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Apple Bloom has an eye problem, but since her family cannot afford the glasses she needs she has to settle for some donated ones. The pair she receives is thick rimmed and unsightly, causing further humiliation from Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Apple Bloom is soon going to wish that this was the only problem the glasses gave her, for she soon discovers that they are harboring a dark secret.

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Comments ( 8 )

Those look like mine, only mine are thinner and purple.

3348606 Why thank you. I'd recommend checking out CartsBeforeHorses too seeing as he wrote most of this story.
3348411 Those must be nice looking glasses! I also have a pair that's red n' white.

"And that's what my spectacles are telling me." That last turn of events, incidentally, was wholly unexpected. If you're setting up a sequel: thank you.

3348864 Not setting up a sequel unfortunately, glad you thought it was a good twist though.

Eh, I always envisioned the CMCs to be the one to end up killing someone before anyone in their class.

Amazing,just amazing!

y is there a pic of my panama jack glasses as the cover?

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