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Short Hand: The Trigger · 1:41am Oct 21st, 2020

I am thinking of Shepherd having his own crazy button. Much like the rest of the Mane 6. One button that once pressed and now that his main issues are solved, he's bound to go a bit... Nuts.

Celestia: "You see, much of the world is unexplored still. There are reaches of the planet that are unknown to us. And indeed, you might need to go out into the world and go on-"

Shepherd: "Ad... Adventures?"

Celestia: smiles "Yes."

Shepherd: eyes wide like a child, glistening "... ADVENTURE!"

Celestia: "Yes, I believe you said that already Sir Shepherd-"

Shepherd: "ADVENTURRRE!"

Luna: "Ah... Shepherd? Are you all right-?"

Shepherd grabs her by the shoulders and looks her in the eyes.

Shepherd: "Don't you get it?! My own world has largely been explored and we haven't figured out FTL yet! We're stuck waiting for the generation that will invent star travel and let us go out to new worlds! I got into archaeology for ADVENTURE, but it's just a glorified curator job now! At best! At worst you're just some loser who works at Starbucks! But here is a whole new world full of wonders! And freaking magic! And you want me to go and do some exploring and have an ADVENTURE?!"

Celestia: "That was the general premise, yes."

Shepherd: *Kisses Luna, and then kisses Celestia* "MWAH! MWAH! Love you! No time to wait! ADVENTURRRRRE!"

He runs out, leaving two rather flustered alicorns behind.

Luna: "Did... Did he use his tongue...?"

Celestia: "He didn't use enough tongue with me."

Luna: "S-SISTER!"

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I really dig him getting hyped up for adventures, it’s always nice to see characters getting excited for their favorite things

I'm now picturing Shepard running around gathering supplies shouting like the astronaut from The Lego Movie.


Shepard grabbed Celestia by the shoulders...
He then kissed Luna first.
Shepard has his priorities straight. Luna is Best Princess.

Luna: "Did... Did he use his tongue...?"

Celestia: "He didn't use enough tongue with me."


Best problem solver and soon to be adventurer giving daring doo a run for her bits. Soon she'll have to write stories about that human man-child. :trollestia:

P.s. why ain't there a luna emote? I would have put it as well. :fluttercry:

And then he goes adventuring, but Daring has already beaten him there every time he goes somewhere new.

Shepherd: "Adventure!"
Twilight: "Science!"
Dash: "Speed!"
Rarity: "Fashion!"
Fluttershy: "A-animals."
Applejack: "Apples!"
Pinkie: "Frosted sticky buns!"

Everyone else: "Pinkie!"
Dash: "Give it a rest, we know you want to do the nasty with Shepherd."
Pinkie Pie: "What? Oh, I didn't mean those buns," she said, and then withdrew a plate of hot, steaming cinnamon buns covered with sugary goo. "I just made some sticky buns and frosted them! Anypony—or human—want one?"

Adventure Time!
Come on and grab your friends
We'll go to many
Distant lands
With Twi the Horse
and Shep the Human
The fun will never end
It's Adventure Time!

A week from now when Shepherd is hanging upside down over a fire built by Diamond Dogs as they play pinata with him, he'll regret being so eager.

What about that fish in Spongebob and chocolate?

(Awww... I can totally see that, it makes perfect sense. After all, he's not wrong!)

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