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So... just what have I been doing that has kept me from writing anything? · 8:11pm Aug 21st, 2013

Hello everyone! Did you miss me? I know you didn't! Anyway, I know some of you are wondering, "where the hell is Tales of Harmony? And what about that new magical filly thing?" Well, I've been busy! With what? Work! What kind of work? Well, aside from a summer gig with Intel, I've been assisting a couple other bronies in the development of their video game, Drifter.

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A chance to give Mane6 a helping hoof! Ponies or not! · 3:38pm Mar 16th, 2013

For the maybe seven (I'm being generous here) of you who read my scatterbrained thoughts I come here with nothing but the most honest, serious and utterly hopeful of intentions. Mane6, the crew that was developing the beloved MLP: Fighting is Magic game that was hit with an absolutely devastating cease and desist order have been given a chance for something far greater. For those not in the know, Lauren Faust has signed up onto Mane6 to create new designs and characters that while they will

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BEST EPISODE EVER! · 2:09am Feb 17th, 2013

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And Life on the Frontier is over. Here are some thoughts, and a clue to my newest project... because there are some things in life you just do! I think I heard that from an anime. · 5:28pm Jan 27th, 2013

Life on the Frontier is over. It was a project I started more than a year ago with the original intention of making it more slice-of-life comedyish. That didn't happen all that much, and instead it became more about a bunch of ponies with problems helping each other out to become better ponies (and buffalo) with pure honest unbridled friendship, support, and a little love, and quite honestly writing a story like that changed me for the better. Watching these characters help each other (well, I

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So who still cares that I write stuff! · 5:18pm Dec 21st, 2012

Yeah! I'm back maybe! Anyway, I have a long list of stuff to work on, so I'll write it down here so I don't forget.

-Working on Tales of Harmony
-Last two chapters of Life on the frontier
-One-shot involving Spike
-Secret short series project
-Trying to get Spoonful of Macintosh on EQD.

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Proof I'm not dead! Also some art critique would be nice. · 4:03am Sep 24th, 2012

It feels like it's been too long since I've last submitted something. I will have a new chap of Life on the Frontier done before the end of the month! And for Tales of Harmony fans I've got some proof that I'm still pouring as much love as I can into it! I said I would redraw the title art, so have some character sketches!

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My free time keeps shrinking... and shrinking... and shrinking... · 2:40am Aug 29th, 2012

and shrinking... and shrinking... and shrinking... what was I doing again?

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And I felt so happy, and we all should! So, please read this! · 2:45pm Jul 30th, 2012

So, I just feel so happy right now! So unbelievably happy! And I want to share it! So, what better way to share with you a moment from my happy little head while feeling self-important by posting a blog entry! You know, I actually hate blogs most of the time because it makes people act like they're greater than they are, but I'm going to cut myself some slack because I just feel so unbelievably happy, and I hope that by reading this, maybe you'll begin to feel that same happiness, and I really

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I have been tagged (appearently) and you should all know that Dash is NOT the best pony... · 6:53am Jun 2nd, 2012

I have been suckered into some kind of odd fad that requires me to impart unto you all some information about myself and whatnot by a creature calling itself 'Dash is best pony'. Well, first off, you should all know that Dash is certainly not the best pony because last time I checked MLP wiki there is no pony that goes by the name of Dash. I suppose this creature is content to shorten the names of one of the various ponies that has Dash in its name, so I will now assume that 'Dash is best pony'

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I guess this is now my art blog? · 1:05am Apr 19th, 2012

Sure I could make a tumblr, but my stuff isn't good enough to attract enough people, and I'm not an art student. I'm a computer science major. Art is pretty much just a hobby for me, but one I care just enough about to try and improve. So, for the few of you the look at my little blog, here are my latest pieces. Critique till your heart's content. The rode to glory is paved is soul-shattering comments after-all.

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