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This story is a sequel to I Can't Sleep

Before Berry Punch can move on with her life, she needs to put the past to rest. That means saying goodbye to someone who has meant so much to her and helped her along the way. Even... if they can't say goodbye back.

WARNING: Contains discussions on death, illness, and the name Anon. Probably isn't exactly what you think.

This story is a part of the Broken Love series. It will make more sense with previous parts.

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Damn, you scared me


You bastard.

I will admit, that I haven't added any of these stories to favorites, or tracking, or a bookshelf, so I don't get notifications about any of them. But I do read everyone in this series I catch on the feature box or new story list.

So I kept wondering if I missed a story, or if this was just a story about grief and someone who died real quick. Then the not deadhusband showed up.

Yeeeeeah, I know. And I hope that, on a second pass, you have the chance to get to know a little more about Berry's relationship with her mother based on some of the stuff she says. Less scary the second time I swear.

Hey man, even if you don't add them to bookshelves and stuff, I'm still glad you're reading. I appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy them for what they are and all that. Also, not married, those two have never tied the knot, heh.

I still consider them married, even if they don't want to for reasons.

You almost had me there, I read the damn title and I started tearing up. It was well written enough to where I thought this is going to be a completely new book in her life and it turned out to be a new chapter. Bravo for the feels :yay: but also :ajbemused: I hate you for the feels.......... Have another like.

I am glad you both hate and love the feels.
I am the same way on that.


I'm sorry I did warn you!!!! :(

Very good, pencil.

Thank you Rob. I told you it would be okay. :heart:

I figured the someone would be sweet sweet booze.

Oh god the feels

Huh. My sofa seems to have gotten soggy all of a sudden.

Good stuff, Anon.

you did, but it still got an upvote. so many feels


I've been meaning to read this series for years. Seems like I picked the perfect time to sit down and tear through it, no?

This is one of the heavy hitters, that's for sure. I suppose it really goes the extra mile to show that there are as many stories set in the MLP:FiM universe as there are authors willing to write them. I'm happy to see that the core aesthetic of FiM is rarely even a speed-bump to this creativity, because there's so much more that FiM can do, so many stories it can be the setting for.

Whetever you're going through, Author - I wish you strength and courage to always pull through. I'll admit to being a little selfish here, because your life experiences have shaped you in just such a way as to create this series, and I'm richer for it. Thank you for that.

I'm just secretly hoping that there's a happy ending there, somehow... that perhaps, on their travels, they piece together clues to solve Anon's health issues - or at least postpone them for a while still, you know? And maybe find a liver donor for Berry, I don't know... You'd think it'd be something the ponies can do - a liver transplant. With any luck, she doesn't even need a whole one - half might do? It works for humans, well enough... Also, pigs. Pig livers, apparently - it's a thing.

I know it's selfish of me to want a happy end at some point, but I still do. You've painted some very interesting characters, and I'd want to see them live on, even if I couldn't be privy to their little moments any more.

This hit hard today. Thank you for this series and thank you for showing us your heart. I will probably be burying my grandmother soon and I am trying to get as much time with her as I can. It's hard to say goodbye when the most "appropriate" time is too late.

Re-found this series while I was just searching around for stories to read. Decided to go ahead and make a completely separate Library just for them, are you planning on continuing the series or is this the last story?

There will be more. I just took a break from writing horse words due to some real life struggles. Believe me, there will be more of this.

Knew you were going to pull a fast one on me, could feel it in my bones, but the impact was there anyway because, well, still sad. Hot damn.

After kicking this story off with the most recent installment, I Can't, I read through the entire series over the course of about a week. And I must say, I loved it. Two individuals, broken in similar ways, coming together and bonding with love. Excellent premise, even better execution. There were moments where you scared me, made me feel like crying, or gave me a laugh. And I thank you for that.

Keep up the good work.


Welp, I was fooled. I even teared up.

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