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A creature watches the daily goings on of Ponyville from a small hole far above.

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I don't quite get it, but I am oddly impressed. Your writing style here is perfect for the theme, really ties things together.

Huh, that was odd, but in a good meaning. And the writing style fits perfectly. There is only this:

I waited three and three and three and three and three days, but nopony came. Thee voices did not make any noise.

Shouldn't it be 'the'?
But that's the only mistake I saw there, and it's really minor.
Overall, I enjoyed this. Keep up the good work! :moustache:

Oh, thank you for catching that!:twilightblush:
And I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I think Samaru163 already said what I was going to say. Still, I would like to say that this story was very enjoyable. And that twist caught me by surprise. Good job.


This uh...

Just woah.

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I like it, but I don't understand this. It is really confusing. Can you elaborate a bit?

A lot of people have been confused.
Would it be helpful if I wrote a chapter explaining it?

4000925 You have no idea how helpful that will be.


DON'T!!! That would only ruin the magic of it... :pinkiegasp: :fluttercry:

Well, except maybe if the explanation chapter is just as cryptic as this one... :trollestia:

Oh yeah, excellent story, by the way! :duck:

Okay, I've done a blog post on the matter. Check the description for the link.


I recommend adding the link to the "author's comments" section in the story rather than the description. It's a bit of an eyesore here... :raritywink:

Ah. Yes, good plan.
I'll do it in a new chapter so previous readers are alerted.

How can something be so abstract and clear at the same time?

Unique, interesting read. Have a ribbon, a thumb, and a feature recommendation. Well done :twilightsmile:


this is deep

Stand By for a review from the PCaRG!


*I Enjoyed It!*

YaY! Your story has been reviewed by the PCaRG!

Thread can be found here.

~Make Life an Adventure~
Mr. Flare

This was certainly different! I'm not sure it would bear re-reading, since the mystery is such an integral part of the story, but I did enjoy getting to grips with something original. A good short story, certainly. :twilightsmile:

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This story is amazing, regardless of the fact you read the explanation or not. However, I will say that the explanation helps a lot if you are completely at a loss of what's going on. It surely made me realize how complex of a story there is to interpret behind those alluring words.

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