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The Lunar Rebellion sought to bring Nightmare Moon to power over Equestria, and for two long years, a war was fought for that very purpose. In the end, Nightmare Moon was defeated, but Celestia had become broken. She lost her faith in the ponies that once only knew love, and she walled herself inside her castle at Canterlot.

For five years, no pony had seen or heard from the goddess. In her absence, Equestria falls apart at the seams. Endless skirmishes are fought over petty land disputes. Love and tolerance are gone from the land. Ponies begin to revel in the art of war. When a dangerous threat emerges from the ashes of the Lunar Rebellion, all hope seems gone from the world. But some ponies aren't willing to let Equestria fall.

Four unlikely ponies step up to correct the mistakes of the past. In their quest to restore Equestria, they will learn that through the magic of friendship, all things are possible.

This story is presented as part of the Pony Fiction Writer's Month for September 2011. Enjoy.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 32 )

Whew, that was a long read. Good one though.

Excellent and diverse cast; everyone experienced a satisfying amount of development.

Settings that felt rich and varied.

A plot that felt truly epic in scale, with great structure and a good resolution.

All in all, this is one of those stories that I can't find anything to gripe about. Excellent writing style, great characters, and a good story. Well done!

This is awesome. Two chapters in, and I'm quite hooked. The story is is unique, yet so similar at the same time, I can't help but like it. I'll comment again once I read through it all.

reading chapter one.
"Kin of Luna"...
Check author's other stories.
See "one last quest"

This is simply beautiful.

You, my good sir, have one your self a free sarsaparilla!

Alright, Bard is officially the awesome pony of the group :pinkiehappy:

This chapter is an excellent introduction to what promises to be a wonderful story!

Very good read!:pinkiehappy:

Although I found the ending kind of cheesy in my own tastes, this is nonetheless a very worthy fic!

Very much reminded me of the dragonlance serries, but I liked it. Very good for being done in a month.

Very good story, you write so well :heart:

there are no words that i know of that can truly express how much i loved this story, and for being written in only a months time? you are truly a gifted person. i felt like i was reading an epic. read the whole thing in one day, i just couldn't stop, this story has renewed my interest in reading all forms of literature. again i say it, i have no way of expressing how amazing this epic was. thank you graciously for writing this

Great story. I only wish that I could dream up plots as good and concrete as this one. Let it be known that from every journey I see, I take inspiration from to better my own. So, from an aspiring dream-weaver to an accomplished one... Thank you. Thank you for writing of fantasies long sought and rarely found. Hopefully any yarn I spin will be half as good as the gossamer threads you so carefully spin into webs.

It's not every day that I read something in a story that I don't see coming at least two chapters ahead-- not just in fanfics, but in published works as well. I'm glad to report that this story surprised me on several occasions-- and, on a completely different level, by creating a detailed story with well-developed characters and an entirely OC cast (er... Celestia doesn't count. :P).

Anyway-- thanks for the read, it was a lot of fun.


Whew, finally finished reading this. A great fic indeed, marred only by a fair few grammatical errors and name mixups. Seeing as it was all written in the space of a month, I guess that's to be expected. That and the constant use of "arms" instead of "forelegs" were the only things that really bothered me.


Just found out that "arm" is a proper way of saying "foreleg", at least as far as horses are concerned. It still sounds a little weird to me, but oh well, fair enough.

Ohhh! That was a great introduction. Can't wait to read the rest of the story.

Really good. :pinkiehappy:
I was promised an adventure story and that's what I got.
Likeable characters who really brought the story to life.
A well planned plot with good pacing and a quality as vast as is its scale. (Not being pretentious here by the way, I just really hate those stories which pretend to be epic journeys across worlds and actually aren't.)
A world which really comes to life.
And of course a lesson in friendship. Good stuff.:trollestia:

This needs more views and ratings,this is a great story

OMG took me a couple nights but i finished it! GREAT story! 5/5 stars.

:facehoof: I kept seeing "Star Chase" in which I think you meant "Star Heart" and "Iron Hoof" is actually "Iron Pick". Will you revise it, smooth the rough surface and some spelling errors?
:twilightsmile: However, you made quite a gripping story. You had some potential to be a great author.

Comment posted by MD Webster deleted Sep 9th, 2013
Comment posted by MD Webster deleted Sep 9th, 2013

"That griffon just flipped me the bird.” The ponies shared a confused look. It clicked for Ridgeline a second later. “Oh, it’s a rude gesture among the griffons. It looks uh…” He looked at the hoof holding the rock, then at the other. He was at loss. “Well, ponies don’t have anything similar."

I love this bit. :rainbowlaugh:

I am guessing that Trixie is Bard's descendent, Rarity is Pick's, AJ is Chase's. I dunno bout RD, Twi or Fluttershy, but I'm pretty sure Pinkie is Ridgeline's or Muffins' cause of the rock farming. So that sorta explains the Gilda-Pinkie feud in griffon the brush off......

So, Princess Celestia decides to teach all her little ponies a valuable lesson on friendship... by abandoning ponies in need. For five years. To the horrors of war unleashed during her power struggle with her sister.

I kinda want to see her kicked off the throne and kicked out of the country. She is a horrible leader, and the ponies are better off without her.

Her last minute realization that she's been overwhelmingly selfish is too little and way too late.


This is a pretty damn good adventure story.
Children of the Sun pulls you in right from the get go - one chapter to introduce the setting, then another to set up the adventure, and of we go. Followed by a solid cast of characters; interesting, diverse, and likable - everything that they should be. Finally, a great pacing, always moving forward and not dwelling too much on things.
Basically, a solid, solid fanfic.
The only downside I can think of, is that the story doesn't really try to cover any new grounds. Except for few chapters where characters venture into the griffon settlement (which, I think are the most interesting in the fanfic), you won't find anything new here.
If you are looking for a good adventure tale, Children of the Sun is a safe bet.

Such a sweet ending on this chapter. Lots of great hugs

Magnificent Intro!

Geez, attacking a wedding? That's a new level of low I never thought I'd see.

7698593 then hope you never see someone hit a baby then you'd be wanting to kill the idiot who did

so we have:
a sheltered mare.
a not that smart soldier with a limited viewpoint
a slacker/ chatterbox with ODD
And a slut
let's see how they save the world shall we

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