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Singurarity is a kind hearted person but also a shy loner. She has trouble learning and making friends as she suffer from allitism (Alicorn autism, it's like regular autism but with a better name).
She is bi and has a secret crush on Applejack, often helping her out on her farm.
Thanks to her powers over sound waves, she has become a Princess of Music and frequently holds concerts, plays at clubs and randomly for those around her. She can play any kind of music with a simple spell, this has made very many musicians envious and idolise her.
Both Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are her apprentices, learning from her.
Despite her kind hearted nature, Singurarity has a very large temper and a fear of blood. If she gets too angry or sees blood she will lose control of her powers and attack any enemies or protect her friends.
A side effect of her power over music causes her blood comes out as intense soundwaves with heavy bass that constantly drops. (In short, she bleeds dubstep.)

BACKSTORY: On a dark and empty night, King Sombra and Princess Luna (While infected with Nightmare Moon) found love through hate and gave into their lust and carnal desires which gave birth to the being known as Singurarity.
Shortly after her birth on the moon, Nightmare Moon and Luna fought for control over who would raise the child.
Luna felt love and affection for her while Nightmare Moon saw her as nothing more as an escape from her 1,000 year banishment.
After a decade of fighting for control, Nightmare won and trapped Luna deep within her mind.
Nightmare trained the child's powers, teaching her dark and sinister magic in hopes the child would be strong enough to free her.

100 years later and Nightmare Moon had grown tired of Singurarity, she wasn't learning fast enough. Through her frustration Luna managed to seize back control and for the next 100 Singurarity was nurtured and cared for.
During this time she discovered her cutie mark, a spinning record which symbolised her unique power over sound waves. Singurarity was capable of making beautiful music or cruel sounds that could send a person flying or make them unable to move.
Every time Singurarity would fall asleep, Luna would sing her the song of her people as a lullaby.
Every 100 years, Luna and Nightmare Moon would switch until they were 800 years ino their banishment. Singurarity was capable of breaking the banishment on her mother but Luna begged and pleaded to only free herself. Singurarity was unable to leave her mother alone in such a state so Luna attacked her. It was her Singurarity discovered she has a fear of blood and that when she is cut, her powers rage out of control creating powerful waves to protect herself, sounding similar to dubstep.

Singurarity then used her magic to send herself to the nearby planet, far away from her mother.
Singurarity had landed in the griffon nation and from there she travelled the world, lost and confused. Every night she would practice the song her mother taught her to lull herself to sleep.
During her travels she learnt many things, including music. She began to master music and was now capable of creating millions of beautiful songs and she also found the ability to teleport through soundwaves.
When she first tried it she crash landed as neither she or anyone else, had never tried a spell like that before, Singurarity crash landed in the barn of the Apple family.
Applejack found her first and was kind enough to help her out, giving her food and a place to stay for the night. Afterwards, Singurarity helped out on the farm to repay her kindness and she and the Apple pony grew closer.
The Apples agreed to let her stay and in return she would work the farm with them.

Singurarity lived out her life in Ponyville without ever telling people where she was from or who her mother was until her return.
She avoided going out that night and followed the 6 ponies who braved the Everfree. When they banished the Nightmare out of her, freeing her mother, Singurarity shed a tear but kept her distance so as not to be seen. Afraid of what people would think if they knew she spent nearly 1,000 years with Nightmare Moon.
When everyone left Luna along for a brief moment, Singurarity approached her mother, only to learn that her memories of her banishment were disturbed, she no longer remembered her child. Heartbroken, Singurarity fled north, to the crystal empire.

[This is my OC but you can use her in your stories in you'd like just please ask me first.]

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in peace and bass drops.

It's been an autistic ride down a steep, shit-filled river with you.

You've been one of my best AND worst creations. Unbridled shitposting in the purest of form. May it never, ever happen again.
Tonight, I drink to all the fallen OCs. :trixieshiftright:

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I wish I could write an OC like this.

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