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Sonic just got back from Chris's world and was hoping to get some relaxation time. That was before Dr. Eggman got all 7 Chaos Emeralds again.
Sonic rushes to his base to find him with the same contraption from when they all accidentally traveled to another world. He damages the machine again, but gets transported to a land called Equestria.
Now, he must find all 7 Chaos Emeralds and find a way home before he can't go back ever again.
He has just one problem now. He was the only one in the blast radius, other than Dr. Eggman, to be transported. He has to do all of this over again, without his friends.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 38 )

I'm almost 100% sure I've dumped on this exact same story...

3 views,5 dislikes...hmm,I conclude there is a lot of fourth wall breaking in this story:duck:

4214998 Not likely. Its probably because I wrote the prologue over a month ago and before my writing became better, in my opinion.

4214998 Wait, I'm sorry, but I only just got that joke.

4215010 I have watched sonic x so I guess I'll give this story a try and tell you if I upvote it or downvote it:twilightsmile:

Haven't I seen this before?

Views update every twenty minutes, if I recall correctly.

Comment posted by Graystripe101 deleted Apr 11th, 2014

4215069 oh,well that makes sense.Thanks for the clear up

4215085 Sonic crossovers are comparable to FOE stories. That's all I'm going to say about it.

Lol I remember before I got into mlp I was obsessed with Sonic x though personally sonic the hedgehog (aka sonic satam) was better so curse power rangers for taking its place coz that show is s***:twilightangry2:

Hm, mixed bag of reactions here. I see a ratio of 1.57 dislikes to every one like, yet some of the comments make me believe this story is actually good. Plus add the fact that this is a Sonic X crossover, and that slightly makes sense.

For whatever reason, people on this site hate Sonic X. I can see why, slightly, but that doesn't mean it's automatically bad.:unsuresweetie:

Anyways, I'll give it a read, see how you do. I saw your comment earlier stating that you originally wrote this before you, in your opinion, got better. I'll give both chapters a read, and then give you my opinion.

Hmm... not sure what to say. I actually did like the prologue. Gave me a reason to not outright hate Eggman. Even made me slightly miffed at Sonic, though I know his reasons for refusing to help Eggman. Still, new perspective to see Eggman as just someone who wanted to be accepted, but was denied that because he was different. I really liked that concept, and it gave him a bit more depth than most stories give him.

However, it did feel like you rushed a bit near the end of the prologue, and you did break the fourth wall at one point, which is a major turnoff for stories unless it's done in a comedic fashion, by a character that it would make sense with, such as Pinkie Pie.

Then I got into chapter one. It started off okay, but it devolved around the time Rainbow Dash spoke up. For one, she shouldn't have known Sonic was intelligent. If anything, she should've known he was an animal, and either ignored him, or treated him like she would treat a bunny or cat; like he was beneath her. Plus the fact that she was up in his face pretty much almost instantly, acting like a spoiled bitch, really set her way off into the depths of OOC'ness.

Overall, it was a decent start, with the story starting from an Eggman-centric POV. But it kinda distracts us and makes us think this story is going to be about Eggman, when in fact it isn't. This is just another Sonic in Equestria story, a scenario that has been done countless times before this, with most of them dying off from the author failing to come up with anything interesting to write, or devolving into a Gary Stu in Equestria story with a herd of mares falling in love with Sonic, though not before Rainbow Dash falls head over heels for him because he's fast.:ajbemused:

I'll be honest. This story, at current point in time, deserves the rating it has. It starts off good, promises us something different than the rest of the average Sonic in Equestria stories, but ultimately is starting to fall into that same trap that so many authors find themselves falling into countless times.

I won't pass judgement on it as of now. It's too early for me to make that kind of decision. I'll follow this, and see how it goes, maybe wait another few chapters.

4216610 The part where Rainbow Dash began to spoke...
Yeah, I can understand why you say that. She should have treated him like an animal, but Sonic was talking out loud, and she heard him. That is why she talked to him.

4216662 Still can't help but feel the way she was talking just seemed way OOC for her. She likes action, not words.

Theory: the reason this story has more thumbs-downs than ups is purely because it's a Sonic fic, and the Sonic fandom is one of the most hated on the 'net.

This story's okay, but it's nothing spectacular. I'm not going to follow this one. My apologies to the author.

4240622 :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
HAHA! The Pinkies have been doubled!

4238659 Technically, it's not the Sonic fandom itself that is hated throughout the net. It's just that most of the 'artwork' and 'stories' produced by said fandom are absolute crap.

Wanna know what sucks? That I love the show, but am only on episode 50-something.

4416383 That's about the time where Sonic heads back home. Just watch up to episode 52 and you can understand this story better.

4416408 I'm on 54, but I watch like, 5-7 a day, so I'll be done pretty quick. Also, please tell me: Do Gamma and Shadow come back? *crosses fingers*

4416433 I was leaning towards the show, but both would be nice.

4416440 I'll only give info for the show. Future parts of my story are secret.

Shadow does come back, but Gamma is a no-no. Probably somewhere around episode 60-70.

4416454 Man, I liked Gamma... Still, Shadow is cool. Glad they didn't kill him. I just watched the episode where Chris stranded Sonic on Earth.

4416466 Well, I hope you like this story, and that you continue watching the show I liked when I was younger,

i just want to make sure this story continue, does it?

4637466 It does. I just haven't had too much time to work on it, considering that I haven't had too many new ideas for it.

4637859 that´s ok, i just ask it most of the time befor i start a story where the last update is a few month ago. I only want to start a story if i am sure sooner or later there is something new.

i look forward to the next part and i hope it comes soon ^_^

4217160 this is what I thought when you started the race:pinkiehappy:
Sonic vs rainbow dash

8172623 Over two years, actually. I just haven't felt like continuing the story, even though the next chapter is pretty much all done. I forget where I left off. Maybe I'll get back to it sometime. Thanks for finding an interest in the story though

What's in store for Sonic in the next chapter?

Sonic Mania rules, Sonic Forces drools!

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