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There is more than one actor for every story, and Tales of Harmony is no different.

Join the Cutie Mark Crusaders as the trek across the land of Equestria, asking ponies for their cutie mark stories and learning more about the dangerous world around them. They might even change the world along the way.

This is a side-series of Tales of Harmony and does require one to read that story to understand this one.

Chapters (2)
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This sir was quite the read, a nice side story to your regular series, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

I noticed that your story Tales of Harmony is on hiatus. I haven't read it yet, but do I read it up to the chapter that you stopped on or wait until it's finished before reading this?


Oh, need to change it back to normal. At the end of the latest chapter it will say that a cutie quest has been unlocked. That's pretty much the sign to go and read a chapter of this. The latest chapter of Tales of Harmony follows directly into this, only the perspective is switched to the CMC and Pokey.

305816 Brilliant. I just read the first chapter of Tales of Harmony, and I must say that it's fantastic.

I noticed a lot of errors here and there. Some grammatical, mostly spelling. A quick re-read should point most of them out to you. otherwise a very good story. I think this may be the first story I've read to have Pokey as a returning character, let alone as frequently as in this story, and I really like what you did with him. The cutie mark story was also very touching. I love this crossover and I hope it just keeps getting better and better!

Well, I rather liked this. The scene with Lyra and Pokey at the end was just really great, if you ask me.

Well now I'm aware that Pokey is almost similar to Yuri Lowell in combat style

Awesome chapter, this story is a great way to flesh out the setting and background ponies; Your version of equestria is getting so deep that I could easily see it as an official tales game. And I find it interesting that miss "Lulamoon" has a big round rock in her wagon. an element, perhaps?

Still, I can't help but feel a bit impatient for the next installment of the main story. Your take on the mane cast has actually inspired me to come up with some mystic artes for them, and some others besides. Now that school's out, I may even try animating a few.

I like these side chapters especially how some minor character got some development. And like Tytoman i've start thinking how would be the Mane 6+Spike's Mystic Artes just for fun.

Oh, that Lulamoon. Not bad for an alias. I can definitely see her as a recurring character :rainbowlaugh:

Stella's theme for Hearts and Hooves day didn't work so here's the link for the replacement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hp1GIIRtCs

Also, how do you pronounce Lyra's name in this story?


It seems that whoever was providing all my Legendia music got booted from Youtube. As for Lyra's name, I think it's pronounced Leer-ruh. Thanks again.

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