end of the school year. I've just been and am going to be super slammed so sadly my writing must take back seat. See you all sometime next month though!

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Long And Short of It, Wine and Cheese Night Part One · 4:18am March 29th

>Unfortunately your conversation with Blueblood did not peter out after that.
>He wanted to know ALL about what you’ve been up to.
>Seems that Celestia gave him the impression that you’re a noblestallion yourself, albeit from a far away land.
>Another prank you suppose.
>That’s probably why he wanted to hang out with you so badly when you first arrived.
>No reason to correct him now, you guess.

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Quick Long And Short of It update · 5:09am March 2nd

>You are Anonymous, and with a newsie cap on your head and a saddlebag full of supplies, you’re approaching the castle now.
>Frankly, you were rather iffy about answering the letter’s summons, but your normal fonts of information had been running dry.
>Plus, crazy things always seem to happen when the castle is involved, and that usually means more sales, plus a fat bonus for you!
>Even better, you don’t need to sneak in this time.

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Long and Short of It Teaser Update · 6:41am January 31st

Something short since its been awhile

>You are the one, the only, Cut N. Paste.
>You audibly grumble as the sunlight streaming through the window lands perfectly on your face, rousing you from your comfortable slumber.
>The first thing you notice upon waking though, is you seem to have pressed your face into somepony’s decadently soft tuft.
>In no rush to get up, you snuggle further into the pony and take a deep breath.
>That... smells nothing like Anon.

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The Long and Short of It: Grandmaster Battle · 11:18pm Dec 16th, 2021

>You are Cut N. Paste with a heart full of fear.
>As you and your herdmates step past the curtain, you’re met with a disconcerting sight.
>An honest to Celestia throne room.
>Whatever this room used to be used for before, it has been totally converted toward its new purpose.
>The lights that were once built into the ceiling have been straight-up torn out, leaving novelty crystal torches lining the wall as the room’s only source of light.

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Great News! · 1:41pm Oct 30th, 2021

I'm back in my ponepaste so the recent update is right back where it belongs!

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Green Update I'm Leaving Here Because i'm Currently Locked Out of My Ponepaste Account · 5:00am Oct 18th, 2021

Exactly what it says on the tin. Starts right at the end of https://ponepaste.org/4295

>You are the eager Cut N. Paste.
>After your last match went so well, almost /too/ well, a certain giddiness started blossoming within you.
>Seeing that look on your opponent’s face after you perfectly countered her strategy...
>Watching all that trash she was talking literally come crashing down...
>It felt good.
>Really good.

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