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anonpencil helped

Narration by Lector Readings

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2/10, I couldn't connect to this character at all. He had no tits, so you might say he's pretty flat.




Lol poor Anon!


He had no tits, so you might say he's pretty flat.

>No tits

I'm sure we could find some breast forms and an appropriate bra for him to wear in the sequel, right?

Yeh, sounds good. Or just fatten that man up some, will accept moobs in lieu of depth.

7860937 B-But crossdressing tho. :fluttershysad:

Yeah, I could settle for both!

why no anon tag?

That is an anon tag, am I missing something?

As someone who loves the idea of Anon but hates their character, I enjoyed this.

wearing a long pink knighty.

is there something more to be read into this? Cause either way its funny.

This was cameotastic.

7860989 oh yeah waddya know. I missed that completely.

i feel bad for anon, he didnt do anything its just his parents that screwed him up. poor guy

:rainbowlaugh: Wat do these ponies have against this guy? What is his name anyways? Anon?... No wonder they hate him.

I really enjoyed this story though, it was amazing!

Best story, it had all of the characters that I love, the only bad thing was the main character. Couldn't relate at all. 0.5/10 it was okay -ign

So meta even this acronym

I'm genuinely wondering, who came up with the "Anonymous" character in the first place?

Wait... Anon got a tag? Seriously?
I just want to punch this green skinned piece of shit right in his question mark!

WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND FEATURED THIS STORY?! The protagonist wasn't even named! :rainbowwild:

(On a serious note,I really enjoyed the story. Pointed fun of all the stories that don't name their protagonist.)

Lol... this was perfect, nicely done dude.


Actually i remember when the site first came up there was a story series that were signed anonymous for the characters name since the writer couldnt come up with an oc name. Most people use it since they can't make oc names and characters.

As a meme, that would be 4chan, specifically greentext stories. For the actual identity of "anonymous" though, that's older than print. "Anonymous author" for example.

7860899 Ayyyy.

7861120 Dammit Boulder! What did Maud say about making us break out the brain bleach?! That guy's face is going to haunt my nightmares for the rest of my life.

You have no idea how happy I was when I got on this site with my tablet and happened to see this story on the main page. I then took the time to read and enjoy the story. Maybe its weird I like reading a LOT but can you blame me? Its because of great stories like this :fluttershysad:

What? No I ain't crying because this uses so little data and I can read to my hearts content now! Totally a lie, but darnit they're manly tears!

Dosen't matter if this was weird even for an Anon story. Still enjoyable I say!

"Self Insert"


The success of this story warms the deepest, darkest hearts of my evil little soul.
Thank you for working with me and making this happen with your hard work. :heart:
I'll go back to being an asshole now.

In fact, I swear I can feel tiny earthquakes as she storms away. Earthquakes? Equestriaquakes? Whatever.

Why did my mind wander to this??:pinkiecrazy:

"Honey, where's my torch and pitchfork?"
"Why do you want to know?"
"There's another one of those "anons" skulking about and-"
"Oh hay no, we've been planning this dinner for months. You're not ditching me for another Anon-hunt. That's the fifth time this week!"

If the world isn't going to love me, I'll teach it to fear me instead.

- Anonymous

Makes sense.

I would have thrown a tomato at him.

Was good, you encapsulated exactly how I feel about 80% of anonymous fics, and self insert fics.

Hey! Drunk horse!"
"Eeeeyo!" yells the purple mare, holding an open bottle of wine in the air. Well, shit. That worked better than expected.
"Drunk horse, I need your help."
"I can beeee of service," says the mare, sitting on the ground, wobbling back and forth. "Honey. Get it. Bee. Honey?"

10/10 best part

Holy fuck this story is tits.


Ah, Plastic Nee-san. Great show.

!)/10, would clop again.

Lately a lot of stories with a Anon in them have gotten pretty predictable in nature.

As an author, I get it. Anon or Anonymous is supposed to infer that you can put any name you like in its place while reading but personally, I find it pretty lazy myself. That's not to say that I'm the Master of Naming my own characters, but effort is always more appreciated I've found, no matter how many Tim Smiths (too simple) or Faragath Wifflebottoms (too unrealistic) might show up in fanfics.

That being said, some of my favorite stories feature an Anon protagonist, so good writing can overcome the stigma.

Still, this was pretty damn funny.

I get the jab at these cliches...

But it's a bit lost when, in my experience, the fics with actual named characters tend to be worse...

And how they just hear his name and ASSUME they know where this is going, when he just expressed he has no clue what is going on and wants to go back home, no questions or thoughts of "huh, new place, this is my life now".

Basically, nice concept and jab, but it's a bit lost over the sheer mean-spirited-ness of the pony characters.

I want to say you wrote this story specifically to use the Anon tag...
So I did. :pinkiecrazy:
I always enjoy a good jab at bad characters, but after reading enough stories and comics with anons I've just come to see him as an actual character in and of himself. Scary, isn't it? Not only that, we know have Knighty's blessing to shitpost.

horses that have unicorns that have magic

oh my god im trash. fixed.

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