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Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie head to Cloudsdale in an attempt to find friends for Fluttershy. What they find instead is far more interesting.

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#1 · Aug 21st, 2011 · · ·

SISTER STORY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA seriously though this is a great story and im happy one of my ideas is good enough for for somepony else to think of too i just hope no one comes up with the idea to have spike runaway from home and become the great and powerful trixies assistant :twilightoops:

::flails:: Wah! That was really, really sweet. Interesting idea, too. : )

And I see what you did there (Twilight approaching the 4th wall by acknowledging the plot device.) :twilightsheepish:

Another wonderful story from a great writer. I could easily see this becoming an episode, although Spitfire being Fluttershy's sister would kinda throw most of the fandom for a loop.

Ha. I would love to watch the entire fandom freak over that.

" a set of purple and green spotted boots" At first I thought that they had turned Spike into a pair of boots.

A job well done. Five yays for you.

The stands were filled with pegasi, clopping

:rainbowhuh: i hope you mean clappingcause cloping does NOT go well in my book but i did :rainbowlaugh: when i saw this

Author Interviewer

I am SO


I was going to write this D: I thought I was sooo clever and here you wrote it a good year before I even conceived of it!

great story !
even now that the show indicate fluttershy have brother not sister it STILL great story to read

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