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Galacon 2016 Pre-Blog · 9:21pm Jul 29th, 2016

I'm alive!
I think... Ah well I can check when i'm not busy.
So. Hows life everypony? I'm good, been busy. Finished my first year at uni, and glad for the holidays.
Oh yeah.
And i'm currently sat in a 7th floor room in a hotel in the centre of Ludwigsburg, awaiting the start of Galacon 2016. Funny how life throws these sort of curveballs at you. XD

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Here's Some Of My Latest Works:

VoxelTron At Your Service!

Good Afternoon, the name's VoxelTron, or Voxel if you prefer. Not really bothered myself. I'm a self-decared lover of anything nerdy... Apart from GoT...just can't get into it for some reason...


Writing - obviously
Reading - again, slighty too obvious
Drawing - amazingly I can't draw, even though I got many a distinction in my animation courses.
Doctor Who - i'm English and nerdy, what did you seriously expect?
LEGO - bricks!!!
PC Gaming - Really not into this 'console' fad.

Top 5 Ponies (Because if we kept going I'd be here all day)
1. Twilight Sparkle - Here because... Actually... I don't know why she's here. Just like her I suppose...
2. Pinkie Pie - For me, one of the most interesting characters. Also the most impressively animated.
3. Rainbow Dash - Funnily enough, because that personality couldn't be more different from my own.
4. Scootaloo Apple Bloom The WHOLE CMC - Seriously, who doesn't love these gals?
5. Applejack - The only character who can pull off slice of life. period, don't argue with this.

Shipping Ahoy!!!

AppleDash - just make it cannon already!
TwiLuna - Logically adorable.
TaviScratch - I blame peer pressure.
RariSpike - Why not stick with the classics? The litte guy deserves something for his efforts at least.
BraeburnPie - Amazingly works. Just trust me on that one.

The "After Dinner Mint"

If an escalator breaks down, does it become stairs?

And finally the most important, important-ness to discuss....

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Thank you very much for adding "The Iron Horse" to your list of favorites! I hope you'll continue to enjoy the story. :twilightsmile:

Thanks so much for favoriting Keep Calm and Chaos On :twilightsmile: (There'll be an update later today actually :pinkiehappy: )

I must say, my daughter would love to see your page, she's a big Whovian.

Thank you for the watch and the fav!

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