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I'm just a regular person who enjoys writing, and encouraging others to write as well.


Determined to try everything, the cutie Mark Crusaders hop aboard a rail car and set off down the rails for adventure.

Artist Credit for Picture: Supersheep64

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When Lyra Proposes to Bon-Bon, Pinkie's zealous promotion of the noble wedding of the century attracts some unexpected and unwanted attention. Can Pinkie and her party ponies pull off the biggest wedding Ponyville's ever seen to give the two most deserving ponies a happily ever after?

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The Lunar Rebellion sought to bring Nightmare Moon to power over Equestria, and for two long years, a war was fought for that very purpose. In the end, Nightmare Moon was defeated, but Celestia had become broken. She lost her faith in the ponies that once only knew love, and she walled herself inside her castle at Canterlot.

For five years, no pony had seen or heard from the goddess. In her absence, Equestria falls apart at the seams. Endless skirmishes are fought over petty land disputes. Love and tolerance are gone from the land. Ponies begin to revel in the art of war. When a dangerous threat emerges from the ashes of the Lunar Rebellion, all hope seems gone from the world. But some ponies aren't willing to let Equestria fall.

Four unlikely ponies step up to correct the mistakes of the past. In their quest to restore Equestria, they will learn that through the magic of friendship, all things are possible.

This story is presented as part of the Pony Fiction Writer's Month for September 2011. Enjoy.

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Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie head to Cloudsdale in an attempt to find friends for Fluttershy. What they find instead is far more interesting.

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Princess Celestia sends four adults ponies out into the world. They find that just because it's not your destiny to save the world, doesn't mean a goddess won't ask you to do just that. This story follows the tale of Pokey, Redheart, Cheerilee, and Medley as they find out what it means to sacrifice for the greater good of Equestria.

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Everyday, dozens of ponies fall in the wasteland. For one pony, each death is the start of a new life. This is the tale of Gardener and his efforts to rebuild the wasteland, one tree at a time.

Art courtesy of Jetwave

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