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Every antagonist is the protagonist of their own story.

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HiE and Things · 5:28am Jun 7th, 2015

Hello there, I just thought I'd put some of my thoughts on writing cause they're on my mind at the moment. Hope I don't waste your time, but my friend isn't on Skype so I'm just gonna bother y'all.

First off, I'd like to say that In between Carry the Fire chapters I've been working on some random stuff, including some HiE story ideas I started a while back. Thing is, there are two of these stories in particular that start off mostly human and then transition into pony. Typical HiE, right? Well the problem is that I can't post the first, and maybe not even the second chapter first as I work on the rest, because there isn't enough pony. One story I wrote for April Fools didn't get accepted, and the time it would take to revise would be too late for it to be relevant. When and if I post these HiE fics, they'll have 2, maybe 3 chapters upon release. This got me wondering on a second topic.

I personally like reading stories in chunks, letting chapters accumulate so I could binge read. I haven't even watched any of Season 5 because I wanted to binge watch it. With these HiE fics, I could possibly post the entire story on release, ensuring that it involves ponies and is approved. If you don't notice any other news about it, this is possibly going to be the way I tackle these HiE fics. That being said, I added a Status section on my profile so it's easier to see when and if I'm ready to post some stories and what I'm currently working on.

Last thing because this is already longer than I wanted it to be. I've been writing a little... differently from when I first started. I supposedly am getting better from what my friend is telling me, but if anyone wants to comment on how they think the new writing is, feel free to criticize. I am writing these stories for your enjoyment, after all.

My HiE stories are bothering me. I write differently from before.

Thanks for Reading!

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