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22 year old Mexican music composer. Writes fanfics on the side. Part time Brony, recently discovered a love for anime (breaking my belief that I’d never fall down that hole...)

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    New avatar

    Commissioned him yesterday. Had to post it :pinkiehappy:

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    ...it’s 2019...


    I’ve been a member since 2013.
    My last update on my stories was may 2016.
    It’s 2019.

    Time for an update.

    Of a German and American soldier in equestria... I’m currently getting my thoughts clear on it in order to continue. Apologies for the delays and there’s a good reason for that! (Not really).

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    I'm in Germaney :P

    Yeah, bad pun.

    Still, I'm loving this place!!! I love the language, the people is awesome, the history... I'm stayin here for a month. Hopefully I'll have time to write, but I'm currently in a german and history class for a month here in germany so I'm not sure if I'll have time at all.

    I really want to learn german as much as I can though.

    Well, that is all.


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    Have some chill...

    New thing I did today. My GF borrowed me her keyboard, which happens to have MIDI controller as well. So I worked out some things and voila! I did this. Wanna chill? I think this might help:

    Sorry for no episodes lately. I'm trying to polish a little the stories.

    Also, this mix was based off of a fanfic. Check it out:

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    I knew it wasn't going to be long before someone did something like this!

    Eeyup. After last episode yesterday I knew it! I'm tempted to do something myself :twilightsheepish:

    Have some twilight-based remix:

    Aaaaand yeah...

    I laughed soe hard on that part of the episode! :rainbowlaugh:

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New chapter teaser. (Spoilers ahead) · 4:18pm Aug 4th, 2015

Alright guys, for what I've seen so far many of you have been expecting and wanting this in my story for a while now so... if you don't want to read this you can skip this blog, but I'm just gonna say this is going to be a major event on this story.


The smell of roasted meat filled the night air.

Lieutenant Darius, from the griffon army, inspected the small camp he and his troops had. His stomach rumbled, yet he remained where he was.

The war had been going tough for his griffons. The changelings had managed to close the, up and surround them, leaving them no choice but to stay still and defend themselves from the occasional changeling attacks. He had received an order to return to the capital, but the changelings had stopped him; he was now, literally, a caged bird.

He noticed a black form flying towards his camp.

He immediately guessed who it was, but he prepared nonetheless.

Looking at two griffons beside him, he gestured for them to follow him and he took to the air with them behind. Soon, he recognized the changeling.

"Halt!" he ordered. The changeling stopped, buzzing his wings.

"Lieutenant griffon, sir, I bring news."

Darius nodded. "Come."

They flew and landed in the camp. The sight of the changeling caused for whispers to start all around the camp, which wasn't very big.

Darius entered his tent, followed by the changeling and the two griffons.

"You can go now, thank you," he said to them. The two saluted and left.

The changeling saluted. "Lieutenant griffon, I have something very important to tell you. You ordered me that if I heard something important, I was to report to you."

Darius nodded. "Yes, I did." The griffon sat on a chair.

"Well, I suppose you've heard of the equestrian generals, the humans."

Darius looked confused. "What are you talking about?"

The changeling sighed. "The equestrians are being commanded by two creatures from a race never seen before in Equestria nor any known land. They have trained it to be strong enough to repel our attack." Darius nodded.

"Go on..."

"Well, they arrived the moment a strange magical anomaly happened. That same anomaly just happened a few miles north of here." He took a step closer. "Sir, one of them, a human, just arrived. If my queen gets him to work with them, the war will be a lot more complicated for you."

The griffon closed his eyes. "Are you certain this information is accurate?"

"Yes! Hundred percent sure!" the changeling said enthusiastically.

"And you can take me there?"

The changeling seemed to drop his enthusiasm a little. "Eh... I suppose I can, yes."

Darius nodded. "Good. I'll ready a few griffons and head..."

"No!" the changeling interrupted. Darius looked at him surprised, anger slowly rising within him. No one, whether it being pony, griffon or changeling, rose his voice towards him.

"Eh... Sorry..." the changeling said. "But you need to move more than a few. The queen sent her personal guard to fetch him for her. Our most elite warriors; even you cannot fight one of the, on your own."

Darius calmed himself. He had learned to let things slide with that creature, especially since it had been useful and seemed to be happy to help. He knew he could get tricked by him, but he knew that and was ready in case the changeling betrayed him.

He stood up. "Very well. I'll take fifty of my best fighters with me. We'll be leaving in the morrow."

The changeling looked down. "I think you should go as fast as possible. The queen is sending his own soon too, and my hive camp is closer to it than yours is."

Darius rubbed his head a little. That changeling was indeed a pain in the head, especially with all those interruptions and suggestions.

"Alright. I'll trust you on this one."

The changeling smiled. "Thank you! You won't regret it!"

As the changeling left, Darius sighed again. "I hope I don't..."


What does this mean?

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