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Just because Bright Mac and Pear Butter are dead doesn't mean they're gone.

Far from it.

No Raisin

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right beside their slumber daughter’s bed


A nice, sad little snippet. How many lives have been lost trying to save loved ones, but for naught?


I'm glad you published this! It was a lovely read.

thank you, fixed!


Nice story. It was a soft, cute look at love with just enough sadness to feel real. The dialogue was great too.


This story hits really deep. Great job.

It's good to see you're putting out such good quality writing after all these years.

Very cool. Wistful but not overly so, nice characterization, good dialogue and description. Welcome back.

If they want to touch something, they need to learn how to channel their anger... or possess Whoopie Goldberg.

Either that, or they could always summon Michael Keaton by saying his name 3 times.

The story kinda begs the question: how many other pony homes have stuck ghosts? And why aren't Celestia and Luna doing anything about it?! I swear, they're the laziest gods since the Roman ones.

Absolutely adore the way you wrote Bright Mac and Pear Butter.

Always good to see more stuff from you.

Somewhere, a Hoofbook for the Recently Deceased goes tragically unfound and un-used.

I love how very little is actually explained. It leaves Bright Mac and Pear Butter in their own little corner of the world, where they at least still have each other's company to enjoy.

I love how vivid this story is. The descriptions of the gopher holes to the farm to the inside of the house and Applejack's room were precious in the way you not only described them, but paced them. You have a very nice way of writing soft moments.

And the way you've written Bright Mac and Pear Butter brought pangs of emotion I've long forgotten within me.

Pear, adjacent to her son, held up her hooves and did her best to balance on her hindlegs. Big Mac filled another gopher hole as his mother stood position like a ballerina over him--

And he straightened himself, walking right through her as he plodded off towards the next hole.

Pear sighed, and slowly walked back towards Bright Mac. “Almost felt him that time,” she whispered as the two watched Big Mac pour more dirt into the ground.

That hit very hard for me.

And that open-ended ending--open ended in the sense that it has no end was, in my opinion, masterful.

Overall, a beautiful treat!


Bright Mac & Pear Butter: "Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!"

*Ringo Starr poofs in from out of thin air & looks the two dead ponies confusedly*

Ringo: "I think you got the wrong 'Beatle'. You want Paul, not me."

Beware, you who attempt to steal away the righteous from the Kingdom of Heaven.
"No one can snatch them out of My hand. My Father who has given them to Me is greater than all. No one can snatch them out of My Father’s hand."

I don't quite understand; are you taking issue with the story due to the fact that ghosts are presented?

Don't mind me, I'm just trying to be metaphysically thought provoking. I don't really take issue with fiction.

oh okay, i honestly thought it could be read either way; i've come across some wacky people on this site so i guess i was just jumping to conclusions :rainbowlaugh:

I like your story. I think it would have been nice though if at the end they discover other dead relatives of both apple and pear sides. It would go well within the universe, imo. Maybe the two sides actually get along in death?
Then you could write a sequel about how a ghost hunter or paranormal expert comes to Sweet Apple Acres and claims it is haunted. Then they try to hunt the ghosts and along the way somehow you could have the family reconnect with Bright Mac and Pear Butter in a brief moment. It would be nice closure.
I don't understand why it's just them for eternity alone, but who am I to judge? Maybe the reaper forgot to pick up their souls. :scootangel:

Oh man that's so sad man so bright Mac and Buttercup are stuck there because they didn't want to leave their kids not only that they look like they're stuck in purgatory kind of like stuck between life and death that they can't move on and that's pretty sad but this was a pretty good story sad but good

I love how this story felt both very minimalistic and very vivid to me. The conflict of the story, both between Bright Mac and Pear Butter over what happened in the barn, as well as their whole situation, was very done. Stuff like Big Mac patching up the gopher holes, and Applejack's ear twitching in her sleep, were nice details.

I don't think I've read a story about ghosts/purgatory this sweet in a while. Great work. :ajsmug:

Beautiful and haunting. Excellent.

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