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Something visits Applebloom when the others are away.

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I periodically get these nightmares where a wolf comes to my room and savages me, but he thinks he is playing and not causing me terrible physical harm. Naturally, instead of seeking therapy or reassuring myself that I live in a place where wolves are not to be found, I wrote a story about it.


...who looks sorta like Wolf-Link from Twilight Princess.

Eh. It was alright. Not one of your better fics, Regi.


My god, that was some shit! :pinkiegasp:

Been awhile since i read a good dark fic like this! :twilightsmile:

Creepy. I liked it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I was expecting the door to be the wolf in disguise the entire time.

That's interesting, to say the least. Very dark indeed. I like it. :pinkiehappy:

Pretty good stuff.

Damn dude. This was good. :moustache:


Is it bad that I read that as ravaging?




Not my fetish but I'd read it for the lulz.

3158997 He has many great stories. He is god's right hand clopper.

Jesus. Nice one, man.


Hey! You do that too?

I mean write about bad dreams, not have dreams about wolves play-mauling you. :twilightsmile:

Nah, he's just God's right hand. :raritywink:

now that regi. was pretty damn good.

Wowzers, I got chills.
It reminds me of all the times I was left home alone when I was younger, and thirty minutes alone at night seemed like six hours. :fluttershyouch:
Poor AB, but this was enjoyable. :applecry: :ajsmug:

Chilling. Liked it a lot. Good job, man!

and that is exactly what all of us should do, isn't it, 3158608

10/10 kinky and hawt. Would read. Would fap to.

Hee, this is good. This is very very good. Not the best writing, but a good... eh... wazzaword... plotbasegenrethingy. :fluttershbad:

Anyway, yes I like stories like this. I want to meet a Twig. :twilightblush:


Not the best writing, but a good... eh... wazzaword... plotbasegenrethingy.

Yeah, I'm just a sophomore in high school, so my prose needs more work in general. I do like to think I manage to make nice idea, though.

I'm still year 9, so I can't really speak.

I have no idea how american school stuff works please not let sophomore be year 9

3265382 oh, year nine is freshmen year, so that's a grade before me.


Aha. I always kinda assumed that year 8 would be. Or year 7. Or whenever you get into high school. I read somewhere that it's year 7. But that's our last year of primary school.

3269731 Huh. It must be different here, I probably fucked up along the way. I'm 15 years old, if that helps get some perspective in any case.

3269768 mkay, I turned 15 this year.

3269789 yeah, so you'd probably be a freshman here.

All's cool, then. I wish I could holiday in America. So many people to meet up with...

3269815 It really depends on where you end up going though. I live in Hawaii, which is probably the best place to vacation when you go to the US.


It's been nice chatting! Hawaii sounds cool. Don't think I'll be able to go there, though. Next stop is New Zealand, then Korea again, and perhaps Kangaroo Island again...

3280809 Kangaroo Island? Australia, I presume...


Correct! My friend's grandparents have a shack thing there.

3285930 That's pretty cool! I've got a few friends down under that I've wanted to visit for some time.

I've got friends in America too, I want to see them so badly! But my friend in New Z is more important. :duck:
Augh, I still can't believe I'm actually talking to you? And people can stalk it and think 'why is Regidar talking to some ignorant whore?' If only I knew how to fimfiction properly, I could actually keep up with your updates.

3290524 Depending on what updates you want, you could favorite a story of mine, or watch me if you felt like putting up with the blogs I post.

3290704 I already watch you, but I don't know how to keep up with updates. They appear up the top, and by the time I realize they are there, there are hundreds.

3307595 I assume most of them are from groups?

3313913 You can turn those off.

I feel bad for Twig... :fluttercry:

*smiles darkly* /10-IceStarPony

Sometimes I dream of a sexy feral she-wolf coming into my room so I can ravage her!

Loved the lost narrators reading of your story :pinkiehappy:

I thought Twig was going to eat her the moment Applebloom walked out.

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