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An amalgamation of nice and spice. Controversial in every sense of the word.


Twilight’s castle is on fire, and she doesn’t know what to do. So, she logically goes with old reliable: get Spike to write a letter to Celestia.

Celestia is unsure if her former student is sane. Spike is just wanting to put the fire out.

Luna just wants to ensure that her sister doesn't predict the Third Griffin Invasion.

Based on a true story. I wish I was joking.

Pre-read/edited by: Muggonny.

Cover art by: omegajim, which was then edited by Crowley.

Profanity tag only because of one line that's not even in English lmao.

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Thanks for the picture of Will Smith!


Cursed. For now on, when ever you have sex... This is what you see.

This was absolutely cursed and I loved writing every second of it.

It's true, I've been listening to him being a giggly bitch while writing this masterpiece.

giggly bitch

Going to giggle louder just because of this.

Good, the princess of laughter will smile warmly in favor of this.


Thanks for the picture of Will Smith!

*Sylvester Stallone

I have no idea what is this comment section and I'd prefer to keep it that way

Friends at 2AM. That's pretty much it.

Spike—once again—proving to be the better princess.

The absurdity of the story seems to have bled into the comment section, but what I wanna know is what in the world started this all?? What is this true story you mentioned that sparked this chain of chaos???

The ingestion of questionable food sources (ie: ALL THE DRUGS)

Straight to the point studios please do your thing!

Yes, this is one hundred percent a true story. To it put in short without revealing too much (spoilered for those who are reading the fic), my job that I do involves IT support. An employee from one of the companies we work with had sent in a ticket to our ticketing queue saying that they were needing an IT specialist to put out a fire in one of the offices. Granted, it was an electrical fire, but a fire is a fire. They were told to call the fire department instead of sending in a IT ticket. The fire was put out.

Few days later, the same instance occurs. The same employee sends in a IT ticket for the same issue. Fire department was not called upon noticing the fire. Let's just say the employee who sent the ticket got chewed out.

Gotta love that this actually happened.

I had to tell this one. It was too good to pass up!

Wait... You're the one with the IT story on reddit about the guy that overloaded the PC so much that it cought fire twice?

No, I don't have a reddit account. ;)

It happened to someone else at one of the offices on a work computer.

Which just illustrates the point that they should file the ticket after things are no longer on fire in order to prevent it from happening again. (If it turns out to be user error, well, that's at least IT's job to figure out so it'd still be an improvement).

I didn't even know this existed and I love it. Thank you for commenting this!

And In comes Famous with another comment.

Comment posted by FamousLastWords deleted Oct 3rd, 2021

“You’re right,” Celestia said, before setting her horn ablaze. “I got it! It’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!”

Damn, that's lit.

Twiggie sure is purple today! :facehoof:

Luna groaned. “Great, how about instead of me retrieving your writing utensils, maybe you can explain how this... war trench came to be inside? Then you can console Twilight with truth in ink.”

I like digging trenches when I go to the beach. Trenches are fun.

Here is your requested review good sir. Or rather here.:yay:

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