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Apple Bloom wished for her Cutie Mark. Instead, she'll become a hero! A magical talking compact mirror offers her the chance to save Equestria from the return of King Sombra. Unfortunately, in order to use the powers of the mirror, Apple Bloom must work together with Diamond Tiara.

Together, Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara must set aside their differences to save Equestria from looming shadows, the Crystal Empire from it's own painful past, and especially their classmates from their own sorrows? They'll have to so they can transform into Filly Cure!

With appreciation to The Ferret who helped conceptualized this, and also Your Antagonist and Watts Man who helped edit this.

Chapters (3)

Silver Spoon has a crush on Big Macintosh...

Today, she's going to tell him...

Chapters (1)

There is more than one actor for every story, and Tales of Harmony is no different.

Join the Cutie Mark Crusaders as the trek across the land of Equestria, asking ponies for their cutie mark stories and learning more about the dangerous world around them. They might even change the world along the way.

This is a side-series of Tales of Harmony and does require one to read that story to understand this one.

Chapters (2)

Diamond Tiara has had the worst night of her life on the evening of the hearts and hooves dance, and then who so would happen to show up than Snips, trying vainly to cheer her up. Just what pony lies underneath her diamond shell?

Chapters (2)

A love triangle is made as Carrot Top and Little Strongheart compete for Braeburn's affection, and life will never be the same again! Derpy gets a taste of cowpony life as she integrates herself into a new town and Dinky will never be taken seriously with her mother around to treat her like a foal. Join our favorite background ponies in some frontier life, adventure, and even romance?

Chapters (13)

Fan-fiction that will show you the harmony found in our hearts!

The fate of Equestria will be decided not by the madness of battle, but by the harmony between each other...

Twilight, a student from Canterlot, and her dragon companion, Spike, find themselves caught in an mission to find the elements of harmony to stop the the crazed mare, Nightmare Moon. Equestria is not a land of love and tolerance, but a land that has been ravaged by racial conflict, sudden earthquakes, dangerous chimeras, and the shadows within a pony's heart. Only with friends can Twilight find the strength to stop Nightmare Moon.

To save Equestria, Twilight will have to prevail against power-hungry ponies and those who would wish to stop the gathering of the elements of harmony. Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, and Magic. Are these strong enough to fight the wicked?

Take strength from friendship.
Take pride in love. Take
Everything that you believe in-
and turn it all to power.

Chapters (12)

Snips and Snails pester Twilight to teach them magic, so Twilight suggests they enroll at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns in Canterlot. Their parents are less than thrilled by the idea. Will they get in and realize their dreams of becoming great magical ponies?

Warning: Contains OC parent pony ramblings.

Chapters (1)

Big Macintosh suggests hosting a Brotherhooves Social this year to try and bring in a few extra bits, however Ponyville is somewhat lacking in brothers, and colts for that matter.

By request I have split the story into parts. This is not an extension of the story, just something to make it easier to read for some people.

Chapters (4)
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