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This story is a sequel to Little Lost Pikachu

It has been over a month since an adorable Raichu named Nica crash-landed in a strange world called Equestria, and nearly a week since Astra and Ash’s pokemon followed, along with her charming brother Ace. After a few dangerous and thrilling adventures, and one or two snuggles, Twilight was able to find a way home and create a portal back to Alola.

Now, backed by Twilight, Starlight and Rainbow Dash, the pokemon begin their quest to reunite with their trainers and introduce the ponies to their world. Though, rather than come home to a lively vacation spot filled with humans and pokemon alike, they encounter a dangerous challenge, one they might not be able to defeat.

Will Twilight’s team and the Chu brigade be able to overcome the odds and defeat the foe that brought ruin to Alola? Or will they share the island’s fate?

Massive thanks for very solid proof-reading to:
Jay Tarrant

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Now, backed by Twilight, Starlight and Rainbow Dash, the pokemon begin their quest to reunite with their trainers and introduce the ponies to their world. Though, rather than come home to a lively vacation spot filled with humans and pokemon alike, they encounter a dangerous challenge, one they might not be able to defeat.

Considering what series were talking about here...

What's the difference? Am I right!?

Well having a legendary Pokémon running around should be a fun starter.

Well this off to a fun start.

Will the ponies get pokemon partners?

Are you trying to say that pokemon world is that dangerous? Or do I misinterpret what you're trying to say?

What are you talking about? Ultra beasts aren't legendaries.

Maybe... They first need to make contact with humans before doing any of that, and this part of the island seems abandoned.

Very good start and getting intense.

Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

I think that Ultra Beast make any diplomacy checks turn 1

Actually people do consider the UBs as legendaries

If everything seems to be working, we’ll gather all of Ash, Emily and Astra’s pokemon from Ponyville and start to explore Alola until we reunite them with their trainers.”

“And Lillie's Vulpix,” Pikachu cut in.

Poor Lana's Popplio….all forgotten.

I take it it is a very low chance. Still, it is Nica we're talking about, maybe she'll have some luck.

Well... In Ultra Sun Ultra Moon, main character got to visit worlds where Ultra Beasts were living. In some of those worlds, there were multiple indentical Ultra Beasts (and in one case they were in diversity of sizes).

The way I see it, Ultra Beasts can be numberous and some can be weak, and some can be super powerful (just like difference between first encountered Ratata and pokemon that belongs to Elite Four members).

Nihilego may be as powerful as a legendary pokemon in terms of stats, but the one that Ace faced and the one that Ash faced have significant difference in power (though considering how many super effective attacks it endured, he's still really tough. It was certainly a solid victory for Ace).


Poor Lana's Popplio….all forgotten.

Oh no, how could I forget about adorable little Popplio. (It is a shame since Popplio is my favorite starter).

I need to fix it imidedly.

Nice. Popplio is fav starter for the Sun and Moon gen.

Ace placed forepaws on his hips and looked at Pikachu with a sassy smile. “Time to pick up the phone, Pikachu,” he exclaimed, earning him a confused look of the smaller pokemon. “Because I totally called it!”

also great chapter

and another great chapter, this sequel is looking good so far.

Sounds like someone should lend him a collar.

so morbid question...is Ash dead?
also great chapter hope to see more soon

So true. Ponies should manufacture and sell those, they would make a fortune in the pokemon world.

That's a dark theory you came up with.

well, ash is a fighter and he doesn't back down from a challenge so... it's just a theory though. and i hope it gets debunked.

“It is, but make no mistake, it knows one powerful grass type move it can use to counter any ground type pokemon it come across,” Tapu warned.

Unless it's part Ice.

They should also know signal beam.
Also you are making pikachu to oc by not having him ask what happened to ash.

Also twilight and starlight are glass cannons. They may have power but their defenses are the worst.

okay but where are you gonna find a mamoswine in alola?

Oh interesting giant Xurkitree I wonder if Necrozma will make an appearance in this story later on now

Then it is neutral, still enough to take down.


They should also know signal beam.
Also you are making pikachu to oc by not having him ask what happened to ash.

I was considering having him ask about Ash at some points, but I didn't find any good spot for him to ask about his trainer in this chapter. If you find a good spot where he could ask this question while making it fell natural, please tell.

Well, they have their magic bubbles for defense. They can still be broken though.

Hopefully we can dodge anyone capturing the Equestrians mistaking them for unusual Pokémon. Still nice chapter and glad to see everyone working together so the problem can be tackled head on.

And if not, maybe Plan B... ask Celestia or Discord to take care of the big bad pokemon

Can't they just get a bunch of togedemaru with the Lightning rod ability?
It would absorb discharge
The grass type move (I'm assuming powerwhip) wouldn't be very effective
Tail glow doesn't do anything damage
And we were never told the 4th move


I expanded this part:

“Casualties?” Nica murmured, hugging her tail close.

Pikachu raised forepaw up to his mouth as he quietly murmured name of his trainer, his ears drooped.

“Yes. It didn’t just defeat them… but killed those that weren’t durable enough to survive. The beast’s power only grew and soon, we could only escape with our lives from its might.” Tapu glanced at Pikachu and reassured, "I can tell what you wish to learn, and I assure you, you can put your worries at ease. Your trainer is fine." Seeing as Pikachu sighed in relief, he added, "Sadly, I know not of his whereabouts. I know only that he's no longer on this island."

A sad whimper escaped from Pikachu's mouth. It became obvious that his expected reunion was going to be delayed again.

Ace’s mouth opened in shock before he shouted, <Tail glow!>

Hope it fix the problem without breaking the flow.

A lot of raw power is useless if used poorly. Princesses have very poor record when it comes to this kind of stuff.
As for Discord, I think everyone see him as more OP than he really is.

Considering how often anime goes around game rules, I doubt it will work. In this case a large group of untrained little pokemon with lighting rod would get overcharged quickly and lose conciousness. There's just so much power electric pokemon can absorb after all.

In other words, this strategy would last only for two attacks at best. Also, resistant or not, grass move used by 100 meters tall pokemon would certainly hurt.

Able to turn the world into wonderland, defeating princesses that can move the sun and the moon, and opening gates to other dimensions... Tell me if that is not overpowered

Hmm... good point, but then again that is something I just thought up on the spot

Compare what he's capaible off to what he was actually doing against his enemies and how he has been defeated everytime, and you'll see that he's not all that special.

My headcannon is that chaos magic is considered so powerful because it is the most unpredictable and hardest to counter, but at the same time it is hardest to control. Evem Discord himself can't always predict what his own magic will do or how to fully use it against his foes.
In Pokemon world, it is all about strength and weaknesses, so while in pony world, the Elements of Harmony and Darkstone seem the only way to counter it, in pokemon world it may be different. (Personally, I would make Fairy types super effective against discord and resistant to his magic, just personal opinion).


He has been defeated thanks to magical artifacts and because he sub-estimated the enemy, if Discord instead of playing around sended the elements to a volcan or to the bottom of the sea (something I could imagine he could do if he wanted), it could had not been that easy, after all if it was that easy to defeat him they could not need precisely the elements and could had been defeated early. Even so, we don't know enough about him yet at the same time he seems in control almost everytime of what he can do, and while is true that maybe he could be considered a 'chaos type' pokemon and have a 'weakness' for 'Fairy type' the problem with Discord is that he can attack indirectly or not follow the rules and attack the trainer because for him everything is a game and don't like to hurt or kill.

Well, this'll be interesting.

Nica looked at Starlight and nodded. <I did, but first a quick question.> She glanced at Tapu. <Is this pokemon an electric type?>

“It is, but make no mistake, it knows one powerful grass type move it can use to counter any ground type pokemon it come across,” Tapu warned.

What about Zygarde? I don’t watch the anime anymore, but last I checked, Ash met one back in Kalos. Or Hell, go get Cynthia and give her Garchomp a Mega Stone.

Neutral damage is still a lot of damage, and keep in mind that this Ultra Beast is boosted futher by powerful aura.

While I admit that Cynthia with her Garchomp as lead would be a lot of help in this scenario, I wouldn't underestimate an opponent of such power futher boosted by beast's aura. Pony magic is certainly needed here to even the odds.

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I really enjoy the story! I hope you will write more


One of my top proof-readers "Unknown Diggs" got overwhelmed by school and exams. Due to being extremely busy he'll do only minor proof-reading from now on, but once he do, I'll continue updating again.

IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was an interesting way to end a hiatus.

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Well. This was meant to be the hardest and most epic battle as the trio of chu were facing an opponent on level of mega-evolved legendary pokemon like Mega Ryquaza or Mega Mewtwo ( You know how insanely durable Nica is, and one boosted Discharge was enough hurt her so much despire resistances and light screen). I didn't want to rush it, which is why I waited until my other proof-reader was back).
While he don't have as much time to look into my chapters as he used to, we can reasume updating again.

Also, what did you think of the battle?

Well... let's just say that an oponent of such magnitude is hard to top in terms of pure power. There's always a room for them to face powerful foes and challenges and struggle, but when it comes to opponents, it would be more of a battle against other Ultra Beasts. It would be fight against many weaker powerhouses rather than a titanic one.

All I can say without spoiling anything is that with this main threat dealt with and Nica being send flying over the sea (she actually was send flying so far that she would fly near another island), the rest of the team will try to find her, but while Ace have a good understanding where his sister will crash since he follow her and have a head-start, the rest may assume that she landed on one of two nearby islands. The gang will split up and other characters from Alola will get involved. I wish I could tell more, but it would ruin the surprice.

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