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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!

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I love this series, and I love it every time another story appears.

I especially love the relief that they're still both alive. For now.
I keep... anticipating, I guess, and dreading that unavoidable conclusion.
Each new story is just one more bit of stolen time before that one final story that will break my heart.

I'm going to hate it, but I'm also going to love it.
It's okay. You can hurt me.
I consent.
You don't have to do it, though, right? Mercy?

If it helps, and I'm being completely honest here, you won't be seeing these two die for a LONG long long time, if at all. I know that may sound odd, considering the constant sense of impending doom in each story. Bad things might happen, yes, absolutely. But for personal reasons, I'm not really willing to kill either of them off in the foreseeable future. So rest easy. :)

It's clear they mean a lot to you just from reading the stories, though I haven't the literary know-how to explain in detail.
Besides, the number of stories alone is evidence enough.

I'm glad to hear they're sticking around for a bit.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This story has a really close film to reality, and it makes it so bittersweet. I want to hug them both so bad...

Good! I too don't want them to die. Heck, i consider that April Fool's fic you wrote where Twilight insta-cured them both to be my headcanon series finale for these two!

Anyway... I loved this one. I'm glad it was 'merely' altitude sickness and not him having an attack or anything like that. Also, I love Alfred. Fly free, dragonfly!

Wow, that's a long link-string to the previous chapters.

Yeah, wish I could just link to a series instead! It's always irked me how I can't just do that, because this isn't a "direct" sequel. Just part of a larger collection of stories.

Trex #8 · April 14th · · ·

Out of all the things I would expect from a pencil story, an eerily holistic romance followed by blowjobs isn't what I expected.
10/10 great atmosphere
PS: Your Berry Punch stories are always great!

That was a very cute chapter. Thanks for writing another one. :)

Exquisite! One of your best entries into the "Broken Love" series yet! As an avid hiker & rock-climber with a disability, you really captured the feelings here perfectly. It'll be a sad, sad, day when you stop writing these stories. I'm glad that day is not yet today!

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