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Apple Bloom wished for her Cutie Mark. Instead, she'll become a hero! A magical talking compact mirror offers her the chance to save Equestria from the return of King Sombra. Unfortunately, in order to use the powers of the mirror, Apple Bloom must work together with Diamond Tiara.

Together, Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara must set aside their differences to save Equestria from looming shadows, the Crystal Empire from it's own painful past, and especially their classmates from their own sorrows? They'll have to so they can transform into Filly Cure!

With appreciation to The Ferret who helped conceptualized this, and also Your Antagonist and Watts Man who helped edit this.

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.....A ponies Precure Crossover.....

I'm in. :pinkiehappy:

2245280 That sounded vaguely Sakura-ish to me, and I wasn't completely ok with that. Precure, I never heard of that.
My question is, do I need to know the original crossed-over universe to enjoy this?


Doesn't look like. Just like Pretty Cure (AKA Precure) It has no connection to other series.


No, you do not need to know what PreCure (Pretty Cure) is to enjoy this. It's written with pony fans who don't know what PreCure is at the forefront.

2245332 2245341 Alright then, I shall partake in reading. :trollestia:

That was a great start! You have earned yourself a well deserved stache.:moustache:

You really captured the Pretty Cure spirit in this. Nice work!:twilightsmile:

I'm hooked. I need to follow this.

I want to know what Diamond Tiara's wish is.

You had me at filly cure.... precure so good. Onward my friends! I look forward to more! :ajsmug:

The only thing that would make this better(for me, not plot wise) if it was DiamondBloom :rainbowkiss:! Never heard of precure, but this is just so friggin awesome I don't care! Can't wait to find out what DT's wish was.

I actually pulled up the Futari wa Pretty Cure OST on Youtube to use the right songs on this.

Please continue. I love the show and it's dragon ball style fighting (Good thing to have the same director as DBZ) and this story.

I like Apple Blooms out-fit better, DT's looks like a diaper :rainbowkiss:

Overall, this is pretty good. It needs editing here and there, though.

Before Reading: What?! ... So reading this...

After Reading: Ok... looking forward to the next chapter...

This is quite possibly the best put together Diamond story I've read on this site.

Characterization is pretty spot on. Well, everypony had a boiling point, and it really set the mood for what came next; Applejack and Filthy Rich's different approach to parenting. While Apple Bloom's family are more vocal, Filthy is shown to have just as much sternness in his methods of disciplining Diamond Tiara in a more calm and fatherly manner.

THIS is the sort of assertive and secretive mysterious mare we need in this pink pretty princess. She has that tragic past feel in this fic, the whole wanting to make sure Sombra no longer poses a threat to her people or hurt anypony again like her ponies, and Mother. Beating herself up for failing to protect the mysterious Aurora Crystals and taking out her frustrations on her husband. To say the least, Cadance was well handled here from her low mumblings to herself and talking down to Shining Armor, who in turn was feeling left out and mistreated, made me want to know more of her little story. Also, that tea joke was adorable. Cadance is such a tease. She really felt genuinely paranoid and distraught over Sombra's return and the Aurora Crystals really do feel like they fit in this ponyverse.

Apple Bloom was just amazing. It's like you took all her best moments from the show and mixed in a little more realism to her. Granted this si a crossover, but this feels genuinely all its own. You clearly know Apple Blooms good traits, and that wish part about revenge being too petty was pretty much all Apple Bloom there. It was just some paper airplanes after all. I can say that Apple Bloom is differently the one thing able to hold back Diamond from losing control in battle. Yet without Diamond, Apple Bloom would be consumed by fear and doubt. She may not like Diamond Tiara, and she's well in her right not to, but she's too much of a goody two-shoes to let her dislike of somepony let them get hurt if she can help it.

Diamond Tiara's character was just perfect. She wasn't being played up to be any worst than any typical kid her age trying to push a good kid's buttons. You showed us a great moment of how she and her father interact, and the uneasiness she feels around being given the silent treatment (god that's so irritating!) and gave us a bit to think about as to how she came across to being a Filly Cure. Diamond Tiara was really something in this, this is the best example of writing a story with her strengths (and weaknesses) in mind. She is quick to access a situation and doesn't waste time on trivialities like, oh say, massive torrent of icky blackness with dragon fangs threatening to eat her whole. Her ability to adapt to the situation at hoof is amazing.

I could feel the pain of having to put something this clean and thoughtful together. And that cliffhanging as I vaguely hinted at earlier, is simply lovely. Sweetest scene in the story, and there were a few of those to be sure!

In short: One does not have to have any pre-knowledge of any Precure/Pretty Cure series. This fic is a pure standalone much like most of the seasons in Precure. This is purely a pony story and it plays out as one would ever dream a pony side series with the younger cast of the show could ever be.

A MUST read for *ANY* Apple Bloom and/or Diamond Tiara fan. If you're just a fan of good stories, then know this is not a good story... it's FABULOUS! FANTASTIC! And above all, easily deserves a place in your Favorites list.

All I can hope is that we'll eventually see a chapter two to this amazing epic story.


Well, that was an unexpected and nice surprise. Thanks for all the praise. I've been away and busy for so long, but reading this has given me some motivation back in. Anyway, you don't need to know what Pretty Cure is to know what's going on. This is completely stand-alone and just for pony fans. Welp, hope you enjoy the second chapter (whenever it comes out).

You know what, I'll comment. I'm om a Precure roll anyway.

It's interesting to see the two girls like this; it's like Nagisa and Honoka all over again.:rainbowlaugh: But, I like it. And I'm super excited to know that there's going to be a second chapter. I REALLY want to see what happens next.

Just a question, but what season does this take place after, or during? I think this was made around the time Smile! was coming out, but I'm not too sure. Either way, I like it. Please, continue.

I have no idea what this is based on, but it's still hilarious, and seeing these two getting shoved into the Magical Girl Team role should be great!


Eh, I think I started this when smile was going on, the one before doki doki anyway. I havn't watched either though. My precure experience is futari wa (which definitely has the most influence on this fic), fresh precure, and Heartcatch Precure (Cure Fire is best cure).

3083794 Thought so. I haven't really watched any of DokiDoki! But, I have seen snippets, and New Stage 2. I've seen one episode of smile. Other than that, I'm on Futari Wa, and have almost finished Fresh, and have completed Heartcatch (Best season, imo). But, who's Cure Fire? :rainbowhuh: I've never heard of her.

Cure Moonlight is best Cure.


Cure Fire is who Ban (the hot-blooded 'punk' who secretly draws really cute Pretty Cure manga) briefly imagined his Cure alter-ego as when Potpourrie asked him if he wanted to be a cure. He looks to the sky and imagines himself in a cute cure outfit and it's still one of my favorite gags in the series. True favorite is Cure Marine aka Erika.

3085408 Oh, Ban-kun! How could I have forgotten. :rainbowlaugh:I loved that episode. (Potpourri is just so cute! And how he finds Itsuki~) Erika's great too! She's so funny! Actually, she reminds me a bit of Pinkie Pie.

So I've been keeping chapter 2 from you few for quite awhile. So here it is! I would say it's still kinda rough though... Hopefully it's readable. Was waiting on two pre-readers of mine but they'll get around to it when they do. So enjoy! PS: Chapter 1 also got some TLC. Read it, if you have time for 14k words. Why are my chapters so friggen long?


Also, it was an enjoyable read, love how DT uses AB as a weapon :rainbowkiss:!

It's a lot of nonsense that actually makes sense. I honestly don’t understand why I'm enjoying this, but I am.

I feel bad for Diamond Tiara. I hope she realizes soon that the one she wished for is Apple Bloom.

Yeah, I caught that. I watch too many magical girl shows...

You SHould PUT A CROSSOVER TAB [This is Clearly a Pretty CUre Crossover]

yes! Finally an update =D

The story is looking mighty fine so far. I must admit, I don't like how you start the chapters with a snippet from the middle of the action, but other than that the structure is just fine ;)

I did find some grammatical errors in between, but don't feel like writing them now, as I'm reading this on my mobile. perhaps later.

finally, I just want to say that I really like the way you write Diamond Tiara. You're definitely doing her justice.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.


I did send it to them a way long time ago when I released the first chapter and then spent half a year trying not to fail physics and working with the Drifter video game dev group (I passed physics with flying colors and the time I spent working on drifter will soon yield results that could make my dream project a reality!). EQD rejected it, partially because some of my grammar is screwy (plus the gdoc importer here really fails sometimes) and that (this was disheartening to read) it was considered too anime-ish at some points (which is kind of the point? This is MLP injected with a magical girl show). I was thinking of trying again after my editors get through chapter three (80% done as of this comments posting!).




Btw, your stuff broke and is showing at the end there.

So unfair bro. So unfair. I'll update this tomorrow once I wake up in the morning

Poor Telaros...


Great chapter, btw.

Now now, Shining Armor—don't be like that! Just because Sombra and you share some superficial similarities doesn't mean you're like him! You're nothing like him! There's no way you could ever be remotely like Sombra!

I have actually been growing to really enjoy Shining and Cadance thanks to this story, but this was just extra frosting on my double-story layered with homemade honey whipped cream marble screw cake! Vanilla and chocolate! Seriously, Vanilla and chocolate!

I was gushing at how well this story flowed. I was not expecting Diamond Tiara POV to be THIS awesome. Can someone PLEASE animate DT literally rolling off her bed? That was cute. Adorable. Other words that help describe my squees. Diamond is such a little wisecracker to her dad.., loved those two.

The way you go with the whole Magical Girls giving you power to ignore pain, how every action they take have lasting effects, really drives home that whole Madoka thing that many MG shows tend to go for these days. I LOVE how it was executed here. The ponies never seem out of character, the way Diamond would comment on some of the silly aspects or just plain weird/annoying bits about how things work as a Cure Filly was, really had me laughing a good bit here and there.

I loved Sweetie Belle's and DT's scene at that climactic moment. I loved Apple Bloom's remark to Diamond Tiara when Diamond used her favorite attack on the villain.

All that and AJ. DT was adorable, AJ's response was pretty much expected after that lol. But Sherbert. She is just one of my favorites. Sherbert and Diamond play off each other so well. Their fights and their little moments together and now DT's slight annoyance that Apple Bloom and her somehow feel buddy buddy, was all wonderful.

This story, your stories, they just don't lack in the minor details. Read this twice now and it's just so much fun. This is certainly my favorite chapter. OMG. This story needs fanart, STAT.

People just don't know what they're missing here. Holy crap this story needs more attention. No idea what people are skeptical about. It isn't Anthro, it isn't a plain Crossover. This is set in Equestria and characterization and how well strewn this story is put together honestly makes this easily one of the best stories you'll read on this site.

Not Apple Bloom Story.
Not Diamond Tiara Story.
Not Crossover Story.
I'm talking this is one of THE best fun filled adventure story that keeps the ball rolling. Not only is each chapter a full on episode of its own, but it's all sown together in sweet sweet continuity to its predecessor. Small things like how a character gets hurt and they aren't magically healed up the next day.

If you LOVE minor details in story that doesn't forget that it was a thing in a previous scene or chapter, if you like stories with emotions and motivations, if you even are capable of reading words on a screen about pastel colored ponies, THIS is the story you should be reading!

I can't wait for more!

^^ How I felt reading chapter 3

I'm still waiting for Diamond Tiara to admit that she wants Apple Bloom as a friend. It's kind of interesting though that she's the tougher one and Apple Bloom is the super sensitive one.

Waiting for chapter four now.

I'm not one for the magical girl type stories, but this is descent. So far, the characters are believable, I've yet to discover the back story to the aurora crystals, if there even is one (there is one, right?), and the conflict between both fillies sell it. Forced into a temporary truce to save the world, all the while glaring daggers! Potential sisterly romance? Golden! :rainbowkiss:

Gotta read the other chapters before putting this on my favorites box. :twilightsmile:

It's no secret that Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara are developing into quite the superheroes... and womance. Don't forget the womance! :derpytongue2:

Also, Shining Armor develops great leadership skills in this chapter, albeit slowly.

So far, this story is pushing the boundaries of what I consider a good fanfiction and good literature. I consider this story good fanfiction and it has a long way before I think of it as the latter.

Favorited and followed! :moustache:

Despite not updating in FOREEVER~
This story is 100% Diamond Cutter approved!

You know what bothers me.

I have looked everywhere on Fimfiction.

And this is the only Precure fanfiction on the site:ajbemused:

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