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I am an average everyday brony. I like to let my creative juices flow and create things. I'm always striving to improve, so I hope you enjoy my stories.


Hard Boiled is a police detective down on his luck, just waiting for a good case to come his way. He gets his wish as he is passing by the park and notices that the same homeless pink unicorn mare who had been living in a refrigerator box for two years isn't there, and her box is smashed.

Curious, he investigates and discovers drops of blood and a single white pegasus feather. After interviewing another witness, he determines that the mare, Ivory, was kidnapped by a white pegasus.

He slowly unravels the mystery, getting closer and closer to finding out who kidnapped this mare. But will he find the culprit in time to save Ivory from her ultimate fate?

Author's Note: This story is a collaboration between me and my great friend, CartsBeforeHorses. If you like the story, please check him out; we both put a lot of work into planning and writing this! We will be alternating on the writing of chapters, with him writing the odds and me writing the evens. Hope you enjoy!

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Comments ( 7 )

Hard Boiled

Shit is gonna go down

I was sent by my good buddy RainbowBob.

Let's see whatcha got!

~Skeeter the Lurker

Let us know what you think of the first chapter! We've got plenty more planned!

Thanks for the kind words and favorites, everyone!


Nice solid start so far.

My only concern... You made the chief give in far to easy and quick. Other than that, I like so far.

~Skeeter The Lurker

His name is actually "Hard Boiled"? You couldn't be more creative than that?
Other than that, I guess it's clever so far. I'm not really into these kinds of stories though, to be honest. I also really don't like Damsel in Distress stories.

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