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The Big Move · 3:35am Jan 6th, 2018

I didn't plan on making this transition until Gilchrist had been fully written, three books and all. However, with what has happened, I decided it's better to just make the transition now. Gilchrist is no longer taking place in the 'My Little Pony' universe. I am currently drafting and building a new universe for him to have his adventures in. The main reason for this is, I want to make money off of this book some day. I can't do that if it's a fanfiction. I haven't decided how I'm going to be

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Gilchrist : Welcome to Ponyville (Sneak Peak) · 1:44am Sep 16th, 2017

Impossible! Omega thought, yet he could not deny it. Wherever Alpha had gone, it was somewhere he could not see. If anyone of us was supposed to survive… It should’ve been Alpha. Am I all that remains? And then he stopped falling. Omega rested in a dark, cold place. Something reached out to him, something strong and cold. Its touch seemed to beckon to him, and he unwillingly opened up to it. Like a book, he could feel himself being read without his consent, and yet he felt no need

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Oh my GOD! · 6:42am Jun 2nd, 2017

"If there was bubble blowing going on, why wasn't I told about it?"
Oh my GOD! I just got that joke! I've watched this movie almost twice a almost-month since it came out, and it took me till now to get that frickfracking joke! Am I .... Am I dumb? I might be, I've overlooked the stupidest joke for a long time. Hi FimFiction, if anyone cares, I haven't stopped working on my biggest story, and it's almost ready for book 1 to be published. I'll be looking for proof readers soon enough.


Chapter 3 TMJ · 3:51am Aug 24th, 2016

Well, I'm feeling more passionate about writing, less of my time is absorbed by my girlfriend now... Actually, it seems like I'm more productive during the school year than in summer. Anyway, I'm also writing three sequels to TMJ, none of which contain any ponies, and so will not be posted on this sight. Since you guys are cooler than everyone else, I'll wait until the sequels are done before blogging a link to them. The best way to wait for something is to not know you're waiting for it.


Hand Servant · 5:35pm Oct 4th, 2016

In response to recent attention to Hand Servant, I would like to make everyone aware that Hand Servant will not be written further until I have more completed on Manic Journals, as both stories take place in the same universe. Expect it to be a very long time before more is added to Hand Servant.

Viewing 1 - 5 of 5 results
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