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Well, I'm just a humble aspiring writer who happens to be a brony.


Lightning Dust was a pony of pride. She was a pony of action and was destined for great deeds. She would never let anything stop her from this destiny. Sadly, that very attitude had seemed to dash it all away.
A second chance doesn't come for everyone, but on this day, it came for Lightning Dust.
The Shadowbolts; A new flight team in the name of Luna, Princess of the Night. With their first exhibition completed in Cloudsdale, they had hoped to get a few star recruits to fill out the team. They weren't expecting to get Lightning Dust.

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Tracked, because Lightening Dust.



Okay, I'll watch this. Why not.

Intriguing. Solid writing, interesting premise, and pretty good characterization so far. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Just do me a favor and never spell it "Lightening". You didn't here, just something to watch out for.

Nice! This is looking like it should be pretty cool.

Interesting, keep up the good work.



Does this mean you like it? But it makes you sad?



eh, sorry. Just filled with exictment. I love this story because it doesn't downplay LD but also is teaching her lesson in the progress and I can't wait for more.

This is an interesting story as I was hoping for a brief bonding moment between Lighting Dust and Princess Luna, a kindred spirit if you will.

Please do keep up the good work as second chances are rare in his world.

Are you going to add another chapter to this story?

I am actually working on it still, along with several other stories. I apologize for the delay.

They didn't have to drag he away like that, they could've just asked nicely:ajbemused:.

All and all, pretty good start:twilightsmile:. I'm eager to see how this goes:pinkiesmile:.

“You are an amazing flier, Lightning. That means that if you make this team, your job will be to make sure everyone else can keep up with you. That means training teammates. And that's another thing, team. This is a team, not a competition. A team is only as fast as the slowest member, only as graceful as it's clumsiest flier. You're great, but no one will see that unless your team is great, too.”

I'd listen to Storm Cloud if I were you Dusty. You don't want to make the same mistake that you did back at Wonderbolts HQ, do you:ajsmug:?

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