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Not quite sure what to put here. MIT student who likes writing. Yeah. Oh, and thanks to kittyhasnosoul for the cover.


Kakeru, "Category 0," has saved Earth, changing events so many years ago that he was afraid he would lack the power to survive.
Good News: He's alive, and he still possesses his power.
Bad News: He's in the middle of a battle, his power is dampened, and he's stuck in a world of colorful ponies.
And if this world is anything like his own, his presence and actions may have skewed Equestria's timeline, and not for the better.
One thing's for sure: his power is going to come in handy. Whether it will destabilize time itself...

Psycho Busters crossover. Link to manga here.

Tags will be added as the story progresses. Some characters will not show up until later. Only some events will parallel the MLP series, since this story focuses on the adventures of Kakeru in Equestria and the changes he has brought forth.

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Yeah, I remember this manga. I have not read this in years.

4083873 You know, at first I was looking for a crossover with this manga, but when I couldn't find one, I decided to try my hand at it. Hopefully this won't turn out too bad. :twilightsheepish:

Dam i thougth i read from he first Guy again but it´s still a good second Chapter. I think this makes all sense later.^^
should Applejack not remember such a human like him? I think she had see the other on too, but that not means that she has to say something about it^^
Well i like it and was happy that there was another chapter:ajsmug:

4138961 :twilightoops: :facehoof: You're right. Let me see if I can change a couple words so it makes more sense. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

4138972 no problem i am glad you can understand me:twilightblush:
I have to struggle for words with my english but someone told me already that my english is not so bad ;)
Well like i said befor, this was also interestig as the other one now that it seems to be the perspective from another human. (i hope this makes sense^^):derpyderp2:

4141427 Yep, it's two humans, and their stories will intertwine quite a bit, especially if/when this second human remembers his past. After all, it seems like the same "time circle" appeared with both humans... I wonder what that could mean?
This chapter also lets me establish the CMC from the beginning, so you can imagine what they would do when they find out about Tom's "special ability."

4141448 I have to think about it a bit and start to rethink it for me (because german this time), but i start to understand a bit already where this lead´s:raritystarry:

4142117 You may be right, or you may be wrong... only time will tell.
Also, I put in the translation for the Latin phrase in the "Author's Notes." I always forget to do that in my other stories. :twilightsheepish:

Do you continue the story? I just want to know if you have to much work or something like this than it is ok.
I just want to have a short list of favourites and want to know if it continue or not. If you write something sooner or later i keep it it nor problem actually:twilightsmile:

4429773 I'm sorry I haven't posted any new chapters yet. I've had so much work to do these past weeks. Most of my final exams are almost done, and I'll be returning to California in a couple days. Now, my parents don't know I'm a brony yet, and I have a really bad internet connection at home, but I will do everything in my power to continue all my stories, especially this one (since now I have another villain I can add :raritywink:).

I'll see if I can upload at least a chapter a month once I'm back in CA.

4430014 Ok i am gladd to hear that and it is enough for me so i can wait.^^

I have to say i somehow doesn´t like to look the end episode of every anime i look, and because i had a spoiler in a rather bad fanfic i don´t really want to look at the last both episodes of season 4.
Maybe you can say me if it is really bad or not. I only saw that the new Villian (maybe you mean him) was used in more animes than mlp.

4430357 I would say, so as to not give too many spoilers, that the last episode turned into DBZ. Most people loved it, as did I. And yes, that is the new villain I plan to use, since his "ability" opens up new doors for future confrontations. :twilightsmile:

4430472 Well i think i have to give it a try, i just hope it is better than the fanfic describe it.

This is interessting again, and i think i like it if the two of them meet and maybe well if they are not fainting:ajsmug:
Nothing wrong with it, the story needs a beginning in some form.

I need to know it again, was it a different timeline or are they in the same Equestria? The last few moths i somehow get attached to some romance storys or good written adoption storys, were there supposed to be any elements like these in the future? Because of what i readed the last time i start to think i could like it if Tom is dating Scootaloos Mom, and for the other one...Kakeru? yes, he...maybe he could date Rainbow Dash, because they had a little figth already.:pinkiehappy:

You don´t need to do this, but it don´t hurt to mention such things if i like it don´t you think?:scootangel: Sometimes i just think if i say something there is at least 1% Chance that it really happend, if i say nothing then it is probably 0% I just hope one of them or both get to stay in Equestria.

I don´t like farewells. I watched a Movie where the Hero goes back to his world and started to act as if the other world would not exist and it seems he had forgotten his friends.

4986660 Well, I can say that there will be a certain "romance" element for only one of the characters. The conflict would be too great for the other character should an actual romance form between him one of the ponies. Regarding Scootaloo, this will (hopefully) add in some more information on her parents as well.
And as far as anyone is concerned, this is an alternate timeline and has been since Kakeru and Tom set foot inside Equestria...
The thing to keep in mind is, how did they even get there in the first place? :unsuresweetie:
About staying in Equestria...
I won't say anything about that just yet. :raritywink:

4986707 okay it is probably better if there are no spoilers, but if he stayed in Ponyville, i would really like a romance with Fluttershy or Rainbowdash or well with Kakeru i would probably ok with everypony:rainbowlaugh:

Maybe you can work something out, but if not i don´t mind that much, it is just a sudden wish:twilightsmile: I can sense that is maybe don´t work because their past or something like this but i keep my change at 1% at least for now.:heart:

physics from the Greenhouse

It's psychics not physics.

5046988 Thanks! Seems like no matter how much time I spend editing, there's always a couple mistakes that slip through. :twilightsheepish:

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