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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!



This story is a sequel to Wishing You Were Somehow Here

When a normal person gets a fever, they usually just stay in bed and wait it out. When Anon gets a fever, it's a much more dire matter. On this fateful night, Berry Punch is faced with one of her worst nightmares coming true: Anon is sick. Her next actions are crucial and she has to focus, even if her mind is running on horrifying overdrive.

Art by Eighth.

WARNING: Contains discussions on the topics of sickness, sex, and death. Death tag included for terminal illnesses, but no death shown. Not a usual anonpencil comedy.
This story is part of the Berry Punch's Broken Love series, but you do not need to read the other parts to "enjoy" this one.

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I love this series of stories and hate it at the same time, too many stories go for ideal or perfect worlds, your stories go for real ones and that's what makes for good writing, when something actually impacts the reader

Thank you, that is really my full intent here too. This is not a perfect world I've set up. In a perfect world, they'd both get cured and be fine, or perhaps die tragically in each others' arms, and all that gross sick stuff would not be touched on.
And I don't want to do that.
So I'm really, REALLY glad it hit you that way, and you get it.



... this is also my intent.
Thank you.

Your stories in this series hit the feels like not a lot can. And it also hits on that seeing someone you love go through something like this is is in a way worse thin it happening to you. But also there's a bit of hope in there...well maybe optimism is a better word. They both know that no matter how bad things get they will be there for each other till the end. And that's a love not everyone has.

Sincerely, thank you for reading this. I'm not sure I'd say optimism? But there's definitely sense of acceptance. That this is life now. And it's okay that this is life now.

You're right optimism probably isin't the best way to put it. They know there no getting better, but come what may there in this together and they'll make due one way or the other.

I'm really happy you continue to write more of this story. It's good to hear you are as fond of writing it.
Thanks for sharing it here.

All the yes. And don't forget the 'pretending it's not happening' thing. Hard to do when it's happening but tomorrow will be like it never happened because ... because if you didn't pretend it didn't happen, you can't live. The desperate clinging to whatever normallacy you can get, the despair right beneath the surface just waiting for another flare up to try to break out, the late nights when it hits you that yes, you will have to watch them die in some hospital somewhere as their body shuts down and you can't stop crying and they wake up and apologize and it's not their fault and damn it I didn't mean to wake you up you need to rest! I'm sorry.

Why did i read the entire series?
It is horrible, it makes me fell so fucking sad.
and it is beautifully and very good written to make me fell like that.

Good job, I kinda hope... but i already know there won't be a Happy ending to this one...

The waiting for the end is the hard part.

Yep, these are the things that they don't show in your typical romance story... Yet it is the most important. Broken love series? But love is probably the only thing that is not broken about them.

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